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U.S. Represenative Frank Lucas:Trade nickel for half-dime


Lucas: Trade nickel for half-dime

U.S. Rep. Frank Lucas has introduced House Resolution 6942, which would replace the nickel with the original 5 cent coin used in the United States.

The 5 Cent Restoration Act would return to use of the half-dime. The half-dime is smaller in size and requires less metal to produce, lowering its cost and potentially saving the federal government millions of dollars, Lucas said.

“Fiscal irresponsibility seems to go hand-in-hand with the federal government,” Lucas said. “It’s time that we to find ways to decrease the amount of taxpayer money we spend each year. At a cost of 9.5 cents to produce and ship, there is a $58.5 million loss passed on to the taxpayers each year.

“This is one more example of irresponsible spending by the federal government and one more reason why our national deficit has risen to over $9 trillion. It costs the federal government almost twice as much to make the nickel as it is worth, and we cannot continue to spend that money.”

The half-dime, introduced in 1792, was one of the original coins used in the United States. In 1873, pressured by powerful nickel lobbyists, Lucas said, Congress did away with the half-dime and replaced it with the nickel-based 5 cent piece we use today.

H.R. 6942 will be referred to the House Financial Services Comm-ittee for consideration.

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Some Spectacular Hubble Telescope Pictures. The Gallery is incredible.

The Hubble Telescope never ceases to amaze me. There are some fantastic pictures on the Official Hubble Telescope Site here. I can't believe how colorful they are.

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New Rule-No More Political Election Manipulation.

Politics are starting to remind me of Stock Market manipulation. Like starting rumors to get the stock market to go up and down. We all know how wrong it is that this Palin Troopergate investigation is being sped up for October to manipulate the Election. No more. I think there should be a new law prohibiting investigations like this in the last two months before the election. With our technology and the internet it is getting easier and easier to start rumors. I for one have had it. Everyone seems to just turn their head and pretend it isn't happening. The end doesn't justify the means. When this happens to the Dems they will want this rule too.

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Oprah Found Dead in Chicago-Oprah Rumor

We believe this is a false rumor. If you have heard differently please let us know. Oprah Winfrey is alive and well as far as we know.

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October / wiztober Cast a Spell.

Now in the Disney Channel-wiz website in October / wiztober You can cast a spell on the stars of the Wizards of Waverly Place.

Make sure your parents give you permission before calling on his magic.

Nude skater on Oregon waterfront. Gennifer Moss aka Earth Friend Gen.

Gennifer Moss “Earth Friend Gen”: Naked Cyclist (Pictures)

Posted on September 20, 2008

Gennifer Moss, aka Earth Friend Gen, gave quite a show in Portland, Oregon this week. “Earth Friend Gen” decided it would be a good idea to inline skate completely nude in front of tourists and commuters. Gennifer Moss is also known as the “naked cyclist”. See photos of Gennifer Moss “Earth Friend Gen”, the naked cyclist as well as videos. The naked cyclist is kinda crazy, but a cool chick.

Click Thumbnails for Larger Images:

The naked cyclist, Gennifer Moss, aka “Earth Friend Gen”, is very much “one with Mother Nature”. She is different, but seems like a great person. Check her video out on CNN below.

Believe it or not, Oregon actually allows public nudity, where occasional nude bike rides draw police only for crowd control! Even shows featuring live sex acts are protected there as free speech.

The skater, Gennifer Moss, aka Earth Friend Gen, asked organizers for permission this summer to skate naked in the city of Ashland’s Fourth of July parade. But organizers refused her request.

Police had to ask Gennifer Moss to “take it down a notch” after construction workers complained. That sounds crazy, when do construction workers complain about naked women? They are they guys that yell at us as we walk past.

After the complaints, Gennifer Moss put on some clothes, well somewhat, put on her string bikini bottom and skated off.

Oddly enough, police stated that most of the callers were more concerned about “Earth Friend Gens” safety.

Earth Friend Gen at Eagle Creek!

Source: Stupid Celebrities

Heather Mills To Donate One Million In Vegan Food To Bronx

NEW YORK (AP) ― Paul McCartney's ex-wife is donating $1 million worth of meatless food to one of the poorest neighborhoods in the Bronx, including soy hamburgers, soy hot dogs and soy chicken cutlets.

Heather Mills is set to announce the donation just before the Hunts Point Back to School Fair kicks off Saturday afternoon. The vegan animal rights campaigner is an honorary chairwoman of the nonprofit that organizes the event.

She tells the New York Post that she wanted to make sure children in the neighborhood "have as many nutritional advantages as anyone else."

Children in Hunts Point have some of the highest obesity and asthma rates in the city.

Mills and McCartney were granted a divorce earlier this year. She walked away with a $47.5 million settlement.

Organizers of Iran rally threatened with loss of tax-exempt status if they invited Palin. Here we go again.

Posted at 10:49 am on September 20, 2008 by

Name ‘em and shame ‘em. Seriously. Fox News and the Journal should be all over this. Judging from the number of Democrats quoted in the piece as being upset about it, there’s no shortage of people willing to leak. Let’s find out who, precisely, decided that inviting a prominent Republican to a nonpartisan rally might warrant a visit from the IRS.

And then, in the words of a famous cult leader, let’s get in their faces.

Sources tell CBS 2 HD that a decision to disinvite Palin from the high profile rally after Clinton pulled out in a huff came as the result of intense pressure from Democrats.

“This is insulting. This is embarrassing, especially to Gov. Palin, to me and I think it should be to every single New Yorker,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn, told CBS 2 HD.

Sources say the axes were out for Palin as soon as Sen. Clinton pulled out because she did not want to attend the same event as the Republican vice presidential candidate…

The groups sponsoring the rally against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at the UN were reportedly told, “it could jeopardize their tax exempt status” if they had Palin and not Clinton or Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden on hand…

“It’s an absolute shame that this has happened,” Hikind said. “To threaten organizations … to threaten the Conference of Presidents that if you don’t withdraw the invitation to Gov. Palin we’re going to look into your tax exempt status … that’s McCarthyism.”…

“I’m absolutely appalled at the behavior of the Democrats,” said Bob Kunst of “I’m a Democrat and for the first time in my life I’m going to vote Republican. I can’t take it anymore.”

NBC wrote about the tax-exemption issue two days ago but they made it sound like something the organizers had taken up of their own accord. Quote from an unnamed official involved: “The IRS is very clear, Hillary Clinton does not equal Sarah Palin… You have to have equal representation of candidates.” You do? Here’s the speaker list from last year’s anti-Iran rally at the UN. Scott Garrett is a Republican congressman; as far as I know, every other pol on the list is a Democrat. As for the Obama camp’s role in this, John Batchelor, who’s pals with rally organizer Malcolm Hoenlein, hints here that they weren’t directly involved in the nastiness because, as usual, they had surrogates willing to do their dirty work for them. Fine. As I say: Let’s find out which Democratic lawyers, precisely, arrived at the very novel legal conclusion that inviting both parties to a rally to which only one party RSVPs amounts to politicking in breach of one’s tax exemption. And then let’s ask St. Barack why he couldn’t find one person on his side — apart from the guy who called Palin a Nazi sympathizer a few weeks ago, of course — willing to speak at this rally to “balance” the ticket.

Exit question: Isn’t there something oddly familiar about all this? Exit answer: Yes there is.

Two of my Favorite Television Shows Coming Back On Monday!!

The Big Bang Theory and Dancing with the Stars.

Yes, I am a bit boring I guess but I love these shows. No profanity and I just feel great after watching them. Yay!!
Plus I have to make room
for Monday Night Football.
What will I do?

Deep End Of the Ocean Ric Edelman Appeared on Morning in America Financial Advisor

Thursday, Sept. 18 - Ric appeared on Morning in America

You can hear Ric's analysis of the current turmoil on Wall Street in his interview on Morning in America hosted by Bill Bennett. The interview took place on Thursday, Sept. 18, at 8:05 a.m. EDT. Morning in America is heard on radio stations nationwide, including Washington's WTNT AM 570, and Sirius Satellite radio, channel 144.

His website

Financial planning resource on investing, insurance, taxes and estate planning. Author of the Truth About Money

Christian Bookstores Remove Gospel Today Magazine after Patoral Women on Cover Stirs Controversy

Story from World Net Daily

What the heck is this about?
In some bookstores pornographic magazines are stored under the front counter to shield customers from their provocative covers, but in the more than 100 Lifeway Christian Bookstores across the country, the current issue of Gospel Today has been pulled from shelves and likewise tucked away because of the cover story.

The five ladies on the front of the magazine are all dressed in black, not because they are models, however, but because they are clergy.

Lifeway Christian Bookstores has pulled the magazine from its shelves because the chain's owner, the Southern Baptist Convention, reserves the role of pastor for men.

Chris Turner, a spokesman for Lifeway Resources, which runs the stores for the Southern Baptist Convention, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the September/October issue of Gospel Today was pulled because "it is contrary to what we believe."

While individual churches within the denomination are independent and may hire female pastors if they choose, Southern Baptist national polity discourages women from serving as senior pastors, based on the application of various New Testament Scriptures.

Rest of the Story

Song for Sarah Palin. Moose Shootin Mama.

Here is the video link.

I am speechless. Pat Garrett is the man behind the song that is Number 4 on the Billboard Music Charts. And the title? 'Moose Shootin' Mama.' Garrett gave a live performance on Fox 29's The Last Word.

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Travis Barker of Blink 182 Injured in Plane Crash. Update on Perry Farrell

A local Station in Columbia, South Carolina reporting a plane clash that involved former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. It was a private jet heading to California and rumor is that two were injured and six died. According to the station Travis Barker was one of the injured. No word on how seriously.

TMZ is reporting Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction was not on the plane that crashed, critically injuring Travis Barker and DJ AM.

What we have not accounted for -- whether Gavin DeGraw was on the plane.

Democrats on TV and the Negative, Mean Tone. Bill Maher, Sandra Bernhard.

I just have to comment on this. After seeing what Bill Maher said last night and the disgusting psychotic rant by Sandra Bernhard last week I just had to say that I don't know if it is just me but the mean and cruel tone by these comedians is really out of control. In the Sandra Bernahard video, I cold not believe the laughter at the pre adolesent name calling she was displaying. It wasn't funny. And my son and I were trying to figure out why people were laughing at that. Where was the comedy? Anyway, I notice that sort of thing directed more towards Republican candidates and I wish I knew why. :) I know there is mud on both sides but the really nasty, mean stuff like this so called comedy is crazy.

Free Bill Maher website about Sarah Palin's Daughter and her Baby's Father

Free Levi

You know Bill Mahr can be funny at times but boy he sure can go overboard. We all know people that have some like this happening and many of us are lucky it didn't happen to us. I will try to just take it with a grain of salt. I hope Sarah Palin's daughter and her almost husband Levi can do the same. There is no reason to harrass young kids. Not only that, This country elected a president who used to have a drinking problem (Bush) and I maintain Bill Clinton is a Sex Addict. Why bother these young people just trying to get on with their life. Is this part even close to funny? We are talking about a baby here.

And if you’re worried about the baby, don’t – let’s get real dude, the way you are at 18, a baby’s better off not being around you – you’ll wind up losing it, or shooting it, or it’ll be on the bottom of your skate or something – just let the Palin womenfolk look after it for a while, one more infant in that Mormon compound they call a house won’t bother anybody – they’ll barely notice another kid at the table, and soon they won’t even remember whose seed it was that produced young “Trink” or “Truck” or “Puck” or whatever f@#$ed up redneck name they give him.

This is not funny. - A web site created by Bill Maher asking that Sarah Palin’s future son in law Levi Johnston aka Bristol Palin’s baby father be liberated. Bill Maher wants Levi to get away from his shotgun wedding with Bristol Palin. He even has free yard signs.

Another low by Bill Maher Warning:Video may be offending

Wow Brewfest September 20- October 4 Kodo, Boss, Virtual Oktoberfest

Taken directly from their site.

: Brewfest
Date: September 20 - October 4
Location: The main Brewfest festivals are located near Orgrimmar and Ironforge. Beer gardens will also be set up outside of Silvermoon City, Darnassus, Undercity, Stormwind, Thunder Bluff, the Exodar, and Shattrath.

Enjoying the Brew

Complimentary mugs filled with fresh, foamy beer sit atop tables outside of all the major cities. If you drink one down while standing near one of the brewers' stands outside of Ironforge or Orgrimmar, one of their assistants will toss you a new mug. You can also fill up your empties at any of the kegs sitting near the brewers' stands. At Brewfest, you'll never have to worry about how you'll quench your thirst!

Things To Do

Brewfest is about more than just sampling fine ales from all over Azeroth and Outland. Read on to find out what mighty deeds you can do while quenching your thirst:

Ram Racing
In the spirit of Brewfest, adventurers can attempt to prove their ram-riding skills by speaking with Neill Ramstein or Ram Master Ray. Before they'll trust you with their precious rams, though, you'll need to prove you can control one! Once you've proven your expertise at handling the rams, you can earn Brewfest Prize Tokens by picking up kegs of brew from Kharanos or Razor Hill and bringing them back to the fest.

Seek the Saboteurs
It's time to track down the source of the Dark Iron attacks and end them once and for all. Players will follow a trail of evidence that leads to Blackrock Depths, where parties of five players can do battle with the mastermind behind the attacks - Coren Direbrew. Direbrew is a special boss who can be encountered for the duration of Brewfest, and drops special rewards including epic weapons, trinkets, and rare mounts. Don't let him destroy any more precious beer!

Brew of the Month Club
Some say it's the best club in Azeroth! For 200 Brewfest Tokens, you too can join the exclusive "Brew of the Month" Club. Once a member, you are sent a new brew in the mail every month, each with different properties. If the brew is to your liking, you can purchase more from specific vendors in Ironforge or Orgrimmar. Membership lasts one year and will need to be renewed the following year - but what a flavorful and refreshing year that will be.

Barkers Wanted
The representatives of Azeroth's major breweries want adventurers to help advertise their brews in Orgrimmar and Ironforge; just speak to one of the brewers for Barleybrew or Thunderbrew outside of Ironforge or T'chali's Voodoo Brewery or Drohn's Distillery outside of Orgrimmar to get started. You'll be given a ram to hurry you on your way, spreading the word around Orgrimmar or Ironforge about who makes the best brew.

Defend the Fest
The Dark Iron Clan dwarves are raiding Brewfest once again, trying to ruin the event for everyone. As a hero of the Alliance or Horde, it is your job to put an end to the attacks - and maybe find out why they've decided to crash the party in the process. The Dark Iron Clan dwarves invasions occur every half hour. The pesky attackers target the kegs that dispense the free brew. If you're around when the Dark Iron dwarves show up, lend a hand and protect the beer!

Ticket Exchange
Brewfest has undergone some changes since its first year. The currency for Brewfest prizes is now Brewfest tokens instead of tickets. If you have tickets from previous years, you can exchange them for tokens.
Ceremonial Keg-Tapping
Each day at 6:15 AM and 6:15 PM server time, High Tinker Mekkatorque (Ironforge) and Vol'jin (Orgrimmar) come out to the Brewfest grounds for a brief Tapping of the Keg ceremony. Witnessing the ceremony grants players a buff that increases experience earned by 10%.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Diane Schroer, Transgendered Woman Wins Sex Discrimination Case

ABC News Reports:

In Potentially Groundbreaking Case, Court Finds Sex Discrimination Law Applies to Transgendered Woman

A transgendered woman, who lost a job offer because of her sexual status, has won a potentially groundbreaking federal sex discrimination lawsuit.

Diana Schroer
A federal court judge ruled today that Diane Schroer, a transgendered woman, was discriminated against when the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., offered then rescinded a job because of her sexual status.
(Diana Schroer)

A federal district court judge in Washington, D.C., ruled today that the Library of Congress discriminated against Diane Schroer when it offered her a job and then rescinded it after learning she was transgendered.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which represented Schroer, said Judge James Robertson's ruling is the first to hold that the federal sex discrimination statute, Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, applies to transgendered people.

Other courts that have considered the issue have said Congress only intended for the anti-discrimination statute to protect men and women, but not people who change their sex, the ACLU said.

Robertson disagreed, saying Schroer's case "was discrimination based on sex."

"It is tremendously gratifying to have your faith in this country, and what is fundamentally right and fair, be reaffirmed," Schroer said. "I very much hope that this ruling will help to eliminate the all-too-pervasive discrimination against sexually nonconforming people in all areas."

She added, "I hope, too, that employers, family members, friends and co-workers will begin to understand variations in sexual orientation and identity from a basis of knowledge and not fear."

Schroer said she applied for, and was offered, a job at the Library of Congress as David Schroer.

When David went to his first meeting with his soon-to-be boss, Schroer told her that he would be transitioning to a female before starting the job. The next day, the job offer was rescinded, Schroer says.

Mark Cuban posts then removes e-mails on Josh Howard on his blog at

Associated Press Reports:

View the video here

DALLAS (AP) — Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says forward Josh Howard realizes his comments about the national anthem were wrong and the player has apologized.

In his online blog, Cuban also responded to e-mails he has received commenting on the player's remarks by saying Howard "will work with us" and "beyond that, it's a private issue."

Cuban posted a number of the inflammatory replies on his blog Thursday night, with the apparent e-mail addresses of the senders.

But by Friday night, Cuban's remarks slugged "Thanks for the advice on Josh" had been removed from the blog and replaced with a posting saying "I made my point."

Howard's comments, in a video posted on the Web site YouTube, show him on a football field at a charity flag football game. As the national anthem plays in the background, Howard approaches a camera and says: "'The Star-Spangled Banner' is going on right now. I don't even celebrate that (expletive). I'm black."

Some e-mails that Cuban posted made blatant racist remarks about Howard. Others suggested Howard should move to another country, be fined or fired.

Cuban's updated response said his original posting was "the right thing to do," but he says it left him with an upset stomach all day Friday.

"I thought it was important to point out the hatred and ignorance of so many who quickly judge people they have never met, based purely on soundbites and headlines," Cuban wrote late Friday. "I wanted to point out the irony of them experiencing the onslaught of attention from suddenly and unexpectedly being placed in the media spotlight from a throwaway comment."

Cuban said he knew those e-mailers would be receiving "the same level of hate, ignorance and judgment as Josh had and that's what bothered me all day."

Cuban ended by saying: "Hopefully something good came from it being posted."

Cuban did not immediately respond Friday night to an e-mail from The Associated Press.

From Sugar To Gasoline: 'Green Gasoline' Crafted From Sugar And Carbohydrates

ScienceDaily (Sep. 19, 2008) — Following independent paths of investigation, two research teams are announcing this month that they have successfully converted sugar-potentially derived from agricultural waste and non-food plants-into gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and a range of other valuable chemicals.

Interesting Article at Science Daily

Another New Hollywood Weight Loss Craze. Optimal Cleanse.

Hollywood is going for a new weight loss trend, Optimal Cleanse, a program that helps you lose weight - Nutritionist and "Extra" Lifechanger Haylie Pomroy is revealing how you can drop ten pounds in ten days -- just like the stars. We will see. I am surprised that Extra TV is pedaling pills now.

Nashville Cars Stuck on Road TDOT or Tennessee Dept of Transportation Rescuing Stranded Drivers Running Out Of Gas on the Highways

From NewsChannel5

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The Tennessee Department of Transportation operates HELP trucks to help motorists on the state's busiest highways.

The HELP operators are helping more drivers who run out of fuel.

One of the worst things that can happen is run out on the interstate.

Throughout Friday, TDOT's HELP truck, also known as Highway Incident Response Units, traveled on the interstates around Nashville. The trucks carry several gallons of fuel in gas containers that look like the ones people use for their lawn mower.

The operators said more people have been running out of gas.

"I think it's increased," said TDOT employee Rick Culwell, after helping a motorist who ran out of gasoline at Interstate 24 and Briley Parkway.

"We carry about five gallons in each truck and try to give people enough to get to the next exit to go to the gas station," he said. "Yeah, that's increased. We've been refilling our cans daily a little more often."

Nashville Gas Shortage. Find Fuel Here

Due to Hurricane Ike and the shutdown or damage of refineries Nashville is having a shortage of gasoline.

Here you can find a list of Stations with possible fuel.


New Oprah Book The Story of Edgar Sawtelle from the Oprah Book Club. Print a Book Mark!

About the Book
The New York Times best-seller The Story of Edgar Sawtelle has been called a classic in the making. Find out more about this incredible debut novel by David Wroblewski.
Read an Excerpt
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It's easy to lose yourself in this epic story, but don't lose your place! Use the exclusive bookmark as you navigate Edgar's journey.

O, The Oprah Magazine's ReviewRead why writer Vince Passaro says it's one of the best novels of the year.

Hootenanny Hoot Movie on Obsure Movie

• Hootenanny Hoot '63. Peter Breck. A TV director, having split up with his producer-wife, decides to telecast a traveling hootenanny show. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Fri. 1:30 P.M.


The marriage of television director Ted Glover (Peter Breck) and televison producer A.G. Bannister (Ruta Lee) has gone on the rocks because she has permitted her career to take precedence over romance. The horror of it all! Complications also arise because of a romance between Ted's agent, Steve Laughlin (Joby Baker) and a performer, Billy-Joe Henley (Pam Austin), with a touring Hootenanny group. The resolvement comes when A.G. realizes that love is more important than a career - dang tootin' it was in a Sam Katzman movie in the 60's - but not before the likes of guest stars The Brothers Four, Sheb Wooley, Johnny Cash, The Gateway Trio, Judy Henske, George Hamilton IV, Joe & Eddie, Cathie Taylor and (Bob's boy) Chris Crosby work up a sweatin' storm trying to create a craze for "Hootenanny". Written by Les Adams {}

McCain Ad Obama and Raines. Here we go again

Once again. Trying to link Obama with Raines. Please. I wish these guys would try to stick to the facts. Remember I am a Republican and think McCain would be a better president, I just want to be reasonable. I don't believe in "the end justifying the means"

Here is the ad and the article.

Obama Rally Interrupted (VIdeo) by Group Calling Themselves "Blacks against Obama"

(CNN) — Barack Obama’s campaign rally in Coral Gables, Florida Friday was interrupted by a group of about 10 African-American protesters holding signs that called themselves, “Blacks Against Obama.”The signs said Obama was for gay marriage and abortion, and said his candidacy was “endorsed by the KKK.” Another sign said, “Jesse Jackson hates Obama.”Obama originally said the protesters could stay inside the event, but they were escorted out when they would not stop shouting.

I think Obama handled this very well.

Playboy Producer Terri Hughes Sues Over Sexual Behavior, Christy Canyon

Fox News Report

All I have to say is, this is going to be hard to prove. It seems that people know that this is going to be the kind of environment when you work for a show like this. In my humble opinion.

A former producer for the Playboy Radio show "Night Calls" has filed a hostile workplace lawsuit claiming she was subjected to a sexually and racially hostile environment, TMZ reports.

Terri Hughes claims that during a live, three-hour broadcast, she was repeatedly asked to enter the studio and wax the buttocks of co-host Christy Canyon.

