Friday, November 7, 2008

Brandon Stokely Stops Brandon Marshall From Performing an Obama-Themed TD Celebration

After Brandon Marshall scored the winning touchdown in Cleveland last night, he had a celebration planned that would have garnered a lot of attention. Two days after Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States, Marshall planned to pull a glove out of his pants after scoring a touchdown (see right).

Marshall said he wanted to provide a counterpoint to John Carlos and Tommie Smith's protest at the 1968 Olympics by raising a half-white, half-black glove into the air as a salute to racial harmony. It sounds more like a tribute to Jerry Seinfeld's feelings of how to achieve that state, though. Look to the Cookie!

Either way, teammate Brandon Stokely stopped him before he could follow through with it. It's not that Stokely is a depressed John McCain supporter, I've no idea of his political leanings, but because he didn't want the Broncos to suffer for Marshall's efforts. A pre-planned celebration means a penalty, and, with 75 seconds to play, a 15-yard boost to the Browns would not have been in Denver's favor. Given the NFL's penchant for fining anyone who smiles or otherwise shows emotion during games, Stokely likely saved Marshall a few bucks as well.

After the jump, Marshall talks about the plan after the game.

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