Hughes claims Canyon created a hostile environment by, among other things, "exposing her genitals and breasts to co-workers, making requests to guests and co-workers to touch her genitals and breasts and masturbating herself with her own hands as well as with various sex toys during live broadcasts of 'Night Calls.'"

Hughes, who is African-American, also alleges that when the host of another Playboy show — who was also an African-American woman — asked to have Hughes to work on her show, the executive producer of Playboy Radio warned, "I don't know how to say this, and it might offend you, but I'm just going to say it anyway — no Negro shows."

Hughes is seeking unspecified damages, according to TMZ.

Stock SKF, SEF, RFN Halted Earlier on Short Selling Ban. is reporting:

September 19, 2008, 11:15 am
Short Sale ETFs Halted As Some Plunge on Ban

Following the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission announcement that it will suspend for 10 days short-selling of some financials stocks, some short-sale exchange traded funds have been halted on the exchanges following huge drops. As one astute reader pointed out, UltraShort Financials ProShares (SKF), the Short Financials Proshare (SEF), and the Rydex Inverse Select Sector ETF Trust (RFN), all appear to have been halted, according to And that’s following gigantic drops in all three, with the SKF down 19.5% at 9:30 this morning, the SEF down a whopping 78%, and the RFN down 21%.

Update: All three ETFs have resumed trading, and all three are down sharply: SKF, off 16.5%, SEF off 12.8%, RFN off 22.4%.

It is about time someone stepped in to stop this. I have always thought that short selling was manipulation of the market.

Bush says Persecuted? Video Bush Blunder.

In Bush's speech about the Stock Market. I think Bush said that market manipulators will be "persecuted". While that is almost certainly true, I'm guessing he meant "prosecuted". Another Bush-is

Sandra Bernhard : Palin Would Be Gang-Raped By Blacks in Manhattan Other Video

This may just be a rumor because we cannot get on the site to confirm


Here is a nice tidbit from sept. 12th. Where she calls Palin a "bitch and hoar." Is there really a need for hate and name calling just because someone disagrees with you. I have to say that is what I like about McCain. Many people say he accepts everyone's views. The end doesn't justify the means. This video is out of control.

Pirate Name Generator for Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Here is our earlier post on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Click Here to Generate a Pirate Name for the Day. Getting Dirt on People is Now Accessable on Line.

You know when I was on the internet way before it was really popular this is exactly what I used to worry about. I was very protective of my privacy back then on the internet. People thought I was paranoid. Now there is a site where you can get personal and private information. This is scary, or downright terrifying. I knew it back then and it is probably just going to get worse. Look at the Palin Email Hacking earlier in the week. Who is policing the internet? No one. You can even look at someone's house from space.on Google Earth.

You can get dirt on friends, family, classmates, co-workers, enemies.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Teacher Jacki Steinhauer brags about Free Food Meant for Hurricane Ike Victims on her blog.

We all know this is terrible but this "teacher" is not very bright is she? Posting all this on her blog.  Her Myspace Page is now private.

Reported by

Jacki Steinhauer is one of the lucky ones. She has no damage at her Deer Park home, she has power and she doesn't have to work since her school is closed.

"Life is great after a hurricane when nothing really happened to your house!" Steinhauer says in her blog, "The Secret Life of an Uninteresting Teacher."

The most recent entries brag about all of the free MREs she's been eating -- MREs that are meant for hurricane victims who have no food because they have no power. Some of those victims have no homes.

The teacher has it down to a science, according to her blog: "I got Schlotsky's today for lunch and went again to the courthouse in Baytown to get my water, ice, and food. This time, there were different meals, but hopefully as good as the others. Then, i came home, emptied my trunk and then headed off for the Deer Park POD (Point of Delivery)."

"I think that I am falling in love with MREs. They are pretty darn good. I went around 5:30 to go get more MREs and actually got another box of real MREs, water, and ice," Steinhauer wrote on Wednesday. "Right now, I have five cases of water, two 20 pound bags of ice, four 10 pound bags of ice, and four boxes of MREs."

While stocking her pantry and frig with taxpayer-funded freebies, Steinhauer has become quite the MRE connoisseur.

"Yesterday I ate meatballs with marinara sauce, almonds, wheat bread with cheese sauce, pretzels, and the orange punch. Today's meal was chili mac, applesauce, a pop-tart, wheat bread with cheese sauce, fruit punch, and apple cider," she wrote. "It is so cool that you put a little bit of water in the bag with the food and in about a minute, there is hot food. This is great. I don't have school and getting free food!"

What Steinhauer probably didn't bank on -- in between bites of meatballs in marinara and chili mac -- is that nothing is really secret in cyberspace.

Her blog began making the rounds Wednesday and commenters from all over the country are ripping Steinhauer to shreds.

Many of the comments contain language we can't quote. Here are some of the cleaner ones:

"You are a disgusting excuse for a human being. I can't believe you are taking advantage at a time like this."

"That is just disgusting what you are doing. How can you live with yourself?"

"You are taking away food and supplies that people who really need them should get. Talk about spoiled and greedy. Karma will come back and slap you upside your head for that."

"Hope you choke on those MRE's."

We spoke with Steinhauer by phone on Thursday. She said she took the free food, water and ice because she "has no money." She initially said she's out of work right now, but then admitted she's a teacher at Baytown's Lee High School and is still getting paid while the school is temporarily closed because of Ike.

"But I spent my last $20 yesterday," Steinhauer said.

She said she wasn't aware of the flood of nasty comments.

Some of the commenters have threatened to turn the "uninteresting teacher" in for fraud. It's not clear if she would face charges. We tried calling the FEMA fraud hotline to ask, but the line was busy.

The blog disappeared Thursday evening, shortly after we talked with Steinhauer.

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September 19, 2008 is Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day I hope you don't have to dress like a pirate too. Here are some choice Sparrow like phrases for you, should you decide to talk like a Pirate tomorrow.

New Treadmill Desk-Excercise while Working

Full Article at New York Times

TERRI KRIVOSHA, a partner at a Minneapolis law firm, logs three miles each workday on a treadmill without leaving her desk. She finds it easier to exercise while she types than to attend aerobics classes at the crack of dawn.

Dr. Joe Stirt on his home-office treadmill.

Brad Rhoads, a computer programmer and missionary in Princeton, Ill., faces a computer monitor on a file cabinet and gets in about five miles a day on a treadmill while working in his home office.

“After a while, your legs do get kind of tired,” said Mr. Rhoads, 40, who started exercising in March, when doctors advised him to lose weight after open-heart surgery.

Ms. Krivosha and Mr. Rhoads are part of a small but growing group of desk jockeys who were inspired by Dr. James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic. In 2005, Dr. Levine led a study showing that lean people burn about 350 more calories a day than those who are overweight, by doing ordinary things like fidgeting, pacing or walking to the copier.

To incorporate extra movement into the routines of sedentary workers (himself included), Dr. Levine constructed the first known treadmill desk by sliding a bedside hospital tray over a $400 treadmill. With a laptop and a phone headset, he said he can go all day at a leisurely 1.4 miles an hour.

Without breaking a sweat, the so-called work-walker can burn an estimated 100 to 130 calories an hour at speeds slower than two miles an hour, Mayo research shows.

Enthusiasts began following Dr. Levine’s example, constructing treadmill desks that range from sleekly robotic set-ups to rickety mash-ups that could be Wall-E’s long-lost kin. But the recent introduction of an all-in-one treadmill desk from Details may inch work-walking into the mainstream, as dozens of businesses invest in the hardware to let their employees walk (and, ideally, lose a little weight) at work.

Visit the rest of the Article

Buying Rush on Gold Coins and Bars

Worries of Recession and dare I say Depression is bringing people to the coin stores to buy Gold bars and coins. They say that people just want to know they have something they can hold in case the dollar drops. Gold has always been a safe haven for money woes. And be warned the price is going up.

TV Movies this Week. 10-19-08



• The Abandoned '06. Anastasia Hille. Ghostly doppelgangers and horrifying events plague a woman and her twin brother at their family's decaying Russian farmhouse. (R) (1:45) SHO: Wed. 7:15 P.M.

• Abominable  '06. Matt McCoy. A disabled man tries to warn others about a legendary beast roaming the California mountains. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sun. 5 P.M.

• About Schmidt  '02. Jack Nicholson. A 66-year-old retires, deals with his wife's sudden death and tries to stop his daughter from marrying a salesman. (R) (2:30) TBS: Fri. 2 A.M. (CC)

• The Addams Family  '91. Anjelica Huston. Gomez, Morticia and their ghoulish household are prey to a scam involving long-lost Uncle Fester. (PG-13) (2:00) ABCFAM: Thu. 8 P.M. (CC)

• Addams Family Values  '93. Anjelica Huston. Upon arrival of their mustachioed baby, Morticia and Gomez hire a greedy nanny who targets Uncle Fester. (PG-13) (2:00) ABCFAM: Fri. 8 P.M.

• After Alice  '99. Kiefer Sutherland. A detective with psychic abilities pursues a serial killer who is obsessed with "Alice in Wonderland." (R) (1:40) MAX: Thu. 6:35 P.M. (CC)

• Air Bud  '97. Michael Jeter. Abandoned by a disagreeable clown, a golden retriever with a knack for basketball befriends a lonely boy. (PG) (1:40) ENC: Wed. 5:30 A.M., Thu. 2:30 P.M. (CC)

• Algiers  '38. Charles Boyer. A Paris thief hiding in the Casbah meets a woman who reminds him of home. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Sun. 6 A.M.

• Aliens  '86. Sigourney Weaver. The survivor of a harrowing alien attack returns to planet LB 426 with Marines sent to check her horror story. (R) (2:25) ENC: Tue. 3:50 P.M., 3:30 A.M. (CC)

• All I Wanna Do  '98. Lynn Redgrave. Girls at an East Coast boarding school rebel when the institution is forced to go coed in 1963. (PG-13) (1:40) ENC: Fri. 4:50 A.M. (CC)

• Along Came a Spider  '01. Morgan Freeman. A detective and a Secret Service agent investigate the abduction of a senator's daughter from a school. (R) (2:00) TNT: Sat. 2:30 A.M. (CC)

• The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse  '38. Edward G. Robinson. A psychiatrist takes control of a gang of robbers in order to study the criminal mind. (NR) (1:30) TCM: Tue. 11:15 P.M.

• American Pie  '99. Jason Biggs. Four teenagers nearing graduation make a pact to lose their virginity by prom night. (R) (1:40) ENC: Fri. 9:35 P.M. (CC)

• American Pie Presents: Band Camp '05. Tad Hilgenbrinck. A lewd teen causes mischief when he must attend a camp for musicians. (R) (2:10) TBS: Sun. 10:40 A.M., Mon. 10 A.M. (CC)

• Angel Eyes  '01. Jennifer Lopez. A Chicago policewoman with memories of child abuse meets a man who saw his family die in a car accident. (R) (2:00) LIFE: Thu. 9 P.M., Fri. 2 P.M. (CC)

• The Animal  '01. Rob Schneider. When an inept policeman receives animal organs as transplants, he begins to exhibit traits of the donors. (PG-13) (2:00) FX: Sun. 3 P.M., Sat. 9 A.M.

• Anywhere but Here  '99. Susan Sarandon. The relationship between a teen and her mother evolves when they move from a small Midwest town to Los Angeles. (PG-13) (2:00) MAX: Sun. 6:30 A.M. (CC)

• Apocalypto  '06. Rudy Youngblood. As the end of the Mayan civilization draws near, a man makes a desperate bid to escape being a human sacrifice and return to his family and the woman he loves. (R) (2:20) ENC: Mon. 8 P.M., 4:05 A.M. (CC)

• Arachnophobia  '90. Jeff Daniels. A doctor and his wife buy a California farm with termites and a killer spider from Venezuela. (PG-13) (2:00) TNT: Sat. 4:30 A.M. (CC)

• Are We Done Yet?  '07. Ice Cube. A contractor with a bizarre business plan complicates a man's attempt to move his new family to the suburbs. (PG) (1:35) ENC: Fri. 8 P.M., Sat. 8:10 A.M. (CC)

• The Arrival  '96. Charlie Sheen. Scientists find extraterrestrials and conspiracy after tracking strange radio signals to a Mexican village. (PG-13) (2:00) HBO: Thu. 8 A.M. (CC)

• The Art of War  '00. Wesley Snipes. Underground after being accused of murdering a Chinese ambassador, a security expert comes out of hiding when terrorists threaten the United Nations. (R) (2:00) MAX: Wed. 2 P.M. (CC)

• Arthur and the Invisibles  '06. Freddie Highmore. Live action/animated. A boy enters the realm of tiny beings and seeks a treasure that can save his grandmother's home. (PG) (1:35) SHO: Tue. 6 A.M. (CC)

• ATL  '06. Tip "T.I." Harris. Four Atlanta teenagers, whose lives revolve around hip-hop and rollerskating, face life-changing challenges on and off the rink. (PG-13) (2:30) BET: Tue. 7:30 P.M., Wed. 11:30 A.M. (CC)

• Atonement  '07. James McAvoy. A false accusation changes forever the lives of a young teen, her older sister and the latter's innocent lover. (R) (2:05) HBO: Sun. 12:30 A.M. (CC)

• August Rush  '07. Freddie Highmore. A boy uses his prodigious musical gifts to find his parents, unaware that they have begun a similar journey to find him. (PG) (2:00) HBO: Sun. 1 P.M., Fri. 10 A.M. (CC)

• Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me  '99. Mike Myers. The secret agent travels back in time to the 1960s to rescue his stolen mojo from Dr. Evil. (PG-13) (1:45) STZ: Sun. 5:15 A.M., Mon. 4:05 P.M. (CC)

• Autumn Leaves  '56. Joan Crawford. A New England spinster marries a younger man who has mental problems and another wife. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Fri. 6 A.M. (CC)


• Baby Boom  '87. Diane Keaton. A Manhattan career woman with a live-in boyfriend suddenly inherits a baby girl and moves to Vermont. (PG) (2:30) AMC: Mon. 8:30 A.M. (CC)

• The Babysitter's Seduction  '96. Keri Russell. A high-school student is drawn into a blueprint for murder following the death of an employer's wife. (NR) (2:00) LIFE: Sat. 11 A.M. (CC)

• Back to Back: American Yakuza 2  '96. Michael Rooker. An ex-cop forms an uneasy alliance with a Japanese mobster after he discovers they share a common group of enemies. (R) (1:35) TMC: Wed. 11:15 A.M. (CC)

• Backdraft  '91. Kurt Russell. Two brothers fight each other and an outbreak of arson as Chicago firefighters. (R) (2:25) ENC: Wed. 11:35 A.M. (CC)

• Bad Boys  '95. Martin Lawrence. Undercover Miami detectives switch lives while investigating murders linked to stolen heroin. (R) (2:00) MAX: Fri. 12:20 A.M. (CC)

• Balto  '95. Voices of Miriam Margolyes. Animated. A canine outcast helps guide a sled of medical supplies to desperately ill children in an Alaskan village. (G) (1:30) HBO: Sun. 7:30 A.M. (CC)

• Bandits  '01. Bruce Willis. Two bank robbers fall for a bored housewife who helps them commit heists across the country. (PG-13) (2:30) COMEDY: Fri. 4 P.M., Sat. 7 A.M. (CC)

• Bang the Drum Slowly  '73. Robert De Niro. A top major-league pitcher devotes himself to a simple-minded catcher dying of Hodgkin's disease. (PG) (1:45) TCM: Fri. 8 P.M.

• Batman  '66. Adam West. Batman and Robin save Gotham City from the Catwoman, Joker, Penguin and Riddler. (PG) (2:15) AMC: Wed. 7:45 A.M. (CC)

• Batman Forever  '95. Val Kilmer. The Caped Crusader woos a criminal psychologist, takes on a sidekick and battles Two-Face and the Riddler. (PG-13) (2:05) ENC: Tue. 10 P.M., Wed. 4 P.M. (CC)

• The Batman vs. Dracula '05. Voices of Alastair Duncan. Animated. The vampire hatches a plot to enslave Batman, the Joker, the Penguin and the rest of Gotham City. (NR) (2:00) TOON: Sat. 9 P.M.

• Bats  '99. Lou Diamond Phillips. A bat-loving zoologist in Gallup, Texas, must find a way to stop genetically altered bats from killing people. (PG-13) (2:00) FX: Thu. 10 A.M.

• The Beach  '00. Leonardo DiCaprio. Young people seek Nirvana on an island off the coast of Thailand, only to discover it is not what it seems. (R) (2:10) HBO: Sun. 4:05 A.M. (CC)

• The Beast of Bray Road '05. Jeff Denton. A new sheriff in a Wisconsin town investigates brutal slayings by a werewolf. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Fri. 4 P.M.

• Becoming Jane  '07. Anne Hathaway. Though her parents expect her to marry a wealthy suitor, young Jane Austen becomes involved with a penniless lawyer who inspires her future writings. (PG) (2:05) STZ: Tue. 2:30 P.M., 5 A.M. (CC)

• Beetlejuice  '88. Michael Keaton. A ghoul helps a newly dead couple haunt the tasteless new owners of their beloved home. (PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Wed. 8 P.M. (CC)

• Before the Devil Knows You're Dead  '07. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Events spiral out of control when a man ropes his brother into a scheme to rob their parents' jewelry store. (R) (2:00) SHO: Thu. 11:30 P.M.

• Bernard and Doris '08. Susan Sarandon. Tobacco heiress Doris Duke develops an unlikely friendship with her butler, Bernard Lafferty. (NR) (1:45) HBO: Tue. 11:45 A.M. (CC)

• Best Laid Plans  '99. Alessandro Nivola. A young man gets caught up with a teacher who has a girl threatening to file rape charges chained in his basement. (R) (2:00) FX: Wed. 10 A.M.

• Big  '88. Tom Hanks. A wishing machine turns a boy into a 35-year-old man with a fun job and a girlfriend. (PG) (2:30) WE: Thu. 5:30 P.M.

• Big Momma's House  '00. Martin Lawrence. To protect a woman and her son from a robber, a male FBI agent assumes the guise of a large grandmother. (PG-13) (1:45) HBO: Sun. 5:15 P.M., Thu. 5:15 P.M. (CC)

• Big Momma's House 2  '06. Martin Lawrence. An FBI agent reprises his disguise as a corpulent old lady and takes a job as a nanny in a crime suspect's house. (PG-13) (2:00) FX: Sun. 1 P.M.

• The Big Sleep  '46. Humphrey Bogart. Raymond Chandler's private eye Philip Marlowe follows two wealthy sisters through a maze of murders. Unedited version. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Thu. 11:30 A.M.

• Big Trouble in Little China  '86. Kurt Russell. A trucker and a lawyer become trapped in a sorcerer's empire beneath San Francisco's Chinatown. (PG-13) (1:45) ENC: Thu. 11:30 P.M. (CC)

• Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure '07. Animated. Stripped of his powers, Grim races against his nemesis to capture an artifact that can make someone the scariest being alive. (2:00) TOON: Wed. 9 P.M.

• Billy Madison  '95. Adam Sandler. An adult goof-off goes back to elementary school in order to run his father's company. (PG-13) (1:40) ENC: Mon. 1:50 P.M., Tue. 6:30 A.M. (CC)

• The Birdcage  '96. Robin Williams. In Miami Beach a gay couple pretend to be man and wife when a son's future father-in-law and family visit. (R) (2:30) AMC: Thu. 10 P.M., Fri. 1:30 P.M. (CC)

• Black and White  '99. Scott Caan. Privileged white teens explore the uptown black hip-hop culture by spending time at a young black man's apartment. (R) (1:45) MAX: Tue. 12:30 P.M. (CC)

• Black Book  '06. Carice van Houten. During World War II, a member of the Jewish resistance falls in love with the Gestapo officer she was ordered to seduce. (R) (2:30) STZ: Mon. 3:40 A.M. (CC)

• Black Dog  '98. Patrick Swayze. A trucker with a vehicular manslaughter conviction agrees to drive a suspicious shipment for his boss. (PG-13) (2:00) AMC: Thu. 1 P.M.

• Blades of Glory  '07. Will Ferrell. Several years after being banned from men's singles competition, two rival skaters exploit a loophole that allows them to compete as a pair. (PG-13) (1:35) MAX: Wed. 9 A.M., 8:30 P.M. (CC)

• Blood Surf  '00. Archie Adamos. A giant crocodile makes meals of surfers who get their kicks by practicing their sport in dangerous waters. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Mon. 9 A.M.

• Blown Away  '94. Jeff Bridges. An Irish explosives expert targets an old foe and his family living in Boston. (R) (2:30) AMC: Wed. 10:30 P.M., 3:30 A.M., Thu. 3 P.M. (CC)

• Blue Demon '04. Dedee Pfeiffer. An act of sabotage releases a group of deadly, mutated sharks to wreak havoc in American waterways. (PG-13) (1:40) SHO: Mon. 11:05 A.M., Thu. 11 A.M., 4:55 A.M. (CC)

• The Blue Lagoon  '80. Brooke Shields. A boy, a girl and a burly cook are shipwrecked on a Fiji island, where the boy and girl grow up as lovers. (R) (2:00) WE: Sat. 1 P.M.

• Blue Streak  '99. Martin Lawrence. A jewel thief returns to a construction site to retrieve his cache and finds a police station on the spot. (PG-13) (1:45) HBO: Fri. 4 P.M. (CC)

• Boa vs. Python  '04. David Hewlett. An FBI agent and a biologist release a specially bred serpent to hunt the gigantic snake that has been putting the squeeze on unwary humans. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sun. 3 A.M.

• Bobby  '06. Anthony Hopkins. In 1968 the lives of a retired doorman, lounge singer, busboy, beautician and others intersect in the wake of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. (R) (2:00) SHO: Wed. 6:35 A.M., 3:45 P.M. (CC)

• The Body Snatcher  '45. Boris Karloff. A carriage cabby sells cadavers to a medical-school doctor in 19th-century Edinburgh. (NR) (1:30) TCM: Wed. 5:30 A.M.

• Book of Love  '90. Chris Young. A man looks back on his awkward teenage years after his divorce from a high-school golden girl is finalized. (PG-13) (2:00) COMEDY: Mon. 4:30 P.M., Tue. 8 A.M. (CC)

• Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan  '06. Sacha Baron Cohen. Outrageous situations occur when a popular reporter from Kazakhstan comes to the United States to film a documentary. (R) (1:25) MAX: Mon. 12:35 P.M. (CC)

• The Boston Strangler  '68. Tony Curtis. A criminologist and a detective lead the 1960s manhunt for killer rapist Albert DeSalvo. (R) (2:00) MAX: Wed. 3 A.M. (CC)

• Bottle Rocket  '96. Owen C. Wilson. Three inept robbers pull heists, then argue, split and reconcile in suburban Dallas. (R) (1:30) MAX: Tue. 6 A.M. (CC)

• The Bounty  '84. Mel Gibson. Mate Fletcher Christian leads a mutiny against his friend Lt. Bligh on an 18th-century voyage to Tahiti. (PG) (2:15) ENC: Wed. 3:15 A.M. (CC)

• The Bourne Supremacy  '04. Matt Damon. A CIA chief sends a senior operative to take down Jason Bourne when it appears the rogue agent is behind the deaths of two people. (PG-13) (2:00) TNT: Sat. 8 P.M., 10 P.M. (CC)

• The Bourne Ultimatum  '07. Matt Damon. Jason Bourne continues his international quest to uncover his true identity while staying one step ahead of those who want to kill him. (PG-13) (2:00) MAX: Sat. 10:15 A.M., 6 P.M., 12:35 A.M. (CC)

• The Boxer  '97. Daniel Day-Lewis. A former IRA activist faces violent opposition as he reopens a boxing gym and rekindles romance with his now-married sweetheart. (R) (1:55) MAX: Wed. 10:35 A.M. (CC)

• Boys  '96. Winona Ryder. A bored high-school senior falls for a mystery woman somehow linked to a baseball star's disappearance. (PG-13) (1:30) STZ: Mon. 7 A.M. (CC)

• Boys and Girls  '00. Freddie Prinze Jr. Two longtime friends, each with a string of failed romances, wonder if they should date each other. (PG-13) (2:00) WGN: Sat. 4 P.M. (CC)

• The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down  '06. Narrated by Paul Sapiano. Partygoers in Los Angeles indulge in alcohol, drugs, clubs and one-night stands. (R) (1:40) TMC: Mon. 2:35 A.M. (CC)

• The Brave One  '07. Jodie Foster. After a brutal attack leaves her badly injured and her fiance dead, a radio host stalks the streets of New York on a quest for revenge. (R) (2:15) HBO: Mon. 9 P.M. (CC)

• Break a Leg  '03. John Cassini. Unable to land good roles, a frustrated actor decides to sabotage his competitors. (R) (1:45) TMC: Mon. 11:15 A.M.

• The Breed '06. Michelle Rodriguez. A vicious pack of mutated dogs hunts a group of friends who have come to a tropical island for a week of fun and relaxation. (R) (1:30) TMC: Wed. 8:05 P.M.

• Bridge to Terabithia  '07. Josh Hutcherson. A boy and his new friend, the class outsider, create an imaginary world in which they rule as king and queen. (PG) (1:45) STZ: Mon. 2:20 P.M., Tue. 10:15 A.M. (CC)

• Brief Moment  '33. Carole Lombard. A singer wishes her new husband would learn the value of work. (NR) (1:15) TCM: Mon. 9:15 P.M.

• Bring It On  '00. Kirsten Dunst. An urban cheerleading squad accuses a champion team's captain of stealing its choreography on the eve of a national competition. (PG-13) (2:00) USA: Sat. 2 P.M. (CC)

• Bring It On: All or Nothing '06. Hayden Panettiere. When her family moves across town, a teenager must win over the head cheerleader to make the squad. (PG-13) (2:00) E!: Sun. noon.

• Broken  '06. Heather Graham. Hope is confronting all her mistakes since leaving home and comes face to face with her greatest mistake, Will, her ex-boyfriend, who is determined to win her back even if it kills him. (NR) (1:40) TMC: Wed. 12:35 A.M. (CC)

• Broken Bridges  '06. Toby Keith. A fallen country singer reunites with his true love and meets his teenage daughter for the first time. (PG-13) (2:15) CMT: Thu. 1 P.M.

• Broken Flowers  '05. Bill Murray. Informed he may have a son, an aging bachelor reunites with his former girlfriends to find out the truth. (R) (1:55) HBO: Mon. 4:35 A.M. (CC)

• Bubble Boy  '01. Jake Gyllenhaal. A teen in a special suit embarks on a cross-country trip to stop the girl he loves from getting married. (PG-13) (1:25) STZ: Fri. 8:40 A.M., 12:45 A.M. (CC)

• The Buccaneer  '58. Yul Brynner. French pirate Jean Lafitte charms New Orleans women and aids Gen. Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Tue. 8 A.M. (CC)

• Bulletproof  '96. Damon Wayans. A mobster's goons pursue a fugitive underling turning state's evidence to an undercover policeman he once shot. (R) (1:30) ENC: Sat. 6:30 P.M. (CC)

• But I'm a Cheerleader  '99. Natasha Lyonne. Parents send their teenager to a rehabilitation camp in the desert because they think she is a lesbian. (R) (1:30) MAX: Sat. 5:30 A.M. (CC)


• Camilla  '94. Jessica Tandy. A former concert violinist and a struggling young musician share a memorable journey from the Deep South to Toronto. (PG-13) (1:45) SHO: Fri. 8:45 A.M. (CC)

• Camp Rock '08. Joe Jonas. A talented singer works in the kitchen at a summer camp for aspiring musicians. (1:45) DIS: Tue. 8 P.M. (CC)

• Can of Worms '99. Michael Shulman. Aliens respond to a dissatisfied teen's plea to escape from planet Earth, but not all of them are friendly. (1:35) DIS: Fri. noon (CC)

• Candy  '06. Heath Ledger. A fatherly chemistry professor indulges two young lovers in their ever-increasing heroin habits. (R) (1:50) TMC: Sun. 10 P.M. (CC)

• Can't Stop the Music  '80. Valerie Perrine. A lawyer helps an ex-model and a songwriter promote a gay singing group called the Village People. (PG) (2:05) SHO: Sun. 5:30 A.M., Thu. 7 A.M.

• Casanova  '05. Heath Ledger. With a reputation for seducing women, regardless of their marital status, the infamous rake discovers a beauty who appears to be impervious to his charms. (R) (2:00) WGN: Thu. 8 P.M. (CC)

• Casino  '95. Robert De Niro. A New York bookie and his pal turn a Las Vegas casino into an empire, then one's money-hungry wife helps bring it down. (R) (3:00) USA: Fri. noon (CC)

• Casino Royale  '06. Daniel Craig. After receiving a license to kill, British agent James Bond enters a high-stakes poker game with Le Chiffre, a man who finances terrorist groups. (PG-13) (2:25) TMC: Sat. 6 A.M., 6:40 P.M. (CC)

• Casper Meets Wendy  '98. Shelley Duvall. Wendy the Good Little Witch and Casper the Friendly Ghost join up to defeat an evil warlock. (PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sat. 11 A.M. (CC)

• Cat People  '42. Simone Simon. Newlyweds try to cope with an ancient curse that transforms the bride into a vicious panther when she becomes jealous. (NR) (1:15) TCM: Wed. 1:45 A.M.

• Catch and Release  '07. Jennifer Garner. A woman struggles to rebuild her life in the wake of her fiance's untimely death and the discovery of secrets he kept from her. (PG-13) (2:00) ENC: Tue. 10:30 A.M., 8 P.M., 5:50 A.M. (CC)

• CB4  '93. Chris Rock. Three middle-class pals try to be cell-block types and tap into the rap market but cross a drug-dealing club owner. (R) (2:00) BET: Sun. 6 P.M. (CC)

• Cerberus '05. Greg Evigan. The search for a fabled sword, guarded by a three-headed hellhound, sweeps up an art historian. (NR) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sun. 1 P.M.

• Chapter 27  '07. Jared Leto. Obsessed with the character of Holden Caulfield in J.D. Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye," Mark David Chapman plans to murder John Lennon. (R) (1:30) SHO: Mon. 7:30 P.M., Sat. 12:45 P.M., 10:35 P.M.

• Charlotte's Web  '06. Voices of Julia Roberts. After learning that a young pig's days are numbered, a literate spider weaves an elaborate plan to save her friend from the butcher's block. (G) (1:45) SHO: Wed. 10 A.M. (CC)

• Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure  '03. Voices of David Ber??n. Animated. Zuckerman's famous pig, Templeton the rat and Charlotte's three daughters try to save a lamb. (G) (1:20) TMC: Wed. 6:35 A.M., Sat. 12:15 P.M. (CC)

• The Cheetah Girls 2 '06. Raven. Members of a teenage vocal group find adventure while participating in a music festival in Barcelona, Spain. (NR) (2:00) DIS: Sun. 9 P.M. (CC)

• The Cheetah Girls: One World '08. Adrienne Bailon. The Cheetah Girls go to India to appear in a Bollywood musical, but the director can choose only one of them for the role. (NR) (1:35) DIS: Mon. 8 P.M. (CC)

• Chupacabra: Dark Seas '05. Giancarlo Esposito. A scheme would smuggle a legendary creature into the United States on a cruise ship, but things go horribly awry. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sun. 9 A.M.

• The Circus  '28. Charlie Chaplin. Silent. The little tramp joins a circus, befriends a bareback rider and walks the tightrope. (G) (1:15) TCM: Thu. 4:45 A.M.

• Citizen Kane  '41. Orson Welles. Enigmatic newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane rises, falls and leaves behind a riddle with his dying breath. (PG) (2:15) TCM: Wed. 10 P.M. (CC)

• Clay Pigeons  '98. Vince Vaughn. A small-town gas station employee gets mixed up in murder when he spends time with a serial killer. (R) (1:45) TMC: Thu. 11:35 P.M. (CC)

• Clear and Present Danger  '94. Harrison Ford. An acting CIA chief learns the president has triggered a war with Colombian drug cartels. (PG-13) (3:00) AMC: Tue. 11 P.M., Wed. 2 P.M.

• Clerks II  '06. Rosario Dawson. Slackers Dante and Randal find that they must change their lives, now that they are in their 30s, and must expand their horizons beyond pop culture and sex. (R) (2:00) TMC: Sun. 8 P.M. (CC)

• Close Your Eyes  '03. Goran Visnjic. To help a detective, a hypnotherapist tries to get clues about a ritualistic killer from a traumatized girl. (R) (1:45) TMC: Sat. 9:05 P.M., 1:15 A.M. (CC)

• Cloudburst  '51. Robert Preston. A WWII veteran takes a job in the British Foreign Office's code section to expedite his search for his wife's killers. (NR) (1:30) TCM: Thu. 5 P.M.

• Clue  '85. Eileen Brennan. Col. Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock and company solve a mansion murder based on the board game. (PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sat. 11 P.M. (CC)

• Cocaine Cowboys  '06. Filmmaker Billy Corben recalls the Miami drug wars of the 1970s and '80s with those who survived the era, including smugglers, dealers and hit men. (R) (2:00) SHO: Sun. 7 P.M., Fri. 7 P.M. (CC)

• Cold & Dark  '05. Luke Goss. A young detective and his partner pursue criminals targeted by a mysterious creature. (R) (1:40) SHO: Sat. 3:05 A.M. (CC)

• Commando  '85. Arnold Schwarzenegger. A human killing machine and an airline hostess take on an ousted dictator's private army. (R) (2:00) AMC: Wed. 10 A.M.

• The Confessor  '04. Christian Slater. A priest enlists his former girlfriend to investigate a social worker's murder and clear an innocent clergyman. (PG-13) (1:35) SHO: Mon. 9:30 A.M. (CC)

• Constantine  '05. Keanu Reeves. A man who can see demons helps a skeptical policewoman investigate her twin sister's mysterious death. (R) (2:30) AMC: Sat. 8 P.M., 10:30 P.M.

• Contact  '97. Jodie Foster. A scientist seeks alien beings after receiving mysterious messages from deep space via radio telescope dishes. (PG) (2:30) STZ: Sun. 12:15 P.M., 12:50 A.M. (CC)

• Coogan's Bluff  '68. Clint Eastwood. An Arizona lawman comes to Manhattan and shows a detective how to extradite a murderer. (R) (2:15) AMC: Thu. 10:45 A.M.

• The Cookout  '04. Ja Rule. After her son signs a contract with an NBA team, a woman invites friends and family to a wild barbecue at his new mansion. (PG-13) (1:45) TBS: Sat. 7:55 A.M., 1:55 A.M. (CC)

• Cop Hater  '58. Robert Loggia. Two police officers track a cop killer through the streets of Manhattan. (NR) (1:30) TCM: Thu. 6:30 P.M.

• Copying Beethoven  '06. Ed Harris. A woman develops a special bond with composer Ludwig van Beethoven while working as his copyist. (PG-13) (1:55) SHO: Mon. 7:35 A.M. (CC)

• The Cowboy Way  '94. Woody Harrelson. Two New Mexico cowboys drive a truck to New York to track the disappearance of their friend. (PG-13) (1:50) ENC: Thu. 6:10 P.M. (CC)

• Coyote Ugly  '00. Piper Perabo. A woman finds her dreams of singing sidelined by the notoriety she receives as a New York City barmaid. (R) (1:45) ENC: Mon. 10:20 P.M., Tue. 12:30 P.M., Sat. 3 P.M. (CC)

• Critters  '86. Dee Wallace-Stone. Ravenous aliens eat their way through a Kansas farming town while on the run from interstellar bounty hunters. (PG-13) (2:00) SCI-FI: Wed. 9 A.M.

• Cross Bronx  '04. Max Greenfield. Four diverse high-school friends move into a ramshackle home in New York. (NR) (1:45) SHO: Sun. 1:45 A.M., Thu. 3:15 A.M. (CC)

• The Cure  '95. Joseph Mazzello. Parental opposition cannot stop the friendship of two rural Minnesota teens, one HIV-positive. (PG-13) (1:45) HBO: Thu. 3:30 P.M. (CC)

• The Curse of Frankenstein  '57. Peter Cushing. The condemned baron recalls making a mute monster in his own image. (NR) (2:00) AMC: Sat. 6:15 A.M.

• Cutting Class  '89. Donovan Leitch. A teen's boyfriend resents her being chummy with a guy who might be the local high-school slasher. (R) (1:45) SHO: Tue. 2:30 P.M. (CC)

• Cyrano de Bergerac  '50. Jose Ferrer. Long-nosed Cyrano loves fair Roxane but woos her with verse for a tongue-tied friend. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Tue. 6 A.M.


• Daddy's Little Girls  '07. Gabrielle Union. An unexpected romance blooms between a struggling mechanic and the attorney who is representing him in a custody battle for his young daughters. (PG-13) (1:45) SHO: Tue. 4:15 P.M. (CC)

• Damien: Omen II  '78. William Holden. A couple send their orphan nephew, the Antichrist, to military school, where he learns who he is. (R) (2:30) SPIKE: Fri. 1:30 A.M.

• Dan in Real Life  '07. Steve Carell. A widower advice-columnist faces a personal and professional challenge when he falls in love with his brother's girlfriend. (PG-13) (1:40) ENC: Sun. 7:30 A.M. (CC)

• Dangerous Game  '93. Harvey Keitel. An experimental filmmaker uses two married actors to play out their private lives on screen. (R) (2:00) TMC: Tue. 3 A.M. (CC)

• The Darjeeling Limited  '07. Owen Wilson. A man tries to re-establish family ties by taking his two younger brothers on a train trip across India. (R) (1:30) MAX: Mon. 4:30 A.M. (CC)

• Darkman  '90. Liam Neeson. An acid-scarred scientist uses 99-minute masks to be with his girlfriend and trap gangsters. (R) (1:40) MAX: Mon. 2:50 A.M. (CC)

• Date With an Angel  '87. Michael E. Knight. A guy engaged to a spoiled girl wakes up with a hangover and meets an angel with a broken wing. (PG) (1:45) TMC: Tue. 11:05 A.M. (CC)

• Dawn of the Dead  '04. Sarah Polley. A nurse, a policeman and other residents of Milwaukee fight flesh-eating zombies while trapped in a mall. (NR) (2:30) SCI-FI: Tue. 6:30 P.M.

• The Daytrippers  '96. Hope Davis. Assorted relatives join a suburban woman on her trip to Manhattan to find the husband she suspects has been unfaithful. (R) (1:30) TMC: Mon. 1 P.M. (CC)

• Dead Birds  '04. Henry Thomas. Bank robbers take refuge in a haunted Alabama mansion during the Civil War. (R) (1:35) TMC: Wed. 11 P.M. (CC)

• Dead Men Walking '05. Griff Furst. Inmates and guards try to survive while zombies run amok inside a maximum-security prison. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Tue. 2:30 P.M.

• The Dead One '07. Wilmer Valderrama. A man dies, and an Aztec god reanimates him as a slave. (PG-13) (1:30) TMC: Thu. 6:30 P.M.

• Dead Silence  '07. Ryan Kwanten. After his wife meets a grisly end, a man returns to their haunted hometown and uncovers a supernatural link to her death. (R) (1:30) MAX: Sun. 2 P.M. (CC)

• Dear Murderer  '47. Eric Portman. A businessman's revenge backfires when he murders a man he believes is having an affair with his wife. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Thu. 9:45 A.M.

• Death Tunnel '05. Steffany Huckaby. Terror awaits five college women as they spend the night at a haunted Kentucky sanatorium. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sat. 5 P.M.

• Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill '04. Chelsea Jean. A killer returns from the grave to lead an army of zombies against a drug dealer and a group of high-schoolers. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Tue. 4:30 P.M.

• Deck the Halls  '06. Danny DeVito. Neighbors in a New England town go to war after one adorns his house with enough Christmas lights to make it visible from space. (PG) (1:35) HBO: Fri. 6:40 A.M. (CC)

• Deep Impact  '98. Robert Duvall. Troubled people attempt to mend their lives as they brace themselves for a comet that threatens Earth. (PG-13) (2:05) TMC: Wed. 6 P.M., 5:30 A.M., Sat. 8:25 A.M., 4:35 P.M. (CC)

• D??j?? Vu  '06. Denzel Washington. A time-traveling federal agent falls in love with a New Orleans woman who is fated to be murdered. (PG-13) (2:10) STZ: Thu. 7:40 A.M., 3:10 P.M., 11 P.M. (CC)

• Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo  '05. Rob Schneider. Deuce meets a series of unusual women when a pimp uses him as bait to find a killer. (R) (1:45) TNT: Wed. 2 A.M. (CC)

• The Devil's Advocate  '97. Keanu Reeves. After moving to New York, a lawyer and his wife gradually learn his new employer's true identity. (R) (2:30) ENC: Mon. 3:30 P.M., 12:05 A.M. (CC)

• Die Hard  '88. Bruce Willis. A New York policeman outwits foreign thugs holding his wife and others in a Los Angeles high-rise. (R) (2:30) TNT: Sat. 1 P.M., midnight (CC)

• Die Hard 2  '90. Bruce Willis. The sequel's police hero spots military terrorists while waiting for his wife at a Washington, D.C., airport. (R) (2:05) HBO: Fri. 2:30 A.M. (CC)

• Digging to China  '98. Kevin Bacon. A 10-year-old who longs to escape from her older sister and life in rural 1960s New Hampshire befriends a mentally impaired man. (PG) (1:45) HBO: Mon. 6:15 A.M., Sat. 7:15 A.M. (CC)

• Dirty Dancing  '87. Jennifer Grey. A doctor's teenage daughter gets slinky with the dance teacher at a Catskills resort in the summer of 1963. (PG-13) (1:45) SHO: Sun. 2 P.M., Sat. 11 A.M. (CC)

• Dirty Love  '05. Jenny McCarthy. A woman goes on a series of disastrous dates after catching her hunky boyfriend with another lover. (NR) (1:30) TMC: Fri. 8 P.M. (CC)

• Do You Wanna Know a Secret?  '01. Joseph Lawrence. Spring break turns into a bloodbath as, one by one, six college friends fall victim to a crazed killer. (R) (1:40) TMC: Tue. 11:35 P.M. (CC)

• D.O.A.  '49. Edmond O'Brien. The recipient of a dose of slow-acting poison sets out to locate his killer before time ??? and his life ??? run out. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Thu. 3:15 P.M.

• Dr. No  '62. Sean Connery. Agent 007 foils a SPECTRE madman out to divert rockets from Cape Canaveral. (PG) (2:30) SPIKE: Sun. midnight (CC)

• A Dog of Flanders  '99. Jack Warden. An orphan struggles to become an artist within a society that favors only the upper class. (PG) (2:00) WGN: Sat. 3 A.M. (CC)

• Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood  '96. Shawn Wayans. A Los Angeles teen with an irresponsible dad seeks guidance from a cousin whose weapons color-coordinate with his sneakers. (R) (1:30) ENC: Sat. 11:20 P.M. (CC)

• Dot.Kill '05. Armand Assante. A drug-addicted detective searches for a serial killer who broadcasts his crimes on the Internet. (R) (1:30) TMC: Fri. 11:30 P.M. (CC)

• Double Whammy  '01. Denis Leary. A widowed New York City police officer fails in his attempt to stop a shooting in a fast-food restaurant. (R) (2:00) COMEDY: Thu. 4:30 P.M., Fri. 8 A.M. (CC)

• Dreamgirls  '06. Jamie Foxx. After an ambitious manager gives them a shot at stardom, three singers learn that fame can carry a high personal cost. (PG-13) (2:15) HBO: Wed. 12:45 P.M., Sat. 2:45 P.M. (CC)

• Dreamland  '06. Agnes Bruckner. A teenager and her best friend fall for a new resident of their New Mexico trailer park. (PG-13) (2:00) LIFE: Mon. 2 P.M. (CC)

• Drive Me Crazy  '99. Melissa Joan Hart. A preppie and her protest-loving neighbor reluctantly team up to make their ex-partners jealous. (PG-13) (1:45) HBO: Mon. 1:15 P.M. (CC)

• Drop Dead Sexy '04. Jason Lee. When a financial scam goes awry, a group of would-be criminals turns to kidnapping and blackmail. (R) (1:25) SHO: Sun. 6:35 A.M., 3:45 P.M., Fri. 2:30 P.M., 5:10 A.M. (CC)

• Drop Zone  '94. Wesley Snipes. A U.S. marshal turns sky diver to nab a hijacker and his parachuter gang planning to invade the DEA. (R) (1:45) MAX: Tue. 7:30 A.M. (CC)

• Duane Hopwood  '05. David Schwimmer. A divorced alcoholic faces an uphill battle as he struggles to reconnect with his ex-wife and daughters. (R) (1:30) SHO: Sun. 9 A.M., Thu. 6:45 P.M. (CC)


• The Eagle and the Hawk  '33. Fredric March. Romantic rivalries, glory-seeking comrades and an utter disgust for battle take their toll on a World War I flying ace. (NR) (1:15) TCM: Mon. 8 P.M.

• Earth Girls Are Easy  '89. Geena Davis. Valley girls cruise Southern California with Mac, Wiploc and Zebo from the planet Jhazzala. (PG) (1:45) ENC: Sun. 5:20 A.M., Sat. 4:45 P.M. (CC)

• Eastern Promises  '07. Viggo Mortensen. A chain of murder and retribution uncoils when a man who is tied to a London crime family crosses paths with an innocent midwife. (R) (1:45) HBO: Thu. 12:30 A.M. (CC)

• The Edge  '97. Anthony Hopkins. A plane crash strands rivals in the Alaskan wilderness, where they contend with nature and a vicious kodiak bear. (R) (2:00) STZ: Sun. 8:20 A.M. (CC)

• Eight Days to Live '06. Kelly Rowan. A woman races against time to find her missing son and save his life. (NR) (2:00) LIFE: Sun. 10 A.M. (CC)

• Eight Men Out  '88. John Cusack. Disgruntled Chicago White Sox stand trial for allegedly throwing the 1919 World Series for mobster Arnold Rothstein. (PG) (2:15) TCM: Fri. 9:45 P.M.

• The Elephant Man  '80. John Hurt. Victorian Dr. Treves rescues grotesque John Merrick from a London sideshow and shows him humanity. (PG) (2:05) MAX: Fri. 6:30 A.M. (CC)

• Elizabeth: The Golden Age  '07. Cate Blanchett. Queen Elizabeth I faces a threat to her rule from Spain's King Phillip II and temptation from charismatic seafarer Sir Walter Raleigh. (PG-13) (2:00) HBO: Sat. 8 P.M., 1 A.M. (CC)

• Ella Enchanted  '04. Anne Hathaway. A young woman embarks on a journey to break the curse of obedience placed upon her by a fairy godmother. (PG) (2:00) TBS: Thu. 2:40 A.M., Fri. 10 A.M. (CC)

• Emma  '96. Gwyneth Paltrow. Things keep getting worse after a young matchmaker finds a mate for a simple young woman in rural 1800s England. (PG) (2:00) TMC: Sun. 6 A.M., 2:20 P.M. (CC)

• Employee of the Month  '06. Dane Cook. The chance of a date with a beautiful new cashier sends two store clerks into fierce competition for a coveted award. (PG-13) (2:00) TMC: Tue. 7:30 A.M., 4:30 P.M., Fri. 10:50 A.M., 9:30 P.M. (CC)

• Enchanted  '07. Amy Adams. Live action/animated. Banished by an evil queen, a princess from a fairy-tale land winds up in modern Manhattan, where music, magic and "happily ever after" are sorely lacking. (PG) (1:50) ENC: Sun. 6:30 P.M. (CC)

• The Enchanted Cottage  '45. Robert Young. A disfigured veteran and his homely bride look beautiful to each other in a seaside cottage. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Wed. 4:30 P.M. (CC)

• End of Days  '99. Arnold Schwarzenegger. An ex-cop must protect a woman chosen by Satan to be the mother of the Antichrist. (R) (2:10) STZ: Fri. 11:50 A.M. (CC)

• Epic Movie  '07. Kal Penn. Four adult orphans have an incredible adventure in a spoof of blockbuster and fantasy films. (PG-13) (1:30) MAX: Wed. 12:30 P.M. (CC)

• Equinox  '70. Edward Connell. Two guys and two girls searching for a scientist find a forest full of monsters and a demon king. (PG) (1:25) TMC: Fri. 7:55 A.M. (CC)

• Erin Brockovich  '00. Julia Roberts. A law clerk researching a client's health case stumbles on a cover-up of a contaminated water supply in a desert town. (R) (2:15) ENC: Mon. 11:35 A.M. (CC)

• E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial  '82. Henry Thomas. A boy's close encounter with an alien stranded on Earth leads to a unique friendship in Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning film. (PG) (2:00) HBO: Sun. 3 P.M., Wed. 9 A.M., 5 P.M., Sat. 9 A.M., 5 P.M. (CC)

• Evan Almighty  '07. Steve Carell. A newly elected congressman faces a crisis of biblical proportions when God commands him to build an ark. (PG) (1:45) HBO: Mon. 11:30 A.M., 6:15 P.M., Sat. 1 P.M. (CC)

• Ever After  '98. Drew Barrymore. Treated as a servant by her stepmother, a 16th-century woman wins the heart of the French prince. (PG) (2:00) E!: Sun. 5 P.M.

• Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out  '06. Stewart Copeland, former drummer for The Police, reveals home movies of himself and his band mates from the 1980s. (NR) (1:20) TMC: Sun. 4:40 A.M. (CC)

• The Ex  '06. Zach Braff. A chronic underachiever takes a job at his father-in-law's advertising firm and locks horns with his wife's paraplegic former lover. (PG-13) (1:30) SHO: Mon. 4 P.M., Sat. 4:15 P.M. (CC)

• Eyes in the Night  '42. Edward Arnold. When an actor is found murdered, a sightless sleuth uncovers an espionage plot in the course of his investigation. (NR) (1:30) TCM: Thu. 7 A.M.

• Eyes Without a Face  '59. Pierre Brasseur. A Paris surgeon tries to fix his daughter's face with skin from kidnapped women. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Sun. 2 A.M.


• Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal '08. Jenna Dewan. A new schoolteacher clashes with a group of unruly cheerleaders. (NR) (2:00) LIFE: Sat. 7 P.M. (CC)

• Factory Girl  '06. Sienna Miller. Wealthy Edie Sedgwick lands at artist Andy Warhol's Factory and becomes his muse in the mid-1960s. (R) (1:35) SHO: Sun. 3:30 A.M., Sat. 9 P.M. (CC)

• The Facts of Life  '60. Bob Hope. Incompatible friends, taken for granted by their spouses, fall in love after having to spend time alone together. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Sat. 6 P.M. (CC)

• The Faculty  '98. Jordana Brewster. High-school students gradually begin to suspect that their teachers are from another planet. (R) (2:00) TMC: Tue. 8 P.M. (CC)

• Fallen  '98. Denzel Washington. Detectives investigate murders committed in a manner used by a recently executed serial killer. (R) (2:30) WGN: Sat. 8 P.M., 12:30 A.M. (CC)

• The Fan  '96. Robert De Niro. A knife salesman kills to help his favorite San Francisco Giant, then kidnaps the athlete's son when he seems ungrateful. (R) (2:00) ENC: Sun. 1:30 A.M. (CC)

• Fantastic Four  '05. Ioan Gruffudd. Four people gain unusual powers after a space mission exposes them to cosmic radiation. (PG-13) (2:30) FX: Mon. 8 P.M., Tue. 4:30 P.M.

• Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer  '07. Ioan Gruffudd. Reed, Susan, Johnny and Ben face an intergalactic messenger who has arrived to prepare Earth for destruction. (PG) (1:45) HBO: Tue. 8:15 A.M., 3:45 P.M. (CC)

• Far and Away  '92. Tom Cruise. An Irish farmer and his landlord's daughter come to 1890s Boston, where he boxes and they join the Oklahoma land rush. (PG-13) (2:25) ENC: Mon. 7:05 A.M., Fri. 12:05 P.M. (CC)

• Farce of the Penguins '07. Voices of Christina Applegate. A penguin searches for love with his hedonistic buddies illuminating survival and mating rituals. (R) (1:25) TMC: Mon. 4:15 A.M. (CC)

• Fatal Desire '06. Anne Heche. A man begins an ill-fated affair with a married woman he meets on the Internet. (NR) (2:00) LIFE: Sat. 5 P.M. (CC)

• Fatal Reunion '05. Erika Eleniak. A terrified woman works with a district attorney to stop an old acquaintance who is stalking her. (2:00) LIFE: Sat. 3 P.M. (CC)

• Father Goose  '65. Cary Grant. A stranded French teacher and her girls join an island beach bum paid in booze to spot enemy planes. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Tue. 10 A.M. (CC)

• Fear  '96. Mark Wahlberg. A deranged suitor torments family and friends of a teen girl with whom he is obsessed. (R) (1:40) MAX: Sat. 8:35 A.M. (CC)

• Ferris Bueller's Day Off  '86. Matthew Broderick. A cool teen plays hooky in Chicago with his girlfriend, his buddy and the classic Ferrari of his buddy's father. (PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Fri. 10 P.M. (CC)

• The Ferryman  '07. Kerry Fox. A murderous spirit possesses individuals aboard a pleasure cruise after they rescue a stranger. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sat. 9 P.M.

• Fever Pitch  '05. Drew Barrymore. A corporate executive falls for an affable schoolteacher obsessed with the Boston Red Sox. (PG-13) (2:00) FX: Fri. midnight, Sat. 11 A.M.

• The Field  '90. Richard Harris. A tormented Irish patriarch and an American businessman struggle for possession of a plot of land in 1930s Ireland. (PG-13) (2:00) TMC: Thu. 9:30 A.M., 4:30 P.M., 4:40 A.M. (CC)

• Final Destination 3  '06. Mary Elizabeth Winstead. A high-school senior and her friends must deal with repercussions of cheating death when they survive a terrible roller-coaster accident. (R) (2:00) TNT: Sun. 6 P.M. (CC)

• Final Draft '07. James Van Der Beek. A screenwriter loses his grip on reality after locking himself in his apartment to meet a deadline. (NR) (1:35) SHO: Wed. 2 A.M. (CC)

• Fire Down Below  '97. Steven Seagal. A lone environmental agent takes on ruthless industrialists dumping toxic waste in the Kentucky hills. (R) (1:50) ENC: Fri. 4:20 P.M., 11:15 P.M. (CC)

• First Kid  '96. Sinbad. A loud Secret Service agent understands the president's teenage son, though most consider him difficult. (PG) (2:00) TBS: Wed. 10 A.M. (CC)

• First Knight  '95. Sean Connery. King Arthur loves Guinevere and tries to keep her from the clutches of Lancelot and a land-grabber. (PG-13) (2:20) ENC: Tue. 8:10 A.M. (CC)

• Flashdance  '83. Jennifer Beals. A Pittsburgh welder dances nights in a bar, dates her boss and dreams of going to ballet school. (R) (2:00) VH1: Tue. 1 A.M.

• The Flight of the Phoenix  '65. James Stewart. After being forced down in the desert, plane crash survivors race against time to rebuild their damaged aircraft. (NR) (3:00) AMC: Thu. 4:30 A.M. (CC)

• The Flintstones  '94. John Goodman. Betty's Barney helps Wilma's Fred move up the ladder at Slate & Co. in Stone Age Bedrock. (PG) (1:30) HBO: Wed. 6 A.M. (CC)

• Flip the Script '05. Robin Givens. Feelings of love re-emerge between a massage therapist and a gynecologist after the death of a mutual friend. (NR) (2:00) BET: Tue. noon, midnight (CC)

• The Fly  '86. Jeff Goldblum. David Cronenberg's remake of the 1958 classic about a botched experiment that transmutes a man into a monstrous insect. (R) (2:00) AMC: Tue. 4 A.M.

• The Flying Scotsman  '06. Jonny Lee Miller. In the early 1990s Graeme Obree battles mental illness while chasing his dream of achieving cycling stardom. (PG-13) (1:45) SHO: Wed. 11:45 A.M., 5:05 A.M. (CC)

• For Da Love of Money  '02. Pierre. Needy friends and neighbors come calling when a rumor circulates that a man has suddenly acquired a big stash of cash. (R) (2:00) BET: Sun. 4 P.M. (CC)

• Forrest Gump  '94. Tom Hanks. JFK, LBJ, Vietnam, Watergate and other history is seen through the eyes of an Alabama man with an IQ of 75. (PG-13) (2:30) HBO: Thu. 11 A.M. (CC)

• The Four Feathers  '39. John Clements. A British army officer redeems himself from charges of cowardice when he quells a native rebellion in Sudan. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Sun. 8 A.M.

• Frailty  '02. Bill Paxton. A boy tries to protect his brother after their seemingly normal father goes on a killing spree. (R) (2:02) USA: Sun. 10 A.M. (CC)

• Frailty  '02. Bill Paxton. A boy tries to protect his brother after their seemingly normal father goes on a killing spree. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Fri. 3 A.M.

• Free Willy  '93. Jason James Richter. An abandoned boy with a chip on his shoulder befriends an ill-fated killer whale at a water park. (PG) (2:00) HBO: Thu. 6 A.M. (CC)

• Freedom Writers  '07. Hilary Swank. A dedicated Los Angeles teacher inspires her class of at-risk students to believe in themselves and achieve academic success. (PG-13) (2:15) SHO: Sat. 5:45 P.M. (CC)

• French Kiss  '95. Meg Ryan. En route to Paris to win back her ex-fiance, a neurotic woman becomes involved with a French thief. (PG-13) (2:30) WE: Sat. 5:30 P.M.

• The Frighteners  '96. Michael J. Fox. Friendly ghosts help a psychic detective probe the hauntings that killed residents of a coastal California town. (R) (1:55) ENC: Tue. 1:35 A.M., Sat. 11:30 A.M. (CC)

• From the Hip  '87. Judd Nelson. A showoff young lawyer hates his client, a Boston professor accused of beating a girl to death. (PG) (1:55) SHO: Tue. 7:35 A.M. (CC)

• Full Count '06. William Baldwin. Before departing for college, five lifelong friends must help one of their own. (R) (1:30) TMC: Sat. 3:05 P.M. (CC)

• The Funhouse  '81. Elizabeth Berridge. Four teenagers are stalked by a hideous monster when they decide to spend the night in a sleazy carnival funhouse. (R) (1:35) MAX: Thu. 1:30 P.M. (CC)

• Funny Face  '57. Audrey Hepburn. A fashion photographer turns a Greenwich Village bookworm into a Paris cover girl. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Sun. 10 P.M. (CC)

• Funny Farm  '88. Chevy Chase. A sportswriter and his wife move to a cottage in the country, where he tries to write a novel. (PG) (2:15) CMT: Mon. 9 P.M., Tue. 1 P.M., Sat. 4:45 P.M.

• Funny Money '06. Chevy Chase. Henry runs into trouble with his wife, a good and bad cop, and Mr. Big after accidentally trading his briefcase for one with a million dollars inside. (R) (1:45) SHO: Sun. 10:30 A.M. (CC)

• Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus  '06. Nicole Kidman. A mysterious neighbor inspires fledgling photographer Diane Arbus to challenge accepted notions of beauty and ugliness through her work. (R) (2:05) MAX: Sun. 3:20 A.M. (CC)

• Futurama: The Beast With a Billion Backs '08. Voices of Billy West. Animated. A planet-sized alien takes control of Fry and jeopardizes humans on Earth. (NR) (2:00) COMEDY: Sun. 8 P.M., 11 P.M., Sat. 11:30 P.M. (CC)


• The Game  '97. Michael Douglas. A control freak's disreputable brother introduces him to a mysterious game that invades his ordered existence. (R) (2:30) USA: Wed. 11:30 A.M. (CC)

• The Game Plan  '07. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. A star football player tries to juggle his carefree lifestyle, his team's bid for the championship and the needs of his newly discovered young daughter. (PG) (2:00) ENC: Sun. 12:50 P.M. (CC)

• Garfield  '04. Breckin Meyer. Live action/animated. An orange cat tries to save his owner's new dog after a television personality kidnaps it. (PG) (2:00) FX: Sun. 9 A.M.

• Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties  '06. Voices of Bill Murray. Garfield follows Jon to England and gets the royal treatment after he is mistaken for the heir to a grand castle. But the feline will need all nine lives to foil the plans of evil Lord Dargis, who wants to turn the castle into a resort. (PG) (2:00) FX: Sun. 11 A.M., Fri. 6 P.M., Sat. 7 A.M.

• Garfield Gets Real '07. Voices of Jason Marsden. Animated. Tired of life as a comic strip, Garfield comes into the real world to live as an ordinary house cat. (NR) (2:00) TOON: Thu. 10 A.M.

• The Gate  '87. Stephen Dorff. Two boys and a girl learn from a heavy-metal record that a gaping backyard hole is the gate to hell. (PG-13) (1:30) SHO: Wed. 5:45 P.M. (CC)

• The General's Daughter  '99. John Travolta. Two investigators find an underworld of sex and cover-ups behind an Army captain's murder. (R) (2:00) SHO: Mon. 1:45 A.M. (CC)

• George White's Scandals  '45. Joan Davis. Backstage lovers and a dancer's absence threaten a vaudeville show. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Wed. 6:15 P.M.

• Geronimo: An American Legend  '93. Wes Studi. An Army general orders a Virginia lieutenant to bring in the Apache warrior. (PG-13) (2:30) AMC: Mon. 5:30 P.M., Tue. 11:30 A.M. (CC)

• Get Rich or Die Tryin'  '05. Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. A drug dealer wants to leave his violent life behind and pursue his dream of becoming a rap artist. (R) (2:30) BET: Wed. midnight (CC)

• Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control '08. Masi Oka. Two technical wizards must prevent KAOS from locating a missing invisibility device. (PG-13) (1:40) TBS: Thu. 10 P.M.

• Ghost Rider  '07. Nicolas Cage. A motorcycle stuntman, who sold his soul to save a loved one, becomes a fiery agent for justice at night in the presence of evil. (PG-13) (2:00) STZ: Mon. 12:20 P.M., 8:05 P.M., Tue. 6:10 A.M. (CC)

• Ghost Ship  '43. Richard Dix. No one believes a third mate complaining of sadistic treatment by a psychotic captain. (NR) (1:15) TCM: Mon. 7:45 A.M.

• Ghost Voyage '08. Antonio Sabato Jr. Seven strangers awake aboard a haunted cargo ship adrift at sea. (NR) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sat. 7 P.M. (CC)

• Ghosts of Abu Ghraib '07. Filmmaker Rory Kennedy examines the abuse of inmates at an Iraqi prison. (NR) (1:20) HBO: Tue. 3:10 A.M. (CC)

• Girl, Positive '07. Andrea Bowen. An HIV-positive high-school student finds support from a teacher who is secretly living with the disease. (NR) (2:00) LIFE: Sun. 6 P.M. (CC)

• The Glass House  '01. Leelee Sobieski. The lives of two orphaned siblings are threatened by new guardians who stand to profit greatly from their deaths. (PG-13) (2:00) LIFE: Thu. 2 P.M. (CC)

• God Said, Ha!  '98. Julia Sweeney. Comic Julia Sweeney delivers a monologue about a difficult time in her life when she and her brother battled cancer. (PG-13) (1:30) TMC: Tue. 2:15 P.M. (CC)

• Godsend  '04. Greg Kinnear. A scientist clones a couple's dead son, but the boy behaves strangely after his eighth birthday. (PG-13) (1:45) TMC: Mon. 9:30 A.M., 4:10 P.M., 5:40 A.M. (CC)

• Gone Baby Gone  '07. Casey Affleck. Two private investigators tread on dangerous ground as they scour the Boston underworld for a kidnapped child. (R) (1:55) STZ: Thu. 11:45 A.M., 7:05 P.M. (CC)

• Gone in Sixty Seconds  '00. Nicolas Cage. A former thief must agree to steal 50 cars in one night to save his brother from being killed by a vehicle smuggler. (PG-13) (2:05) STZ: Sat. 4:35 P.M., 12:30 A.M. (CC)

• Good Advice  '01. Charlie Sheen. An out-of-work stockbroker causes problems when he takes over his girlfriend's relationship-advice column. (R) (1:35) HBO: Thu. 5:05 A.M. (CC)

• The Good German  '06. George Clooney. An Army correspondent helps a former lover comb post-World War II Berlin for her missing husband, who is wanted by U.S. and Russian forces. (R) (1:50) ENC: Sun. 3:30 A.M. (CC)

• The Good Thief  '02. Nick Nolte. A drug-addicted thief hatches a plan to steal priceless paintings from the vault of a French casino. (R) (1:55) MAX: Thu. 3:05 P.M. (CC)

• Gorilla at Large  '54. Cameron Mitchell. A series of bizarre murders at an amusement park is thought at first to be the work of a monstrous gorilla. (NR) (1:45) AMC: Wed. 6 A.M. (CC)

• The Grand  '08. Woody Harrelson. A ne'er-do-well inherits his grandfather's casino, but must win a high-stakes poker tournament to keep it out of a real-estate tycoon's clutches. (R) (1:45) STZ: Fri. 10:05 A.M., 6:10 P.M. (CC)

• Grand Canyon  '91. Danny Glover. Los Angeles denizens cross paths, including a lawyer and a tow-truck driver who inadvertently saves his life. (R) (2:15) HBO: Wed. 3:15 A.M. (CC)

• The Gravedancers  '06. Dominic Purcell. Angry spirits terrorize three reunited friends after they disturb a cemetery following a funeral. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sat. 3 P.M. (CC)

• Guyver 2: Dark Hero  '94. David Hayter. A man searches for a link between the powerful alien armor in his possession and a spacecraft excavated in the desert. (R) (2:10) HBO: Mon. 2:25 A.M. (CC)


• Halloween  '78. Donald Pleasence. John Carpenter's chiller about an escaped maniac who returns to his Illinois hometown to continue his bloody rampage. (R) (2:00) AMC: Fri. 8 P.M., Sat. noon.

• Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers  '88. Donald Pleasence. Dr. Loomis renews his hunt for killer Mike, who has escaped from the hospital once again. (R) (2:00) AMC: Fri. 10 P.M., Sat. 2 P.M. (CC)

• Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Meyers  '89. Donald Pleasence. Dr. Loomis meets Mike's 9-year-old niece, who seems to know when he's going to kill next. (R) (2:00) AMC: Fri. midnight, Sat. 4 P.M. (CC)

• Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers  '95. Donald Pleasence. An ancient Celtic ritual drives Dr. Loomis' patient to sacrifice an entire family in Haddonfield, Ill. (R) (2:00) AMC: Fri. 2 A.M., Sat. 6 P.M. (CC)

• Halloweentown  '98. Debbie Reynolds. After discovering that she comes from a family of witches, a girl comes to their aid against a sinister force. (1:35) DIS: Sat. 9 P.M. (CC)

• Hamburger Hill  '87. Anthony Barrile. An account of the 101st Airborne Division's 10-day struggle to secure a strategic mountainside in South Vietnam. (R) (2:30) AMC: Thu. 8:15 A.M. (CC)

• The Hand That Rocks the Cradle  '92. Annabella Sciorra. To carry out her plan of revenge, an unhinged woman charms a Seattle couple into hiring her as a nanny. (R) (2:30) LIFE: Wed. 9 P.M. (CC)

• Hannah and Her Sisters  '86. Woody Allen. Hannah's husband has an affair with one sister, and her ex-husband marries the other. (PG-13) (2:00) TCM: Sun. 6 P.M.

• Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour in Disney Digital 3D  '08. Miley Cyrus. The young performer does a musical tour in 2007, with special backstage footage and guests the Jonas Brothers. (G) (1:20) STZ: Wed. 7:05 A.M., 3:55 P.M., Sat. 5:40 A.M. (CC)

• Hannibal Rising  '07. Gaspard Ulliel. The trauma of World War II and events that followed transform the young Hannibal Lecter into a dangerous, but brilliant, psychopath. (R) (2:00) SHO: Tue. 8 P.M., Sat. 1 A.M. (CC)

• Hard to Kill  '90. Steven Seagal. A policeman, who was pronounced dead but lived, eventually recovers with the help of a gorgeous nurse, and years later he seeks revenge. (R) (1:40) MAX: Mon. 1:10 A.M. (CC)

• Harlan County War  '00. Holly Hunter. A Kentucky coal miner's wife spearheads a 1970s union strike to close the mine and force contract negotiations. (2:00) TMC: Mon. 6 P.M., Thu. 7:35 A.M., 2:40 P.M. (CC)

• Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  '07. Daniel Radcliffe. When a new professor's inadequacy leaves Hogwarts unprepared to fight the rising tide of evil, Harry teaches a small group of students how to defend against the dark arts. (PG-13) (2:25) MAX: Fri. 8:35 A.M., 7:30 P.M. (CC)

• Harvey  '50. James Stewart. A woman tries to have her tippling brother put away when his claims of a 6-foot invisible rabbit cause embarrassment. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Sat. 2 P.M. (CC)

• The Haunted Mansion  '03. Eddie Murphy. A real estate agent and his family encounter ghosts in an old New Orleans house on a remote bayou. (PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Mon. 8 P.M., DIS: Fri. 9 P.M., Sat. noon (CC)

• The Haunting  '63. Julie Harris. An anthropologist, an heir and two ESP-prone women explore a New England mansion. (G) (2:00) TCM: Mon. 2:30 P.M. (CC)

• The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It '07. Emily Osment. A girl and her brother have spooky encounters when one of them reads the lines of a mysterious book. (PG) (2:00) TOON: Thu. 6 P.M.

• Havana  '90. Robert Redford. An American gambler loves a rich rebel's wife in 1958 Cuba on the verge of Castro. (R) (2:30) MAX: Thu. 9:30 A.M. (CC)

• He Was a Quiet Man '07. Christian Slater. A frustrated office worker becomes a reluctant hero after saving a woman's life. (NR) (1:45) SHO: Sun. 12:15 P.M., midnight.

• Head Trauma  '06. Vince Mola. Bad memories of an accidental death torment a slacker as he tries to save his grandparents' run-down house. (NR) (1:25) TMC: Sat. 10:50 P.M., 3 A.M.

• The Heartbreak Kid  '07. Ben Stiller. After his new bride reveals her nasty nature, a man meets the woman who may be his real soulmate and tries to woo her. (R) (2:00) HBO: Thu. 9 P.M. (CC)

• Heaven  '02. Cate Blanchett. After falling in love with a widow, an Italian policeman tries to help her kill a drug dealer. (R) (1:45) SHO: Mon. midnight (CC)

• Heavens Fall '06. Timothy Hutton. In 1931 a New York defense lawyer comes to the aid of nine black men accused of raping two white women in the South. (PG-13) (1:45) TMC: Sat. 10:30 A.M., 5:30 A.M. (CC)

• Hellboy  '04. Ron Perlman. The son of the devil helps a top-secret organization investigate and destroy paranormal creatures. (PG-13) (2:30) FX: Sat. 9 P.M.

• Hellraiser: Deader '05. Doug Bradley. A reporter investigates an underground group that can resurrect the dead, much to Pinhead's dismay. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Tue. 10:30 A.M., 3 A.M.

• Hellraiser: Hellworld '05. Doug Bradley. Evil Pinhead and his minions torment a group of teens obsessed with cyberspace. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Tue. 12:30 P.M., Wed. 3 A.M.

• Herbie Hancock: Possibilities  '06. Filmmakers follow the jazz musician over 18 months as he collaborates in-studio with Sting, Annie Lennox, Paul Simon, Christina Aguilera, Carlos Santana. (NR) (1:30) SHO: Sat. 4:45 A.M. (CC)

• High Anxiety  '77. Mel Brooks. In a spoof of Hitchcock movies, a psychiatrist with vertigo takes over the Institute for the Very Very Nervous. (PG) (1:40) MAX: Fri. 5:20 A.M. (CC)

• High School Musical  '06. Zac Efron. Students conspire to prevent a basketball star and a shy newcomer from singing in a stage production. (2:00) DIS: Wed. 8 P.M. (CC)

• High School Musical 2 '07. Zac Efron. A teenager befriends members of a wealthy family while working at a country club. (NR) (2:00) DIS: Thu. 8 P.M. (CC)

• Higher and Higher  '43. Michele Morgan. A maid and a butler join their broke boss' scheme to pose the maid as his daughter in a money marriage. (NR) (1:30) TCM: Wed. 1 P.M.

• The Hills Have Eyes 2  '07. Michael McMillian. Cannibalistic mutants attack a group of National Guardsmen investigating a distress signal in the New Mexican desert. (R) (1:30) MAX: Sat. 2:30 A.M. (CC)

• History of the World: Part I  '81. Mel Brooks. Bawdy segments include the dawn of man, Moses, Nero, an empress, the Inquisition and the French Revolution. (R) (2:00) AMC: Fri. 10:30 A.M. (CC)

• Hitman  '07. Timothy Olyphant. An assassin's growing attachment to a traumatized young woman poses a threat to his life, as great as that of the Interpol and Russian agents on his trail. (R) (1:35) MAX: Thu. 5 P.M., 11:35 P.M. (CC)

• The Hoax  '06. Richard Gere. Clifford Irving nearly pulls off a huge media scam when he writes a fake biography of reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes and sells it to publishing giant McGraw-Hill. (R) (2:00) STZ: Sun. 2:45 P.M., 10:50 P.M. (CC)

• Hocus Pocus  '93. Bette Midler. Halloween trick-or-treaters come face to face with three witch sisters from the past in Salem, Mass. (PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sun. 2 P.M., Sat. 3 P.M. (CC)

• The Holiday  '06. Cameron Diaz. Two women, one from America and one from England, swap homes at Christmastime after bad breakups with their boyfriends. (PG-13) (2:20) STZ: Wed. 10:05 A.M., 7:40 P.M., 5:20 A.M., Fri. 2:20 A.M., Sat. 10:30 A.M., 6:40 P.M. (CC)

• Home Alone 3  '97. Alex D. Linz. A clever boy stymies spies seeking a toy car with a top-secret computer chip hidden inside. (PG) (1:45) ENC: Sat. 9:45 A.M. (CC)

• Home of the Brave  '06. Samuel L. Jackson. Three soldiers, including a doctor, have difficulty adjusting to life at home following a long and difficult tour of duty in Iraq. (R) (2:00) TMC: Mon. 8 P.M., Fri. 2:45 P.M. (CC)

• Homicidal  '61. Glenn Corbett. A bride pays a man to wed her, stabs the justice of the peace, then heads for a mansion inhabited by oddballs. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Sat. 3:45 A.M. (CC)

• Honey, I Blew Up the Kid  '92. Rick Moranis. The wacky inventor who shrunk the kids makes his 2-year-old boy the size of a Las Vegas casino. (PG) (1:30) SHO: Sat. 9:30 A.M. (CC)

• The Honeymoon Killers  '69. Shirley Stoler. After meeting through a lonely hearts club, Martha Beck and Ray Fernandez swindle and murder rich, lonely women. (R) (2:00) TCM: Sat. 1:45 A.M.

• The Honeymooners  '05. Cedric the Entertainer. New York bus driver Ralph Kramden and pal Ed Norton test their wives' patience with moneymaking schemes that end in failure. (PG-13) (2:15) TBS: Sat. 11:45 A.M. (CC)

• Hot Shots!  '91. Charlie Sheen. A top-gun pilot keeps up with his rival and re-creates Hollywood love scenes with his girlfriend. (PG-13) (1:30) HBO: Wed. 7:30 A.M. (CC)

• House of Frankenstein  '45. Boris Karloff. A mad doctor and his hunchbacked helper revive Dracula, the Wolf Man and the Frankenstein monster. (NR) (1:30) AMC: Sat. 10:30 A.M. (CC)

• House of Usher  '60. Vincent Price. Mad aristocrat Roderick Usher thinks his sister is dead and buries her alive. (NR) (1:30) TCM: Sun. 1:30 P.M. (CC)

• How to Deal  '03. Mandy Moore. A disillusioned teenager thinks true love does not exist, until she meets the perfect guy. (PG-13) (2:30) WE: Sat. 3 P.M.

• Huckleberry Finn  '74. Jeff East. A boy and a runaway slave become involved in a series of adventures while fleeing down the Mississippi River on a raft. (G) (2:00) TCM: Mon. 4 A.M. (CC)

• The Hunchback of Notre Dame  '23. Lon Chaney. Silent. Grotesque bell-ringer Quasimodo rescues Gypsy Esmeralda from a mob in medieval Paris. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Sun. midnight.

• The Hunchback of Notre Dame  '39. Charles Laughton. Deformed bell ringer Quasimodo falls hopelessly in love with a beautiful Gypsy. Based on Victor Hugo's novel. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Wed. 8 P.M. (CC)

• The Hunted  '95. Christopher Lambert. A New York businessman witnesses the murder of a mystery woman by a ninja assassin in Japan. (R) (2:00) MAX: Sun. noon (CC)


• I Am Legend  '07. Will Smith. After a man-made plague transforms Earth's population into bloodthirsty vampires, a lone survivor desperately searches for a cure. (PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Tue. 2:15 P.M., 10 P.M. (CC)

• I Know Who Killed Me  '07. Lindsay Lohan. After an ordeal with a sadistic kidnapper, a young woman claims to be someone else, leading some to wonder if she is ill, lying or telling a bizarre truth. (R) (1:50) ENC: Sun. 10:40 A.M. (CC)

• I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry  '07. Adam Sandler. When bureaucratic red tape prevents him from naming his children as life insurance beneficiaries, a firefighter asks his buddy to pose as his domestic partner. (PG-13) (2:00) HBO: Fri. noon, 8 P.M. (CC)

• I Think I Love My Wife  '07. Chris Rock. Attraction to a free-spirited woman causes a man to question the happiness he feels with his wife and family. (R) (1:35) MAX: Mon. 4 P.M. (CC)

• I Tried '07. Layzie Bone. Members of the hip-hop group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony go their separate ways. (NR) (2:00) BET: Wed. 8 P.M. (CC)

• I Walked With a Zombie  '43. James Ellison. A nurse takes a planter's listless wife to a West Indies voodoo ritual. (NR) (1:15) TCM: Wed. 3 A.M.

• Idiocracy  '06. Luke Wilson. Selected for a human hibernation project, an average soldier awakens 500 years in the future, where society is so dumbed-down that he is the smartest person alive. (R) (1:30) MAX: Tue. 5:45 P.M. (CC)

• I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer '06. David Paetkau. A mysterious killer stalks a group of friends who kept an accidental death a secret. (R) (1:35) TMC: Tue. 10 P.M. (CC)

• Illegal Tender  '07. Rick Gonzalez. When an enemy from the past finally finds them, a woman and her son join forces to protect their family and avenge a murder. (R) (1:50) HBO: Thu. 3:15 A.M. (CC)

• I'm Gonna Git You Sucka  '88. Keenen Ivory Wayans. A veteran, his idol and other ghetto good guys battle a white mobster called Mr. Big. (R) (1:30) ENC: Sat. 12:50 A.M. (CC)

• The In-Laws  '03. Michael Douglas. Days before his son's wedding, a globe-trotting CIA agent entangles his future in-law in a series of adventures. (PG-13) (2:00) AMC: Sun. 3 P.M. (CC)

• In the Valley of Elah  '07. Tommy Lee Jones. A sympathetic police detective helps a retired Army sergeant uncover the fate of his son, who went missing shortly after returning from Iraq. (R) (2:00) MAX: Sun. 8 P.M., Mon. 10:30 A.M., 10 P.M., Wed. 10 P.M. (CC)

• Independence Day  '96. Will Smith. A fighter pilot, a computer whiz and others fight back after 15-mile-wide alien ships zap Earth's major cities. (PG-13) (2:30) STZ: Tue. noon, 10:40 P.M. (CC)

• Interview  '07. Sienna Miller. A disdainful reporter gets a surprise when he spends an unusual evening with an actress who may not be as stupid and spoiled as she seems. (R) (1:30) STZ: Mon. 10:50 A.M. (CC)

• The Invisible  '07. Justin Chatwin. After a violent attack, a young man is trapped between the realm of the living and that of the dead, and he must unravel what happened to him or be lost forever. (PG-13) (1:50) ENC: Fri. 8:10 A.M., 6:10 P.M., 3 A.M. (CC)

• Invisible Stripes  '39. George Raft. An ex-convict joins bank robbers to finance his younger brother's honest business. (NR) (1:30) TCM: Tue. 12:45 A.M.

• Isle of the Dead  '45. Boris Karloff. A Greek general in the 1912 Balkans finds his wife's grave robbed and fights a plague. (NR) (1:15) TCM: Wed. 4:15 A.M.

• It Runs in the Family  '94. Charles Grodin. A son of eccentric parents grows into young adulthood during the course of a summer. (PG) (1:30) TMC: Sun. 9:30 A.M. (CC)

• It Waits '05. Cerina Vincent. Terror strikes a young woman and her boyfriend when archaeology students unwittingly unleash a demon from a cave. (NR) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sun. 11 P.M.


• Jack the Ripper  '59. Lee Patterson. An American detective helps a Scotland Yard inspector hunt a surgical killer in Victorian London. (NR) (1:45) AMC: Sat. 5 A.M. (CC)

• Jackass: Number Two  '06. Johnny Knoxville. Daredevils go for the gross-out when they subject an unsuspecting public to more outrageous stunts and practical jokes. (R) (1:35) TMC: Mon. 1 A.M., Thu. 10 P.M. (CC)

• Jaws 2  '78. Roy Scheider. Amity's citizens and police chief dread another tourist season with a huge white shark near the beach. (PG) (2:00) MAX: Wed. 4 P.M. (CC)

• Jeepers Creepers 2  '03. Ray Wise. A winged creature terrorizes basketball players, coaches and cheerleaders who have become stranded on a highway. (R) (2:02) USA: Sun. 12:02 P.M. (CC)

• The Jennie Project '01. Alex D. Linz. An 11-year-old boy develops a close friendship with a chimpanzee from Africa who is learning sign language. (1:30) DIS: Sat. 3 A.M. (CC)

• Jerry Maguire  '96. Tom Cruise. A Los Angeles sports agent finds love with a pretty accountant after an attack of conscience costs him his job and fiancee. (R) (2:20) STZ: Mon. 8:30 A.M., 5:45 P.M., Thu. 1:10 A.M., Fri. 3:45 P.M. (CC)

• John Q  '02. Denzel Washington. A desperate man takes hostages at a hospital in order to force doctors to save his dying son. (PG-13) (2:30) TBS: Mon. 2:30 A.M., Tue. 10 A.M. (CC)

• Jurassic Park  '93. Sam Neill. An entrepreneur invites scientists, a mathematics theorist and others to his jungle theme-park featuring dinosaurs regenerated from DNA. (PG-13) (2:55) USA: Sun. 4:05 P.M., Mon. 11:05 A.M. (CC)


• Kaw '07. Sean Patrick Flanery. A sheriff and surviving townspeople barricade themselves in a diner after aggressive ravens launch a deadly attack. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Mon. 5 P.M.

• Kickin' It Old Skool  '07. Jamie Kennedy. After slipping into a coma, a breakdancer awakes 20 years later and sets out to revive his dance team's short-lived career. (PG-13) (1:55) STZ: Sun. 10:20 A.M., 7:05 P.M., 3:20 A.M. (CC)

• Kindergarten Cop  '90. Arnold Schwarzenegger. An undercover officer teaches a rowdy class of peewees, to identify one whose mother must be found. (PG-13) (2:00) ENC: Wed. 7:45 A.M., 8 P.M. (CC)

• King Cobra  '99. Pat Morita. A doctor becomes a 30-foot hybrid of a man, a cobra and a rattler after his biochemical lab explodes. (PG-13) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sun. 1 A.M.

• King Kong  '76. Jeff Bridges. An oil explorer, a zoologist and a shipwrecked blonde capture a huge ape leading to a battle atop the World Trade Center. (PG) (3:00) AMC: Thu. 1:30 A.M., Fri. 7:30 A.M. (CC)

• Kingpin  '96. Woody Harrelson. A one-handed salesman, an Amish farm boy and a pretty con artist pull bowling scams to get to a $1 million tournament in Reno. (PG-13) (2:15) TNT: Wed. 3:45 A.M. (CC)

• A Kiss Before Dying  '91. Matt Dillon. A social climber kills a tycoon's daughter, then marries her twin and goes to work for her father. (R) (1:40) MAX: Fri. 4:05 P.M. (CC)

• Kiss Me Deadly  '55. Ralph Meeker. Mickey Spillane's private eye Mike Hammer follows bad guys and blondes to a smoking box. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Sat. 10 A.M.

• Kitty Foyle  '40. Ginger Rogers. A Philadelphia working girl faces tragedy and a choice of suitors. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Wed. 6 A.M. (CC)

• Knocked Up  '07. Seth Rogen. A rising journalist and an irresponsible slacker ponder their future after a boozy one-night stand results in a pregnancy. (R) (2:15) HBO: Sat. 3 A.M. (CC)

• Kongo  '32. Walter Huston. The dictator of an African tribal colony descends into madness as he plots revenge against the man who crippled him. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Mon. 6 A.M. (CC)

• Kotch  '71. Walter Matthau. A grouchy old widower takes care of a pregnant teenager. (GP) (2:00) TCM: Fri. 4 P.M. (CC)


• The Lady Vanishes  '38. Margaret Lockwood. A young Englishwoman tries to prove that an elderly governess was actually on a train. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Thu. 3 A.M. (CC)

• Lara Croft: Tomb Raider  '01. Angelina Jolie. A beautiful globe-trotter battles otherworldly creatures for possession of a powerful artifact. (PG-13) (2:00) TNT: Sun. 11:30 A.M., midnight (CC)

• Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life  '03. Angelina Jolie. A globe-trotter must find Pandora's box before a maniacal scientist can harness its power for world domination. (PG-13) (2:30) TNT: Sun. 1:30 P.M., 2 A.M. (CC)

• Larceny, Inc.  '42. Edward G. Robinson. An ex-convict's niece runs a shop over the tunnel he and his partners are digging to a bank vault. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Tue. 2:15 A.M. (CC)

• Larva '05. Vincent Ventresca. A meat-packing company's experimental additive yields mutated insect larva that may infest the nation's food supply. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Mon. 3 P.M.

• The Last Castle  '01. Robert Redford. A court-martialed general leads a revolt against a corrupt warden in a military prison. (R) (2:30) TNT: Thu. 12:30 A.M. (CC)

• The Last Kiss  '06. Zach Braff. Four friends cope with the consequences of their choices in life as they approach the age of 30. (R) (1:55) HBO: Fri. 4:35 A.M. (CC)

• The Last of the Mohicans  '92. Daniel Day-Lewis. Colonial guide Hawkeye, with his Indian friends, Chingachgook and Uncas, rescue British sisters from the Huron to take them to their father, the commander of Fort William Henry. (R) (1:55) ENC: Thu. 4:15 P.M. (CC)

• The Last Shot  '04. Matthew Broderick. To help capture mobster John Gotti, an FBI agent poses as a movie producer and tricks a screenwriter into making a sham film. (R) (2:00) COMEDY: Mon. 8 A.M. (CC)

• Leprechaun  '92. Warwick Davis. An Irish fairy escapes from a crate and goes on a gory quest for his 100 stolen gold coins. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Wed. 5 P.M.

• Leprechaun 2  '94. Warwick Davis. A malevolent leprechaun seeks to fulfill a 1,000-year-old curse by enslaving an alluring Californian. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Wed. 3 P.M.

• Leprechaun 3  '95. Warwick Davis. The diminutive demon meets his match when a college student becomes contaminated with leprechaun blood. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Wed. 1 P.M.

• Leprechaun 4 in Space  '96. Warwick Davis. An evil leprechaun holds an alien princess hostage so he can marry her and rule the universe. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Wed. 11 A.M.

• License to Wed  '07. Robin Williams. A newly engaged couple find out if they are truly compatible when a clergyman puts them through a rigorous marriage-prep class. (PG-13) (1:30) MAX: Thu. noon, 10 P.M. (CC)

• The Limey  '99. Terence Stamp. An ex-con investigates his daughter's death, which leads him to an older man with whom she had an affair. (R) (1:30) TMC: Sun. 8 A.M. (CC)

• Little Man  '06. Shawn Wayans. A very small fugitive from the law poses as a toddler to gain access to the stolen gem he stashed in a woman's purse. (PG-13) (1:40) ENC: Sat. 1:20 P.M., 8 P.M., 4:30 A.M. (CC)

• A Little Trip to Heaven  '05. Forest Whitaker. Three car crashes affect the lives of an insurance investigator, a group of bus passengers, and two couples. (R) (1:30) SHO: Fri. 10:30 A.M. (CC)

• Live Free or Die  '06. Aaron Stanford. Hoping to pass himself off as a dangerous outlaw, a small-time crook takes credit for the death of a local New Hampshire bully. (R) (1:30) TMC: Wed. 4 A.M., Sat. 1:35 P.M. (CC)

• Living Proof '08. Harry Connick Jr. Dr. Dennis Slamon develops an effective drug to combat breast cancer. (NR) (2:00) LIFE: Sun. 8 P.M., Mon. 9 P.M. (CC)

• Locusts: The 8th Plague '05. Dan Cortese. Scientists and investigators must destroy a swarm of flesh-eating locusts before the bugs become too numerous. (NR) (2:00) SCI-FI: Mon. 11 A.M.

• A Long Way Home '01. Meredith Baxter. Family members struggle to heal their emotional wounds after an incident of sexual abuse. (NR) (2:00) LIFE: Wed. 2 P.M. (CC)

• Look Who's Talking  '89. John Travolta. An unwed accountant gives birth to Mikey, a hip baby who provides sarcastic commentary on events. (PG-13) (2:00) WE: Thu. 8 P.M., 10 P.M.

• Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World  '05. Albert Brooks. The U.S. government sends comic Albert Brooks to India and Pakistan, from New Delhi to a secret mountain location, on a mission to discover what makes the 300 million Muslim residents of those regions laugh. (PG-13) (1:40) MAX: Fri. 11 A.M. (CC)

• The Lookout  '07. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A brain-damaged former athlete finds himself pulled into a heist at the bank where he works as a janitor. (R) (1:45) STZ: Thu. 5:20 P.M., Fri. 2 P.M. (CC)

• Loser  '00. Jason Biggs. A lonely college student falls for a classmate who has eyes for her much older English professor. (PG-13) (1:35) MAX: Sat. 7 A.M. (CC)

• Lost & Found  '99. David Spade. To spend time with an attractive neighbor, a man kidnaps her dog, which proceeds to swallow a valuable ring. (PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Tue. 4 P.M. (CC)

• Lost Voyage  '01. Judd Nelson. Seven people board a ship that returns 25 years after disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sat. 11 P.M.

• Love With the Proper Stranger  '63. Natalie Wood. Pregnancy surprises a working girl and a trumpet player from Italian families in New York. (2:00) TCM: Fri. 8 A.M. (CC)


• Mad Money  '08. Diane Keaton. Three women conspire to steal a pile of cash that the Federal Reserve Bank has earmarked for destruction. (PG-13) (1:50) STZ: Sat. 9 P.M. (CC)

• Made Men  '99. James Belushi. A man must evade assassins, lawmen and his own wife after testifying against a Chicago mobster. (R) (1:30) MAX: Fri. 3:50 A.M. (CC)

• The Magnificent Ambersons  '42. Joseph Cotten. Orson Welles' tale of an eccentric Indiana family clinging to tradition during a time of rapid change. (NR) (1:30) TCM: Wed. 11:30 A.M.

• Major Payne  '95. Damon Wayans. A Marine with little understanding of civilians commands a group of young ROTC cadets and falls for a school doctor. (PG-13) (1:40) ENC: Sat. 9:40 P.M. (CC)

• Man About Town  '06. Ben Affleck. A Hollywood agent struggles with his career and his wife, and encounters a woman seeking revenge against his workplace. (R) (1:45) TMC: Tue. 1:15 A.M., Fri. 6:15 P.M. (CC)

• The Man in the Moon  '91. Sam Waterston. A couple's two daughters catch the eye of their new teenage neighbor in 1957 Louisiana. (PG-13) (2:00) WE: Thu. midnight, Fri. 12:30 P.M.

• Man of the Year  '06. Robin Williams. Tom Dobbs, the satirical host of a political talk show, runs for U.S. president and unexpectedly wins. (PG-13) (2:00) HBO: Fri. 6 P.M. (CC)

• The Man Who Wasn't There  '01. Billy Bob Thornton. A plan for fast cash backfires after a laconic barber blackmails his wife's lover. (R) (2:00) SHO: Tue. 6 P.M., Sat. 2:15 P.M. (CC)

• Mansquito '05. Corin Nemec. While trying to find a cure for the West Nile virus, a scientist turns herself and her subject into mutant insects. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Mon. 1 P.M.

• Marie Antoinette  '06. Kirsten Dunst. An Austrian teenager becomes queen of France, then later loses her head during the French Revolution. (PG-13) (2:05) ENC: Mon. 9:30 A.M. (CC)

• Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat  '02. Martin Lawrence. The comic gives his take on critics, sex and his 1999 brush with death in this filmed concert performance. (R) (2:30) COMEDY: Fri. 1 A.M. (CC)

• The Matchmaker  '97. Janeane Garofalo. A senator's aide contends with a matchmaker and an amorous bartender while on business in Ireland. (R) (1:40) TMC: Sun. 4:25 P.M. (CC)

• Material Girls  '06. Hilary Duff. Two sibling cosmetics heiresses must grow up quickly when a company scandal leaves them penniless. (PG) (1:40) TMC: Mon. 6 A.M., 2:30 P.M. (CC)

• Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lenders  '06. Filmmaker James D. Scurlock examines the outrageous practices that consumer-lending and credit-card companies use to rack up huge profits while bleeding customers dry. (NR) (1:30) TMC: Fri. 9:20 A.M. (CC)

• Me, Myself & Irene  '00. Jim Carrey. Nice-guy Charlie and aggressive Hank, the two personalities of a Rhode Island state trooper, fight over the same woman. (R) (2:30) FX: Tue. 10 A.M.

• Men in Black  '97. Tommy Lee Jones. A veteran agent and a rookie protect mankind from dangerous extraterrestrials roaming the Earth. (PG-13) (2:00) TOON: Sun. 7 P.M.

• Men in Black II  '02. Tommy Lee Jones. Two interstellar agents try to stop an alien disguised as a lingerie model from destroying the world. (PG-13) (1:45) TBS: Sun. 6:15 P.M. (CC)

• Men With Brooms  '02. Paul Gross. Four friends put past grievances behind them in order to participate in the sport of curling. (R) (2:00) WGN: Sun. 3 P.M. (CC)

• Mercenary for Justice '06. Steven Seagal. A soldier of fortune seeks revenge after staging a daring jailbreak and being double-crossed. (R) (2:00) USA: Tue. noon, 2 A.M. (CC)

• The Messengers  '07. Kristen Stewart. A teen and her younger brother desperately try to warn their disbelieving family about ominous apparitions that only the children see. (PG-13) (1:35) ENC: Wed. 12:05 A.M., Thu. 7:10 A.M. (CC)

• Mimic 3: Sentinel  '03. Karl Geary. While taking photographs through his window, an invalid witnesses an attack by a giant, carnivorous cockroach. (R) (1:20) TMC: Mon. 11:40 P.M. (CC)

• Miner's Massacre  '03. John Phillip Law. Friends awaken a ghostly killer when they plunder gold from an abandoned mine. (R) (1:30) TMC: Fri. 1 A.M. (CC)

• Minority Report  '02. Tom Cruise. A policeman tries to establish his innocence in a future where law enforcement can arrest killers before their crimes. (PG-13) (3:00) TNT: Fri. 3 A.M. (CC)

• Minotaur '05. Tom Hardy. Theseus rallies would-be victims of a monster to fight back. (NR) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sun. 11 A.M.

• Minutemen '08. Jason Dolley. Three high-school outcasts face unexpected problems when they use a time machine to change the past. (NR) (1:40) DIS: Sun. noon (CC)

• Miracle Dogs Too '06. Charles Durning. After moving to a new town, a 10-year-old boy finds two dogs that have the power to heal. (NR) (1:25) SHO: Wed. 8:35 A.M., Sat. 6:35 A.M.

• Miracle on 34th Street  '94. Richard Attenborough. A retail-war lawyer goes to court to prove a department-store Santa Claus is for real. (PG) (2:00) MAX: Wed. 7 A.M. (CC)

• Mission: Impossible 2  '00. Tom Cruise. IMF agent Ethan Hunt and his team try to stop a former agent from unleashing a deadly, engineered virus. (PG-13) (2:30) TNT: Fri. 12:30 A.M. (CC)

• Mission: Impossible III  '06. Tom Cruise. Now a trainer for IMF recruits, agent Ethan Hunt squares off against the toughest foe he has ever faced: a ruthless arms and information broker. (PG-13) (2:05) TMC: Fri. 12:40 P.M. (CC)

• Mission to Mars  '00. Gary Sinise. In 2020 after the crew of a spaceflight to Mars disappears, a second team goes to investigate and makes an incredible discovery. (PG) (2:00) STZ: Sat. 7 A.M. (CC)

• Mr. and Mrs. Smith  '41. Carole Lombard. Bickering New Yorkers learn from a lawyer that, technically, they're not married. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Wed. 8 A.M. (CC)

• Mr. Jealousy  '97. Eric Stoltz. A jealous man tries to learn more about his new girlfriend's former lover by joining his therapy group. (R) (1:45) SHO: Thu. 9:15 A.M. (CC)

• Mr. 3000  '04. Bernie Mac. Arrogant and out of shape, a baseball star comes out of retirement after learning he is three hits shy of 3,000. (PG-13) (2:00) FX: Fri. 8 P.M., Sat. 1 P.M.

• Monster Ark '08. An archaeologist and team try to uncover the secret behind remnants of a ship in a remote desert. (NR) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sun. 7 P.M.

• Monster Man  '03. Eric Jungmann. A maniac in a huge truck wants to turn two travelers into road kill. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Thu. 2:30 P.M., 3 A.M.

• Motel Hell  '80. Rory Calhoun. Farmer Vincent and his portly sister, Ida, put lost motorists in their popular smoked meats. (R) (2:15) AMC: Fri. 4 A.M. (CC)

• Motives 2: Retribution '07. Brian J. White. A man cuts through lies and deceit to investigate the murder of his imprisoned brother. (R) (2:00) BET: Mon. 8 P.M., midnight (CC)

• Moving McAllister '07. Ben Gourley. A law intern unwisely agrees to haul his boss's belongings and escort the man's spoiled niece from Miami to Los Angeles. (PG-13) (1:30) SHO: Fri. 1 P.M. (CC)

• Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium  '07. Natalie Portman. An ominous change creeps over the world's most incredible toy store after its eccentric owner bequeaths the business to his mousy manager. (G) (1:45) HBO: Wed. 11 A.M., 7:15 P.M. (CC)

• Mrs. Doubtfire  '93. Robin Williams. Estranged from his wife, an out-of-work actor masquerades as a nanny to be with his children. (PG-13) (2:10) MAX: Mon. 8:20 A.M. (CC)

• The Mummy  '99. Brendan Fraser. A young man opens a tomb unleashing a mummy seeking revenge for a curse laid upon him 3,000 years earlier. (PG-13) (2:10) STZ: Tue. 8:05 A.M., 6:50 P.M. (CC)

• Murder by Numbers  '02. Sandra Bullock. Two young men engage in a battle of wits with a homicide detective who is investigating grisly strangulations. (R) (2:30) AMC: Sun. 12:30 P.M. (CC)

• Murphy's Romance  '85. Sally Field. A divorced mother moves to an Arizona ranch and meets a widowed pharmacist twice her age. (PG-13) (2:30) WE: Fri. 2:30 P.M.

• My Cousin Vinny  '92. Joe Pesci. A wise-guy Brooklyn lawyer and his motormouth girlfriend go to Alabama to defend his innocent cousin for murder. (R) (2:30) A&E: Sat. 8 P.M., midnight (CC)

• My Name Is Julia Ross  '45. Nina Foch. An English dowager's new secretary is drugged by her son and told she's his wife. (NR) (1:15) TCM: Thu. 8:30 A.M.

• The Mysterious Doctor  '43. John Loder. Villagers in a British mining town are terrorized by the murderous activities of a headless ghost. (NR) (1:00) TCM: Mon. 11:30 A.M.

• Mystery of the Wax Museum  '33. Lionel Atwill. A woman falls into the clutches of a fire-scarred maniac who wants to add her beauty to his museum of death. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Sun. 3:45 A.M. (CC)

• Mystic Pizza  '88. Julia Roberts. Three teenage girls come of age one summer working in a pizza parlor in Mystic, Conn. (R) (1:45) ENC: Tue. 6:15 P.M. (CC)

• Mystic River  '03. Sean Penn. A detective investigates the brutal beating and murder of the daughter of a childhood friend, then questions a second friend. (R) (3:00) AMC: Mon. 11 P.M., Tue. 5 P.M. (CC)


• Nacho Libre  '06. Jack Black. To raise money for an orphanage, a Mexican cook named Ignacio moonlights as a professional wrestler. (PG) (1:35) TMC: Tue. 9:30 A.M., 5 A.M. (CC)

• The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!  '88. Leslie Nielsen. A blundering Los Angeles detective and his boss foil a plan to assassinate Queen Elizabeth. (PG-13) (1:25) MAX: Thu. 8:05 A.M. (CC)

• Napoleon Dynamite  '04. Jon Heder. A gawky teenager from an odd family helps his new friend run for class president against a popular student. (PG) (2:00) COMEDY: Sun. 3 P.M. (CC)

• Natural Born Killers  '94. Woody Harrelson. Two young lovers embark on a blood-drenched killing spree that quickly propels them to celebrity status. (R) (2:00) MAX: Thu. 2:35 A.M. (CC)

• Necessary Roughness  '91. Scott Bakula. An over-30 ex-quarterback gets to play as a freshman on a wild-card team at a Texas college. (PG-13) (2:00) COMEDY: Tue. 4:30 P.M., Wed. 8 A.M. (CC)

• Needful Things  '93. Max von Sydow. Maine townsfolk play deadly pranks for a sinister shopkeeper who alarms the sheriff. (NR) (2:30) SCI-FI: Thu. 11 P.M.

• The Neon Bible  '95. Gena Rowlands. A teen recalls his aging, chorus-girl aunt coming to live with his impoverished family in 1940s Georgia. (NR) (1:35) TMC: Wed. 7:55 A.M. (CC)

• The Net  '95. Sandra Bullock. Software allowing Internet access to classified government files makes a computer nerd the target of a British hacker's criminal organization. (PG-13) (2:00) MAX: Mon. 2 P.M., Sat. 4 P.M. (CC)

• Never Been Kissed  '99. Drew Barrymore. A former high-school nerd, now a reporter, gets a second chance when she goes under cover for a story on cool teens. (PG-13) (1:45) HBO: Tue. 10 A.M. (CC)

• New Jack City  '91. Wesley Snipes. Undercover officers and their boss target the king of a high-tech New York crack syndicate, the CMB. (R) (2:00) BET: Thu. midnight (CC)

• Next  '07. Nicolas Cage. A government agent must capture a clairvoyant and convince him to help her stop terrorists from detonating a nuclear weapon in Los Angeles. (PG-13) (1:40) ENC: Sun. 8:20 P.M.

• Next  '07. Nicolas Cage. A government agent must capture a clairvoyant and convince him to help her stop terrorists from detonating a nuclear weapon in Los Angeles. (PG-13) (1:40) STZ: Wed. 8:25 A.M., midnight, Sat. 12:50 P.M., 10:50 P.M. (CC)

• Night at the Museum  '06. Ben Stiller. A night watchman at a museum of natural history discovers that exhibits come alive after the building closes. (PG) (2:00) HBO: Sun. 10 A.M., 7 P.M., Fri. 2 P.M. (CC)

• Night of the Living Dead  '68. Duane Jones. People hide in a house from carnivorous walking corpses revived by radiation fallout. (NR) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sat. 9 A.M.

• A Nightmare on Elm Street  '84. John Saxon. Freddy Krueger, a badly burned boogeyman with razors on his glove, haunts and kills teens in their dreams. (R) (2:00) AMC: Sat. 3 A.M.

• No More Orchids  '32. Carole Lombard. In love with a poor man, a woman must marry a prince to help her father financially. (NR) (1:15) TCM: Mon. 11:45 P.M.

• No Ordinary Baby '01. Bridget Fonda. A reporter discovers a woman's fetus has been cloned from another human being by a fertility specialist. (2:00) LIFE: Sun. 2 P.M. (CC)

• None but the Lonely Heart  '44. Cary Grant. A cockney ne'er-do-well's dying mother guides him in World War II London. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Wed. 2:30 P.M.

• Norbit  '07. Eddie Murphy. Though married to a terrible shrew, a man tries to figure out a way to be with his childhood sweetheart, who has just moved back into town. (PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Sun. 8:30 A.M., 10 P.M., Fri. 5:45 P.M. (CC)

• Now You See It... '05. Alyson Michalka. While producing a reality TV show, a teenager meets a magician whose powers are real but put him in danger. (1:40) DIS: Thu. noon (CC)


• Ocean's Eleven  '01. George Clooney. A parolee organizes a gang to steal $150 million from three Las Vegas casinos in a single heist. (PG-13) (2:30) TNT: Fri. 8 P.M., Sat. 5:30 P.M. (CC)

• Ocean's Thirteen  '07. George Clooney. Danny Ocean and his gang plot revenge against a casino owner who wronged one of their own. (PG-13) (2:10) MAX: Mon. 5:35 P.M. (CC)

• The October Man  '47. John Mills. After learning of the murder of a beautiful young model, a mentally shaky chemist wonders if he's the killer. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Thu. 1:30 P.M.

• October Sky  '99. Jake Gyllenhaal. Not wanting to be a miner, a young West Virginian builds rockets with his friends and later becomes a NASA scientist. (PG) (2:00) WGN: Sun. 1 P.M. (CC)

• Office Space  '99. Ron Livingston. A computer programmer's hypnosis-induced, lackadaisical attitude about work puts him on the corporate fast-track. (R) (1:30) MAX: Sat. 2:30 P.M. (CC)

• Old School  '03. Luke Wilson. Three friends try to recapture the fun of their college years by starting their own off-campus fraternity. (R) (2:00) TNT: Wed. 8 P.M., 10 P.M. (CC)

• The Omen  '76. Gregory Peck. A U.S. diplomat and his wife adopt the infant Damien in Rome, then find out he's the Antichrist. (R) (2:30) SPIKE: Thu. 1:30 A.M.

• Omen III: The Final Conflict  '81. Sam Neill. Now ambassador to England, Antichrist Damien leads a global manhunt for his age-old enemy. (R) (2:30) SPIKE: Sat. 1:30 A.M.

• On Thin Ice  '03. Diane Keaton. A single mother who once worked for drug dealers goes under cover for the FBI to smash the ring. (2:00) LIFE: Sun. noon (CC)

• Only You  '94. Marisa Tomei. A Pittsburgh teacher leaves her fiance for Italy in pursuit of a man with the name of her soul mate. (PG) (2:30) WE: Thu. 2 A.M.

• Out of Time  '03. Denzel Washington. Considered a suspect in a deadly arson, a police chief must cover his tracks while trying to prove his innocence. (PG-13) (2:00) TBS: Mon. 12:30 A.M. (CC)

• Overboard  '87. Goldie Hawn. A yachtsman's wife falls overboard, forgets who she is and becomes an Oregon carpenter's mate. (PG) (2:00) A&E: Sat. 6 P.M. (CC)

• Overnight Delivery  '96. Reese Witherspoon. A college student must prevent an impending disaster when he erroneously sends a poison-pen letter to his girlfriend. (PG-13) (2:00) COMEDY: Wed. 4:30 P.M., Thu. 8 A.M. (CC)


• Paper Soldiers '02. Kevin Hart. A rookie thief receives on-the-job training from a crew of bungling burglars. (R) (2:00) BET: Fri. midnight (CC)

• Park  '06. William Baldwin. The lives of a suicidal woman, pet groomers, an attorney, nudists and others intersect one afternoon in Los Angeles. (NR) (1:30) SHO: Tue. 11:15 A.M. (CC)

• Passenger 57  '92. Wesley Snipes. An airline-security expert tries to bring down a skyjacker who, with his gang, has seized a jet. (R) (1:30) TNT: Sun. 6 A.M., 4:30 A.M. (CC)

• The Patriot  '00. Mel Gibson. A pacifist farmer of South Carolina reluctantly joins the Revolutionary War and fights alongside his son. (R) (2:50) MAX: Sun. 5:10 P.M. (CC)

• Patriot Games  '92. Harrison Ford. An IRA terrorist vows revenge against the ex-CIA agent who killed his brother and thwarted their attack on royalty. (R) (2:30) AMC: Mon. 3 P.M., Tue. 9 A.M. (CC)

• Payback  '99. Mel Gibson. A man seeks revenge on his wife and crime partner, who shot him and left him for dead. (R) (2:00) TNT: Sun. 7:30 A.M. (CC)

• Pearl Harbor  '01. Ben Affleck. Best friends join the war effort after the Japanese attack U.S. troops stationed on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. (PG-13) (3:00) AMC: Tue. 8 P.M., Wed. 5 P.M. (CC)

• Peeping Tom  '60. Carl Boehm. A cameraman films fear on the faces of models he stabs with his tripod. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Sat. 10 P.M.

• Penny Dreadful '06. Rachel Miner. A mysterious hitchhiker terrorizes a therapist and her patient on a remote mountain road. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Thu. 12:30 P.M. (CC)

• The Perfect Score  '04. Erika Christensen. High-school students conspire to steal the answers to their upcoming SATs. (PG-13) (2:00) TBS: Thu. 10 A.M., 12:40 A.M. (CC)

• The Perfect Storm  '00. George Clooney. At sea in October 1991, the crewmen of the Andrea Gail encounter a storm with hurricane-strength winds and 100-foot waves. (PG-13) (2:15) MAX: Mon. 7:45 P.M., Sat. 12:15 P.M. (CC)

• Perfect Stranger  '07. Halle Berry. A reporter crosses paths with a powerful executive when she goes under cover in cyberspace and the workplace to investigate a friend's unsolved murder. (R) (1:50) STZ: Sun. 9 P.M. (CC)

• The Perfect Witness '07. Wes Bentley. A documentarian resorts to blackmail when he inadvertently films a murder. (R) (1:40) TMC: Mon. 10 P.M. (CC)

• Pet Sematary  '89. Dale Midkiff. A family's life in small-town Maine is shattered by the evil unleashed from an ancient American Indian burial ground. (R) (2:00) AMC: Sat. 1 A.M. (CC)

• Peyton Place  '57. Lana Turner. The secret life of a small New England community is revealed in this adaptation of Grace Metalious' novel. (NR) (3:00) TCM: Sun. 3 P.M. (CC)

• Phantom Force '04. Richard Grieco. A squad of soldiers must protect the human race from the supernatural. (2:00) SCI-FI: Sat. 3 A.M.

• Phantom of the Megaplex '00. Taylor Handley. A theater employee wonders if a legendary spirit is up to its old tricks after a series of strange occurrences. (1:40) DIS: Tue. noon (CC)

• Philadelphia  '93. Tom Hanks. Fired by his firm, a lawyer with AIDS fights back in court with help from his lawyer. (PG-13) (3:00) AMC: Sun. 7 P.M., Mon. noon.

• The Picture of Dorian Gray  '45. George Sanders. Corrupted by a lord, Oscar Wilde's London aristocrat stays young, but his portrait begins to age. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Sat. 6 A.M. (CC)

• Pillow Talk  '59. Rock Hudson. An interior decorator and a playboy songwriter share a telephone party line and size each other up. (NR) (2:30) AMC: Sun. 2 A.M.

• The Pink Panther  '06. Steve Martin. A bumbling French inspector investigates the murder of a famous soccer coach and the theft of his priceless pink diamond. (PG) (2:00) TBS: Fri. 9 P.M., 11 P.M. (CC)

• Pitch Black  '00. Radha Mitchell. After crash landing on a distant planet, survivors must fight deadly creatures that come out only at night. (R) (2:01) USA: Sun. 2:04 P.M., 2 A.M. (CC)

• Platoon  '86. Tom Berenger. Two sergeants and a private join others lost in war along the 1967 Cambodian border. (R) (2:10) ENC: Sat. 2:20 A.M. (CC)

• Plaza Suite  '71. Walter Matthau. Based on the play by Neil Simon. A trio of romantic comedies set in the honeymoon suite of New York City's Plaza Hotel. (PG-13) (2:00) TCM: Fri. 6 P.M. (CC)

• The Pleasure Seekers  '64. Ann-Margret. A singer/dancer shares a Madrid apartment with two other American women looking for love. (NR) (2:00) AMC: Sun. 4:30 A.M. (CC)

• Pony Soldier  '52. Tyrone Power. A Royal Canadian Mountie risks his life to prevent a tribe of rebellious Crees from going on the warpath. (NR) (1:25) MAX: Thu. 6:40 A.M. (CC)

• Poor Boy's Game  '07. Rossif Sutherland. While preparing for a boxing match, an ex-convict receives support from the man whose son he beat up. (R) (1:45) SHO: Tue. 1:30 A.M. (CC)

• Poseidon  '06. Josh Lucas. Survivors aboard a capsized ocean liner band together in a fight for their lives, seeking safety by way of an upside-down maze. (PG-13) (2:00) TNT: Sun. 4 P.M. (CC)

• Pride  '07. Terrence Howard. In the 1970s an aficionado and a janitor renovate an abandoned pool and establish a swim team in one of Philadelphia's roughest neighborhoods. (PG) (2:00) SHO: Mon. 5:30 P.M., 3:45 A.M. (CC)

• Primeval  '07. Dominic Purcell. An African warlord further complicates a news team's mission to capture a giant crocodile said to have killed hundreds of villagers. (R) (1:40) STZ: Sat. 2:30 A.M. (CC)

• Prince Charming  '01. Martin Short. A prince must convince a Broadway diva to marry him in order to break a curse placed on him and his squire. (2:00) TBS: Fri. 5:55 A.M.

• The Prisoner of Zenda  '52. Stewart Granger. Court followers foil a royal plot by having a look-alike English tourist pose as the king of Ruritania. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Sun. 10 A.M. (CC)

• The Producers  '05. Nathan Lane. A Broadway producer and his accountant scheme to overfinance a surefire flop and abscond with the money. (PG-13) (2:15) HBO: Tue. 1:30 P.M. (CC)

• The Professional  '94. Jean Reno. An Italian hit man in New York risks his life to protect an orphan girl who captures his heart. (R) (2:00) ENC: Wed. 2 P.M. (CC)

• Psycho  '60. Anthony Perkins. A woman on the run stops at a 12-cabin motel with showers, run by mother-fixated Norman Bates. (R) (2:00) TCM: Sat. 8 P.M. (CC)

• The Public Enemy  '31. James Cagney. A feisty punk hits women, shoots men and runs beer during Prohibition. (NR) (1:30) TCM: Tue. 9:45 P.M.

• Puccini for Beginners  '06. Elizabeth Reaser. An opera-loving writer gets caught up in a bisexual love triangle with a professor and the woman he dumped to be with her. (NR) (1:25) TMC: Tue. 12:50 P.M. (CC)

• Pulse  '06. Kristen Bell. Some friends think a new Web site is just a hoax with a clever marketing campaign until everyone who logs on dies. (PG-13) (1:30) ENC: Sun. midnight (CC)

• Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes '06. Lance Henriksen. Grieving townspeople summon a vengeful demon to wreak havoc against a man who wronged their loved ones. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sat. 11 A.M.

• Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud '07. Lance Henriksen. A young man summons a vengeful demon to slay the family of the girl he loves. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sat. 1 P.M.

• The Punisher  '04. Thomas Jane. An FBI agent becomes a gun-toting vigilante after a crooked businessman orders hit men to murder his family. (R) (3:00) FX: Wed. 7 P.M., Thu. 5 P.M.


• The Racketeer  '29. Robert Armstrong. A rich bootlegger becomes enamored of a young woman whose own heart lies with a troubled violinist. (NR) (1:15) TCM: Mon. 1 A.M.

• Radio  '03. Cuba Gooding Jr. A high-school football coach becomes a mentor to a mentally impaired young man in 1970s South Carolina. (PG) (3:00) FX: Sat. 3 P.M.

• Raising Cain  '92. John Lithgow. A scientist with multiple personalities sets out to complete his late father's experiments in child development. (R) (1:35) MAX: Fri. 12:40 P.M. (CC)

• Rat Race  '01. Rowan Atkinson. A hotel owner devises a contest where six Las Vegas gamblers frantically search for a bag containing $2 million. (PG-13) (2:00) TBS: Sat. 2 P.M., 11:55 P.M. (CC)

• The Rat Race  '60. Tony Curtis. A saxophonist tries to share an apartment platonically with a dancer in New York. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Sat. noon.

• Ready to Rumble  '00. David Arquette. Two die-hard fans vow to help wrestler Jimmy the King make a comeback after a loss destroys what was left of his career. (PG-13) (2:00) HBO: Wed. 3 P.M. (CC)

• Recount  '08. Kevin Spacey. Florida becomes a political battleground in 2000 when Ron Klain and Al Gore's campaign advisers push for a recount of the state's ballots. (2:00) HBO: Mon. 9:30 A.M., Thu. 1:30 P.M. (CC)

• The Red Shoes  '48. Moira Shearer. A ballerina loves a ballet composer but dances for an obsessive impresario. (NR) (2:30) TCM: Thu. 12:30 A.M. (CC)

• Redrum '07. Jill Marie Jones. Bored with their lives, a man and his wife commit murders to spice things up. (R) (1:45) SHO: Wed. 2 P.M. (CC)

• Reign Over Me  '07. Adam Sandler. A man still grieving the loss of his family on Sept. 11 reunites with his college roommate, who tries to help him heal. (R) (2:05) STZ: Wed. 5:15 P.M., 3:15 A.M. (CC)

• Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins  '85. Fred Ward. A secret agent shuts down a defense contractor with his Korean martial-arts mentor and a major. (PG-13) (2:10) ENC: Fri. 6 A.M. (CC)

• Resident Evil: Extinction  '07. Milla Jovovich. Genetically altered by Umbrella Corp., Alice and her cohorts try to eradicate an undead virus before it infects everyone on Earth. (R) (1:35) STZ: Wed. 12:25 P.M., 1:40 A.M. (CC)

• Rest Stop '06. Jaimie Alexander. A psychotic killer terrorizes a young couple taking a cross-country road trip. (NR) (2:00) SCI-FI: Thu. 4:30 P.M.

• Resurrecting the Champ  '07. Samuel L. Jackson. A troubled reporter sees a chance to save his foundering career with a story about a former boxer who is homeless in Denver. (PG-13) (2:00) STZ: Tue. 3 A.M., Wed. 2 P.M. (CC)

• The Return  '06. Sarah Michelle Gellar. A young woman tries to solve the mystery behind her increasingly terrifying visions of a stranger's brutal murder. (PG-13) (1:30) MAX: Tue. 11 A.M. (CC)

• The Return of Doctor X  '39. Humphrey Bogart. An eccentric blood specialist's experiments with the dead result in the revivification of an executed scientist. (NR) (1:15) TCM: Mon. 10:15 A.M. (CC)

• The Ring  '02. Naomi Watts. A journalist investigates a bizarre videotape whose images hold deadly consequences for its viewers. (PG-13) (2:00) TNT: Sun. 8 P.M., 10 P.M., Sat. 3:30 P.M. (CC)

• The Ringer  '05. Johnny Knoxville. Special Olympians train a man, who is pretending to be mentally impaired, to go toe-to-toe with the hated champion of the games. (PG-13) (2:00) TBS: Sun. 12:50 P.M., TNT: Wed. midnight (CC)

• Rio Grande  '50. John Wayne. A cavalry colonel's Southern wife and estranged son, a soldier, join him at a fort out West. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Tue. noon (CC)

• Rising Son: The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi '06. A top skateboarder in the 1980s, Christian Hosoi lands in prison for five years on a drug charge. (NR) (1:45) SHO: Sun. 5:15 P.M., Thu. 5 P.M.

• Rising Sun  '93. Sean Connery. Los Angeles police detectives tie a skyscraper homicide to Washington politics and corporate Japan. (R) (2:10) HBO: Tue. 1 A.M. (CC)

• Road  '05. Catherine Kellner. A woman takes her ex-lover on a road trip to document toxic waste dumps in Canada. (NR) (1:35) TMC: Thu. 11:30 A.M. (CC)

• Road House  '89. Patrick Swayze. Hired to tame a rowdy Missouri bar, a Ph.D. bouncer romances a doctor and tames the whole town. (R) (2:30) AMC: Wed. 8 P.M., 1 A.M., Thu. 5:30 P.M. (CC)

• Roberta  '35. Irene Dunne. An American football player finds romance with a Russian aristocrat in Paris. Music by Jerome Kern. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Sun. 8 P.M. (CC)

• RoboCop 2  '90. Peter Weller. The cyborg policeman and his female partner oppose the mayor and a drug magnate in Old Detroit. (R) (2:00) ENC: Fri. 1 A.M. (CC)

• The Rock  '96. Sean Connery. A one-time escaped convict leads Navy SEALs onto Alcatraz to thwart a renegade colonel's rebels who threaten the area with warheads. (R) (2:20) STZ: Sun. 4:45 P.M. (CC)

• Roman '06. Nectar Rose. Obsession takes a darker turn when a lonely recluse meets the woman of his dreams. (NR) (1:40) SHO: Mon. 12:45 P.M. (CC)

• Romeo Must Die  '00. Jet Li. While seeking vengeance for his brother's murder, a former Hong Kong policeman falls for his foe's daughter. (R) (1:55) MAX: Tue. 12:15 A.M. (CC)

• Rottweiler  '04. William Miller. A vicious cybernetic dog devours everything in its path as it relentlessly hunts down an escaped fugitive. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Fri. 8 A.M.

• Rounders  '98. Matt Damon. The release of his debt-ridden pal from jail spurs a law student to resume high-stakes gambling. (R) (2:05) ENC: Wed. 10 P.M. (CC)

• Runaway Jury  '03. John Cusack. A juror, a lawyer and a mysterious woman stand in the way of a man trying to manipulate an explosive trial. (PG-13) (2:30) TBS: Tue. 2:30 A.M. (CC)

• Rush Hour  '98. Jackie Chan. Mismatched police partners seek a kidnapped girl. (PG-13) (2:00) FX: Thu. 8 P.M., midnight.

• Rush Hour 3  '07. Jackie Chan. The assassination of a Chinese ambassador reunites Lee and Carter, who tangle with Triad gangsters in France. (PG-13) (1:30) MAX: Fri. 2:20 A.M. (CC)


• Saboteur  '42. Robert Cummings. An innocent man on the run hunts wartime spies, and the pursuit takes them to the Statue of Liberty. (PG) (2:00) TCM: Tue. 6 P.M. (CC)

• Sand  '00. Michael Vartan. Fugitive relatives threaten to destroy a man's newfound happiness in a small California town. (NR) (1:30) TMC: Sun. 11:50 P.M., Thu. 3:10 A.M. (CC)

• The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause  '06. Tim Allen. Scott Calvin, aka Santa, contends with visiting in-laws and a scheme by mischievous Jack Frost to freeze him out of Christmas. (G) (1:40) ENC: Sun. 4:50 P.M. (CC)

• Sasquatch Mountain '06. Lance Henriksen. Police and a group of thieves work together to escape from a legendary monster. (NR) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sun. 3 P.M.

• Saturday Night Fever  '77. John Travolta. A Brooklyn paint-store clerk dons a white suit and becomes king of the dance floor at his local disco. (PG) (2:30) VH1: Sat. 11:30 P.M.

• Savannah Smiles  '82. Mark Miller. Two clumsy convicts escape, then find a millionaire's runaway daughter hiding in their car. (PG) (2:00) TCM: Sat. 8 A.M.

• Saving Silverman  '01. Jason Biggs. Two dimwits concoct a scheme to prevent their friend from marrying a coldhearted and conniving woman. (PG-13) (1:45) TBS: Sat. 10:10 P.M.

• Saw  '04. Cary Elwes. A serial murderer will slaughter a captive doctor's wife and daughter unless the man kills a fellow prisoner. (NR) (2:30) SCI-FI: Thu. 6:30 P.M.

• Saw II  '05. Donnie Wahlberg. A detective races against time to save his son from a sadistic madman holding a group of people captive. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Thu. 9 P.M. (CC)

• Saw III  '06. Tobin Bell. A kidnapped doctor must keep dying Jigsaw alive while a fellow victim completes his own maniacal test. (R) (1:50) SHO: Thu. 8:10 P.M. (CC)

• A Scanner Darkly  '06. Voices of Keanu Reeves. Animated. In Orange County, Calif., a drug-addicted cop who works under cover receives orders to spy on his housemates to nab an elusive dealer. (R) (1:45) MAX: Tue. 9:15 A.M. (CC)

• Scarface  '83. Al Pacino. A Cuban immigrant from Castro's jails cuts a violent path of destruction on his way to the top of Miami's drug trade. (R) (2:55) ENC: Thu. 1:15 A.M. (CC)

• Scary Movie  '00. Shawn Wayans. Keenen Ivory Wayans directed this sendup of slasher films in which a vengeful killer stalks a group of nubile teens. (R) (2:00) COMEDY: Sat. 7 P.M., 1:30 A.M. (CC)

• Scary Movie 2  '01. Shawn Wayans. Psychology students and their professor spend the weekend in a haunted house in this sendup of horror films. (R) (1:40) TBS: Sun. 2:50 P.M., 3:45 A.M. (CC)

• Scary Movie 3  '03. Anna Faris. An anchorwoman investigates rumors about UFOs and a videotape that leads to deaths. (PG-13) (1:45) TBS: Sun. 4:30 P.M., 2 A.M. (CC)

• Scary Movie 4  '06. Anna Faris. Dim-witted Cindy Campbell and her sex-crazed friend, Brenda, team up with cute-but-clueless Tom Ryan to save the world from a hostile alien invasion. (PG-13) (2:00) COMEDY: Sat. 9 P.M. (CC)

• School for Scoundrels  '06. Billy Bob Thornton. A downtrodden meter-reader enrolls in a confidence-building class in the hope of winning the gal of his dreams, then he discovers that his professor loves the same woman. (PG-13) (1:55) TMC: Sun. 6:05 P.M., Wed. 9:30 A.M., 4:15 P.M. (CC)

• School for Seduction  '04. Kelly Brook. An Italian beauty spices up the sex lives of a hotel manager, two sisters, a business owner, and a drag artist. (R) (1:45) TMC: Wed. 2:30 P.M. (CC)

• The School of Rock  '03. Jack Black. Fired from his group and desperate for money, a guitarist poses as a teacher for students who play in a school band. (PG-13) (2:10) TBS: Sat. 8 P.M. (CC)

• Scooby-Doo  '02. Freddie Prinze Jr. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby investigate claims that a theme park is haunted. (PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sat. 7 P.M. (CC)

• Scooby Doo! Pirates Ahoy! '06. Animated. Scooby-Doo and the gang have a scary adventure while taking a creepy voyage into the Bermuda Triangle. (NR) (1:30) TOON: Sun. 1:30 P.M.

• Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed  '04. Freddie Prinze Jr. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby investigate a group of ghouls terrorizing people. (PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sat. 9 P.M. (CC)

• Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase  '01. Voices of Joe Alaskey. Animated. Transported into a video game, the gang must survive different levels of difficulty to solve a mystery. (NR) (1:30) TOON: Sun. 9 A.M.

• Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness Monster '04. Animated. While on vacation in Scotland, Scooby-Doo and the gang are on the trail of the Loch Ness monster. (G) (1:30) TOON: Fri. 10 A.M.

• Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf '88. Hamilton Camp. Animated. Dracula transforms Shaggy into a canine horror when the werewolf drops out of the annual Transylvania car race. (2:00) TOON: Wed. 10 A.M.

• Screwed  '00. Norm Macdonald. An overworked, underpaid chauffeur kidnaps his boss's dog and holds it for a $5,000,000 ransom. (PG-13) (1:58) USA: Thu. 2:02 A.M. (CC)

• Secondhand Lions  '03. Michael Caine. In the 1960s, an urban teen stays with his rural great-uncles and listens to their fantastic tales. (PG) (2:00) TBS: Wed. 12:30 A.M., 2:30 A.M. (CC)

• The Secret of Roan Inish  '94. Mick Lally. An Irish girl convinces her grandparents to look into the mysterious fate of her infant brother. (PG) (1:50) TMC: Mon. 7:40 A.M. (CC)

• The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising  '07. Ian McShane. A boy learns he is the last of a group of immortal warriors who have defended the Earth from evil forces throughout history. (PG) (1:45) HBO: Tue. 5:30 P.M., Fri. 8:15 A.M. (CC)

• Seems Like Old Times  '80. Chevy Chase. A writer mixed up in a bank robbery seeks help from his ex-wife, who's now wed to the district attorney. (PG) (2:00) TCM: Sat. 4 P.M. (CC)

• The Sender  '97. Michael Madsen. A celestial goddess comes to the aid of a U.S. military man whose daughter has been kidnapped. (R) (1:40) MAX: Sun. 1:10 A.M. (CC)

• 7 Seconds '05. Wesley Snipes. Gangsters kidnap a thief after her partner mistakenly steals a highly valuable painting. (R) (2:00) USA: Wed. 2 A.M. (CC)

• The Seventh Victim  '43. Tom Conway. Producer Val Lewton's atmospheric account of a missing woman and devil worshippers in 1940s Greenwich Village. (NR) (1:15) TCM: Mon. 9 A.M.

• Sex & Lies in Sin City: The Ted Binion Scandal '08. Mena Suvari. Sandy Murphy and Rick Tabish stand trial in the murder of Las Vegas casino mogul Ted Binion. (NR) (2:00) LIFE: Sat. 9 P.M. (CC)

• Sex Games Cancun '06. A compilation features episodes from the erotic series. (1:25) MAX: Thu. 1:10 A.M. (CC)

• Sex Games Cancun 2 '06. A compilation of episodes from the erotic series. (1:25) MAX: Sun. 11:45 P.M. (CC)

• Shanghai Knights  '03. Jackie Chan. With help from his sister and a friend, a martial-arts master travels to London to find his father's murderer. (PG-13) (2:15) TBS: Sun. 8:25 A.M. (CC)

• Shanghai Noon  '00. Jackie Chan. A Chinese Imperial Guardsman teams up with a robber to rescue a princess, taken to the Old West by the guard's former captain. (PG-13) (1:55) ENC: Wed. 6:05 P.M., Thu. 8:45 A.M. (CC)

• Shaun of the Dead  '04. Simon Pegg. An aimless TV salesman and his best pal must save their friends and family from the zombies that have overrun London. (R) (2:00) COMEDY: Sat. 5 P.M. (CC)

• She's Too Young  '04. Marcia Gay Harden. A woman learns that her 14-year-old daughter and a group of friends engage in sexual activity. (2:00) LIFE: Sun. 4 P.M. (CC)

• Shoot 'Em Up  '07. Clive Owen. A mysterious gunman and a hooker must protect a newborn from a determined assassin and others like him. (R) (1:30) HBO: Tue. 8:30 P.M., 4:30 A.M. (CC)

• Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th  '00. Tom Arnold. A reporter's investigation into the spring-break massacre leads to further mayhem. (R) (1:30) TMC: Thu. 8:30 P.M.

• Sightings: Heartland Ghost  '02. Beau Bridges. A television producer, his crew and a renowned psychic uncover a mystery in a supposedly haunted house. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sat. 1 A.M.

• Silence Becomes You '05. Alicia Silverstone. Reclusive sisters bring a drifter home to their mansion. (R) (1:30) TMC: Tue. 6:30 P.M. (CC)

• Silverado  '85. Kevin Kline. Old West drifters Jake, Emmett, Mal and Paden shoot it out with a crooked sheriff and clan. (PG-13) (3:00) AMC: Mon. 8 P.M., 2 A.M., Tue. 2 P.M. (CC)

• The Simpsons Movie  '07. Voices of Dan Castellaneta. Animated. The combination of Homer, his new pet pig, and a leaky silo full of excrement triggers a disaster that threatens not just Springfield but the world. (PG-13) (1:30) MAX: Sat. 10 P.M., 4 A.M. (CC)

• Sin City  '05. Jessica Alba. Lawmen, prostitutes, a hulking thug and other sordid characters run amok in a crime-ridden metropolis. (R) (2:30) SPIKE: Mon. midnight.

• Sister Act  '92. Whoopi Goldberg. A Reno lounge singer on the run plays nun and shows a San Francisco convent's chorus how to rock. (PG) (1:40) ENC: Sat. 6:30 A.M. (CC)

• Six Days, Seven Nights  '98. Harrison Ford. An emergency landing strands a New York magazine editor and a South Pacific cargo pilot on an unknown Tahitian island. (PG-13) (2:00) WGN: Fri. 8 P.M., Sat. 2 P.M. (CC)

• Slayer '06. Casper Van Dien. A soldier must hunt down his best friend after a vampire bites the man and turns him into one of the undead. (NR) (2:00) SCI-FI: Tue. 8:30 A.M.

• Sleeping With the Enemy  '91. Julia Roberts. The battered wife of a yuppie neat-freak fakes her death at sea and flees from Cape Cod to Iowa. (R) (2:00) AMC: Sun. 5 P.M., Wed. noon.

• Smiley Face '07. Anna Faris. A perpetually stoned actress has a series of comic misadventures all over Los Angeles after she eats her roommate's marijuana-laced cupcakes. (R) (1:30) TMC: Sun. 3:10 A.M. (CC)

• Snakehead Terror  '04. Bruce Boxleitner. A small-town Maryland sheriff tries to kill mutated fish that can survive out of water. (2:00) SCI-FI: Tue. 11 P.M.

• Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror  '06. Snoop Dogg. A tagger discovers gangsters don't always die hard, an heir to a Texas oil fortune can't afford to stay alive, and a huge rap star finds a few skeletons in his dressing room... and they are kicking his door down. (R) (1:25) TMC: Wed. 9:35 P.M. (CC)

• Something to Talk About  '95. Julia Roberts. A Southern woman causes trouble for many after learning of her husband's infidelity. (R) (2:30) CMT: Tue. 9 P.M., Wed. 1 P.M.

• Sometimes They Come Back... Again  '96. Alexis Arquette. A man is forced to confront a nightmare from his past when vengeful spirits seek to possess his teenage daughter. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Thu. 8:30 A.M.

• Sometimes They Come Back... for More  '98. Faith Ford. Two military officers investigate the mysterious deaths of personnel at a remote outpost. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Thu. 10:30 A.M.

• Son of Frankenstein  '39. Basil Rathbone. The baron's son revives his father's monster with help from a broken-necked shepherd called Ygor. (NR) (2:15) AMC: Sat. 8:15 A.M. (CC)

• South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut  '99. Voices of Trey Parker. Animated. Kyle, Stan and Cartman orchestrate a resistance to an imminent war between Canada and the United States. (R) (1:30) SHO: Tue. midnight (CC)

• Species  '95. Ben Kingsley. A scientist leads the hunt for a genetically engineered creature who morphs into a human blonde and tries to reproduce in Los Angeles. (R) (2:00) AMC: Tue. 2 A.M. (CC)

• Speed  '94. Keanu Reeves. A SWAT team ace must keep the speed of a Santa Monica bus above 50 mph, or a madman's bomb will explode. (R) (2:00) MAX: Sat. 8 P.M. (CC)

• Spookley the Square Pumpkin '04. Animated. An odd-shaped pumpkin learns to appreciate diversity. (G) (1:25) DIS: Mon. 10:30 A.M. (CC)

• Stand by Me  '86. Wil Wheaton. A boy and his three buddies set out in the summer of 1959 on a hike to find a dead body. (R) (2:00) AMC: Fri. 4 P.M. (CC)

• Standing in the Shadows of Motown  '02. Richard "Pistol" Allen. Paul Justman documents the Funk Brothers, musicians who played with the Supremes, the Temptations, Gladys Knight and others. (PG) (1:50) SHO: Tue. 4:45 A.M. (CC)

• Star!  '68. Julie Andrews. English actress Gertrude Lawrence reviews her musical career as a London and Broadway stage star. (G) (2:55) MAX: Sun. 5:25 A.M. (CC)

• Star Wars IV: A New Hope  '77. Mark Hamill. Robots and other allies help a youth and a space jockey rescue a rebel princess and battle dark forces bent on intergalactic rule. (PG) (3:00) SPIKE: Sun. 9 P.M., Mon. 6 P.M.

• Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back  '80. Mark Hamill. Yoda teaches Luke Skywalker to be a Jedi knight, and Han Solo woos Princess Leia, as Darth Vader returns to threaten the rebel forces trying to save the galaxy. (PG) (3:00) SPIKE: Mon. 9 P.M., Tue. 3 P.M.

• Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi  '83. Mark Hamill. Luke Skywalker, now an experienced Jedi knight, tries to discover Darth Vader's identity. (PG) (3:00) SPIKE: Tue. 6 P.M.

• Stargate  '94. Kurt Russell. A portal takes an Egyptologist, a colonel and a team of soldiers to another planet with pyramids, slaves and an alien ruler. (PG-13) (2:10) ENC: Thu. 12:20 P.M. (CC)

• Starsky & Hutch  '04. Ben Stiller. Thrown together as partners, two detectives investigate a cocaine dealer suspected of murder. (PG-13) (2:00) AMC: Thu. 8 P.M., Fri. 6 P.M. (CC)

• Starter for 10  '06. James McAvoy. A working-class student navigates his way through a fancy university, finding romance and academic challenge along the way. (PG-13) (1:45) HBO: Tue. 6:30 A.M. (CC)

• Stay Alive  '06. Frankie Muniz. An online game becomes terrifyingly real when its young players begin to die along with their onscreen characters. (PG-13) (1:30) USA: Wed. 10 A.M. (CC)

• Staying Alive  '83. John Travolta. The dancing hero of "Saturday Night Fever" is six years older, beyond disco and ready for Broadway. (PG) (2:00) VH1: Sat. 2 A.M.

• Stepsister From Planet Weird '00. Courtnee Draper. A teenager learns that her mother's fiance and his incredibly strange daughter are from another planet. (1:40) DIS: Mon. noon (CC)

• Stick It  '06. Jeff Bridges. A final brush with the law sends a teenage gymnast to a legendary coach's elite academy, where her rebellious attitude makes her both friends and enemies. (PG-13) (2:00) USA: Fri. 2 A.M., Sat. noon (CC)

• Straight Into Darkness '03. Scott MacDonald. During World War II fugitive American soldiers join forces with a band of children in a battle against a German squad. (R) (1:35) TMC: Fri. 2:30 A.M. (CC)

• Strait-Jacket  '64. Joan Crawford. Robert Bloch scripted this tale of a paroled ax murderer who comes under suspicion during a rash of new killings. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Sat. midnight.

• Stranded  '01. Vincent Gallo. Astronauts make difficult decisions after their spaceship crashes on Mars. (NR) (1:40) TMC: Wed. 12:50 P.M., 2:15 A.M. (CC)

• Strategic Air Command  '55. James Stewart. The Air Force recalls a baseball player who has a pregnant wife to fly long-range bombers. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Tue. 2 P.M. (CC)

• The Stratton Story  '49. James Stewart. Inspired by his wife and son, Chicago White Soxer Monty Stratton pitches with an artificial leg. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Fri. midnight (CC)

• Stuck on You  '03. Matt Damon. Conjoined twins go to Hollywood and land a role on a television show starring Cher. (PG-13) (2:30) COMEDY: Sun. 9:30 A.M. (CC)

• Sunset  '88. Bruce Willis. Movie cowboy Tom Mix joins forces with legendary lawman Wyatt Earp to nab a brothel owner's killer in 1929 Hollywood. (R) (1:50) ENC: Wed. 9:45 A.M. (CC)

• Superbad  '07. Jonah Hill. Separation anxiety poses a problem for two co-dependent high-school seniors who hope to score booze and babes at a party. (R) (2:00) ENC: Sun. 2:50 P.M. (CC)

• Superman Returns  '06. Brandon Routh. While Lex Luthor plots against him, the Man of Steel tries to reconnect with Lois Lane and find his place in a world that learned to survive in his absence. (PG-13) (2:45) MAX: Tue. 7:15 P.M. (CC)

• Surf's Up  '07. Voices of Shia LaBeouf. Animated. Followed by a documentary film crew, a teenage penguin heads to Pen Gu Island for his first professional surfing competition. (PG) (1:30) ENC: Sun. 9:10 A.M., STZ: Sat. 9 A.M., 4:10 A.M. (CC)

• Suspicion  '41. Cary Grant. Alfred Hitchcock directed this thriller about a woman who suspects that her husband is plotting to murder her. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Wed. 9:45 A.M. (CC)

• Swordfish  '01. John Travolta. A spy working for the CIA forces a computer hacker, who was recently released from prison, to help steal unused government funds. (R) (2:00) TNT: Fri. 10:30 P.M., Sat. 11 A.M. (CC)


• Teen Witch  '89. Robyn Lively. A girl with a crush on the captain of the football team turns into a witch on her 16th birthday. (PG-13) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sat. 1 P.M. (CC)

• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  '90. Judith Hoag. The four superturtles team up with a TV newswoman and her boyfriend against the ninja Foot Clan. (PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sun. 4 P.M., 10 P.M. (CC)

• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze  '91. Paige Turco. The four superturtles and their newswoman friend meet Tokka and Rahzar, Shredder's new mutant monsters. (PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sun. 6 P.M. (CC)

• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III  '92. Elias Koteas. The superturtles and a newswoman friend find their way into a 17th-century fight between samurai dynasties. (PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sun. 8 P.M. (CC)

• 10.5: Apocalypse  '06. Kim Delaney. The president and a top scientist work together to save North America from potentially devastating earthquakes. (3:30) USA: Thu. 10:30 A.M. (CC)

• 10th and Wolf  '06. James Marsden. An ex-Marine faces a dilemma after he returns to South Philadelphia and discovers his brother and cousin are entangled in the mob. (R) (1:50) TMC: Sun. 1:20 A.M., Thu. 1:20 A.M. (CC)

• The Terminator  '84. Arnold Schwarzenegger. A cyborg from the future arrives in 20th-century Los Angeles to kill the woman who will give birth to mankind's post-apocalyptic savior. (R) (2:00) A&E: Sun. noon (CC)

• That Thing You Do!  '96. Tom Everett Scott. A small-time rock band rides a big wave of success with the help of a savvy record-executive and a catchy single. (PG) (1:50) ENC: Thu. 9:40 P.M. (CC)

• They Came to Blow Up America  '43. George Sanders. A German-born FBI agent goes under cover as a Nazi spy to expose enemy agents on American soil. (NR) (1:30) AMC: Mon. 5 A.M.

• The Thing About My Folks  '05. Peter Falk. A man takes his father on a road trip while his sisters try to find their mother, who wrote a goodbye note and left. (PG-13) (1:40) MAX: Wed. 5 A.M. (CC)

• The 13th Warrior  '99. Antonio Banderas. A kidnapped emissary is enlisted in a battle with unknown foes that are slaughtering Vikings and devouring their flesh. (R) (2:00) FX: Mon. 10 A.M., Fri. 10 A.M.

• 30 Days of Night  '07. Josh Hartnett. A lawman and an ever-shrinking band of survivors must fend off hungry vampires who have come to feed during an Alaskan town's annual month of darkness. (R) (1:55) STZ: Tue. 4:35 P.M., 1:05 A.M. (CC)

• A Thousand Clowns  '65. Jason Robards. A woman convinces an unemployed writer to get his job back and marry her so he won't lose custody of his nephew. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Fri. 10 A.M. (CC)

• Three Blind Mice  '03. Edward Furlong. A computer specialist teams with a detective and a hacker after witnessing a woman's murder on a webcam. (R) (1:35) SHO: Fri. 2 A.M.

• Three Fugitives  '89. Nick Nolte. A clumsy bank robber with a little girl to support takes a gruff ex-convict bank robber hostage. (PG-13) (2:00) CMT: Sun. 2 P.M.

• The Thrill of It All  '63. Doris Day. A doctor's wife disrupts their life with her new job as star of a soap tycoon's TV commercials. (NR) (2:30) AMC: Sun. 7:30 A.M.

• Ticker  '01. Tom Sizemore. A renegade cop teams with an explosives expert in order to stop a mad bomber in Los Angeles. (R) (1:45) SHO: Tue. 9:30 A.M. (CC)

• Tiger Cruise  '04. Hayden Panettiere. Terrorists strike on Sept. 11, 2001, while a teenager is visiting her father aboard the USS Constellation. (1:40) DIS: Fri. 3 A.M. (CC)

• 'Til There Was You  '97. Jeanne Tripplehorn. Circumstances keep fated lovers unaware of each other's presence but always on the brink of meeting. (PG-13) (1:55) MAX: Thu. 4:35 A.M. (CC)

• Tim Burton's Corpse Bride  '05. Voices of Johnny Depp. Animated. In 19th-century Europe, a gifted pianist mistakenly weds a dead woman who takes him to the underworld. (PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sat. 5 P.M. (CC)

• To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday  '96. Peter Gallagher. A young widower alienates his teen daughter by refusing to let his wife go. (PG-13) (1:35) STZ: Thu. 5:10 A.M. (CC)

• Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers '06. Kathy Najimy. Animated. A cat and a mouse must outsmart a band of pirates to find buried treasure. (NR) (1:30) TOON: Mon. 10 A.M.

• Tom Sawyer  '73. Johnnie Whitaker. Mark Twain's boy hero enters a cave with Huck and Becky to save Muff Potter, a witness to a murder. (G) (1:45) TCM: Mon. 2:15 A.M. (CC)

• Tomcats  '01. Jerry O'Connell. A cartoonist in debt plots to have his friend marry a statuesque cop in order to win a huge bet. (R) (1:35) ENC: Wed. 1:40 A.M. (CC)

• Topper  '37. Cary Grant. The ghosts of socialites George and Marion decide to help their friend, banker Cosmo Topper. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Mon. 4:30 P.M. (CC)

• Topper Returns  '41. Roland Young. A girl's ghost wants Cosmo Topper to find the hooded man who stabbed her but meant to stab her friend. (NR) (1:30) TCM: Mon. 6:30 P.M.

• Touch and Go  '86. Michael Keaton. A pro hockey player falls for the single mother of a boy who set him up for a mugging. (R) (1:55) TMC: Fri. 4:05 A.M.

• Touch of Evil  '58. Charlton Heston. A U.S. sheriff frames a man for a border-town murder and kidnaps a Mexican's wife. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Thu. 10:45 P.M. (CC)

• Transformers  '07. Shia LaBeouf. Humanity's fate rests in the hands of a youth when two races of warring robots make Earth their final battleground. (PG-13) (2:30) MAX: Wed. 6 P.M., 12:35 A.M. (CC)

• The Tripper  '06. Jaime King. A serial killer with a Ronald Reagan obsession has an ax to grind with a group of friends who arrive to attend a weekend concert in the forest. (R) (1:45) SHO: Thu. 1:30 A.M. (CC)

• Trippin'  '99. Deon Richmond. Realizing he daydreamed through high school and is facing a doldrum life, a teen applies to college and seeks Miss Right. (R) (2:00) BET: Mon. noon (CC)

• The Tuxedo  '02. Jackie Chan. A chauffeur embarks on a covert mission after a tuxedo from a secret agent gives him extraordinary abilities. (PG-13) (2:00) TBS: Sun. 6:25 A.M., midnight (CC)

• The TV Set  '06. David Duchovny. A network picks up Mike Klein's pilot for a TV series, and now he must navigate through one incompetent executive after another, hoping the concept of the show still bears some resemblance to his original idea. (R) (1:30) SHO: Wed. 12:30 A.M., STZ: Thu. 1:40 P.M. (CC)

• Twelve and Holding  '05. Conor Donovan. After bullies cause the death of an adolescent, the lives of his identical twin and his friends become further complicated as they try to deal with their grief. (R) (1:35) SHO: Mon. 2:25 P.M. (CC)

• 28 Weeks Later  '07. Robert Carlyle. As the U.S. Army tries to restore order, a carrier of rage virus enters London and reinfects the populace. (R) (1:45) HBO: Wed. 1 A.M. (CC)

• 200 Motels  '71. Frank Zappa. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention are beset by groupies while stranded in small-town America. (R) (2:15) TCM: Fri. 3:45 A.M.

• 2001: A Space Odyssey  '68. Keir Dullea. Supercomputer HAL 9000 guides astronauts on a trip to find the origins of humans. (G) (2:45) TCM: Thu. 8 P.M. (CC)

• Two Weeks  '06. Sally Field. Home movies provide insight into family relationships as four adults gather at the North Carolina residence of their dying mother. (R) (1:40) TMC: Sun. 12:40 P.M., Fri. 4:35 P.M. (CC)


• U-571  '00. Matthew McConaughey. American soldiers sneak aboard a disabled German sub to steal an encryption device they hope will help the Allies win the war. (PG-13) (2:00) ENC: Mon. 6 P.M. (CC)

• Unbreakable  '00. Bruce Willis. The sole survivor of a horrific train crash, questioning his existence, finds counsel in a mysterious stranger. (PG-13) (1:50) ENC: Fri. 2:30 P.M. (CC)

• Uncle P '07. Master P. A hip-hop superstar has his hands full while watching his sister's three children in the suburbs. (PG) (2:00) BET: Fri. noon (CC)

• Uncorked  '98. Rufus Sewell. Members of an enclave of expatriate Britons seek love and financial success in California. (PG) (1:40) TMC: Sun. 11 A.M., Thu. 1:05 P.M. (CC)

• Under Siege 2: Dark Territory  '95. Steven Seagal. A CIA operative aboard a train tries to stop a mad genius who threatens to use a weapon from space if the government does not meet his $1 billion ransom. (R) (1:40) ENC: Thu. 10:40 A.M., 8 P.M., 4:10 A.M. (CC)

• Under the Yum Yum Tree  '63. Jack Lemmon. A lusty landlord eyes a coed who is trying to live platonically with her boyfriend. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Fri. 2 P.M. (CC)

• Under Wraps  '97. Adam Wylie. While three children come to the aid of a 3,000-year-old mummy on Halloween, a criminal has plans of his own. (1:45) DIS: Wed. noon (CC)

• Unearthed  '07. Emmanuelle Vaugier. A remote desert town comes under attack after an archaeologist digs up an ancient creature. (NR) (2:00) SCI-FI: Sun. 9 P.M.

• Unleashed  '05. Jet Li. Enslaved by a loan shark, a violent fighter escapes and meets a blind man who teaches him humanity. (R) (2:00) TNT: Sun. 9:30 A.M. (CC)

• Unstoppable  '04. Wesley Snipes. Injected with a mind-controlling drug, a former soldier goes on the run to find the antidote. (R) (1:55) USA: Mon. 2:05 A.M., Tue. 10 A.M. (CC)

• Up Close & Personal  '96. Robert Redford. Romance and stardom result for a pretty young reporter when her boss takes her under his wing. (PG-13) (2:15) SHO: Fri. 6:30 A.M., 3:55 P.M.

• Urban Legend  '98. Jared Leto. A lunatic embarks upon a campus murder spree as collegians ponder mythical killers and their crimes. (R) (2:00) FX: Mon. 10:30 P.M.


• V for Vendetta  '06. Natalie Portman. After world war leads to a fascist government, a vigilante known as V uses terrorist tactics to fight the totalitarian state in which he now lives. (R) (3:00) FX: Tue. 7 P.M., Wed. 4 P.M., Sat. 6 P.M.

• Vacancy  '07. Luke Wilson. While stranded at a remote motel, a couple discover hidden cameras in their room and learn they are to be the stars of a snuff film. (R) (1:30) ENC: Tue. 2:20 P.M., 12:05 A.M. (CC)

• A Very Serious Person  '06. Charles Busch. A 13-year-old bonds with his grandmother's male nurse, a gay man who urges the boy to hide his homosexuality. (NR) (1:45) SHO: Tue. 12:45 P.M. (CC)

• Village of the Damned  '60. George Sanders. A group of unusual children uses unearthly powers to control the adults around them. (NR) (1:30) TCM: Sun. noon (CC)

• Virtue  '32. Carole Lombard. Accusations of murder complicate the life of an ex-prostitute whose marriage to a kind cabbie has helped change her life. (NR) (1:15) TCM: Mon. 10:30 P.M.


• Waiting to Exhale  '95. Whitney Houston. Relationships preoccupy Phoenix friends: divorcee Bernadine, careerist Savannah, popular Robin, and Gloria, whose ex-husband is gay. (R) (2:05) ENC: Fri. 10 A.M. (CC)

• Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story  '07. John C. Reilly. Following a childhood tragedy, Dewey Cox rises to music stardom, falls victim to drug abuse, and finds the love of a good woman. (R) (1:40) STZ: Mon. 2 A.M., Tue. 9 P.M., Thu. 3:30 A.M., Fri. 11 P.M. (CC)

• A Walk in the Sun  '46. Dana Andrews. American troops suffer heavy casualties as they try to take an Italian farmhouse from Axis forces. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Tue. 4 P.M.

• Walk the Line  '05. Joaquin Phoenix. Johnny Cash forms an enduring bond with June Carter and struggles with drug addiction on the way to music stardom. (PG-13) (3:30) FX: Sun. 5 P.M.

• Watchers II  '90. Marc Singer. A super-intelligent dog and its Marine buddy are pursued by a genetically engineered creature bent on destroying them. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Fri. 10 A.M.

• Watchers III  '94. Wings Hauser. A major and his squad find a supersmart dog and a monster in the jungles of South America. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Fri. noon.

• Watchers Reborn  '98. Mark Hamill. A supersmart dog helps a detective and a doctor battle a genetically engineered lethal monster. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Fri. 2 P.M.

• The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep  '07. Emily Watson. A lonely boy finds the egg of a mythical Scottish sea creature. (PG) (1:55) STZ: Thu. 9:50 A.M., 9 P.M., Fri. 6:45 A.M. (CC)

• Wayne's World 2  '93. Mike Myers. The world's best roadie helps goofy Wayne and Garth organize a rock concert called Waynestock. (PG-13) (2:00) COMEDY: Sun. 1 P.M. (CC)

• We Are Marshall  '06. Matthew McConaughey. Jack Lengyel, the new coach at West Virginia's Marshall University, vows to rebuild the school's football program after a plane crash claims the lives of 75 players, staff and fans. (PG) (2:15) HBO: Mon. 4 P.M. (CC)

• The Wedding Planner  '01. Jennifer Lopez. A lonely organizer falls for an engaged pediatrician while coordinating his wedding and reception. (PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Thu. 8:15 P.M. (CC)

• When Secrets Kill '97. Gregory Harrison. A husband becomes a murder suspect when his adopted daughter's natural mother is killed following a visit to his home. (2:00) LIFE: Tue. 2 P.M. (CC)

• When Zachary Beaver Came to Town '03. Jonathan Lipnicki. Two friends try to help an obese boy who is part of a traveling sideshow. (PG) (1:25) TMC: Fri. 6:30 A.M. (CC)

• Whispers in the Dark  '92. Annabella Sciorra. A New York psychiatrist falls for the kinky partner of her patient, who is soon found slain. (R) (1:45) MAX: Tue. 3:45 A.M. (CC)

• White Heat  '49. James Cagney. A brave federal agent poses as a thug to infiltrate psychopathic hoodlum Cody Jarrett's gang of thieves. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Tue. 4 A.M. (CC)

• The Whole Nine Yards  '00. Bruce Willis. A hit man in the Witness Protection Program and his next-door neighbor team up to find out who is trying to kill them. (R) (1:40) MAX: Sun. 3:30 P.M. (CC)

• Wicked  '98. Julia Stiles. A 14-year-old with an unhealthy affection for her father plays lady of the house when someone murders her mother. (R) (2:00) LIFE: Fri. 9 P.M., Sat. 1 P.M. (CC)

• Wild Hogs  '07. Tim Allen. Looking for adventure, frustrated suburbanites hit the open road and encounter rough-and-tumble bikers. (PG-13) (1:40) STZ: Fri. 8:20 P.M., 4:45 A.M., Sat. 2:50 P.M. (CC)

• Wild Wild West  '99. Will Smith. Secret agent James T. West and his partner fight evil inventor Dr. Loveless who plans to assassinate President Grant. (PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Sun. 10:15 A.M., Fri. 2:15 P.M. (CC)

• Wind Chill  '07. Emily Blunt. Sharing a ride home for the holidays, two college students become stranded on a stretch of highway haunted by the ghosts of those who died there. (R) (1:35) ENC: Mon. 2:30 A.M. (CC)

• Wing and a Prayer  '44. Don Ameche. Aircraft-carrier pilots fool the Japanese before the Battle of Midway. (NR) (2:15) AMC: Thu. 6 A.M. (CC)

• The Witches  '90. Anjelica Huston. A Norwegian and her grandson outwit British witches after one turns him into a mouse. (PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sun. noon (CC)

• Witness  '85. Harrison Ford. A hunted Philadelphia detective moves in with an Amish widow and her murder-witness son. (R) (2:30) AMC: Tue. 6:30 A.M. (CC)

• The Woman in White  '48. Eleanor Parker. Based on the novel by Wilkie Collins. A mansion and its inhabitants are haunted by a strange spell. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Mon. 12:30 P.M. (CC)

• A Woman's World  '54. Fred MacMurray. An auto tycoon looking for a new manager brings three of his top men and their wives to New York for observation. (NR) (2:00) AMC: Mon. 6:30 A.M.

• The Wood  '99. Omar Epps. Young men, one of whom is about to be married, reminisce about their childhood during the 1980s in Inglewood, Calif. (R) (2:05) TBS: Sat. 9:40 A.M., 3:40 A.M. (CC)

• Working Girl  '88. Melanie Griffith. A spunky Wall Street secretary takes her boss's place with a merger specialist. (R) (2:30) A&E: Sat. 3:30 P.M. (CC)

• World Trade Center  '06. Nicolas Cage. Two Port Authority officers become trapped in the rubble of the World Trade Center after going in to help people escape from the buildings during the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. (PG-13) (2:15) SHO: Thu. 1:45 P.M. (CC)

• The World's Greatest Sinner  '62. Timothy Carey. An atheistic insurance salesman proclaims himself a rock 'n' roll messiah in this film featuring music by Frank Zappa. (NR) (1:45) TCM: Fri. 2 A.M.

• Wubbzy's Big Movie! '08. Animated. Wubbzy, Widget and Walden have wacky adventures. (NR) (1:20) STZ: Sun. 6:40 A.M. (CC)


• XXX  '02. Vin Diesel. A government agent recruits an athlete to stop an anarchist from using biological and chemical weapons. (PG-13) (2:30) FX: Sun. 8:30 P.M., Mon. 5:30 P.M.


• You Got Served  '04. Marques Houston. Street dancers work together to win a competition worth $50,000 and a spot in a music video. (PG-13) (2:00) BET: Thu. noon (CC)

• You Kill Me  '07. Ben Kingsley. An alcoholic assassin heads west to dry out and lands a job in a mortuary, where he meets a relative of one of his many victims. (R) (1:35) MAX: Tue. 2:10 A.M. (CC)

• Yours, Mine and Ours  '68. Lucille Ball. A widow with eight children meets, courts and weds a widowed Navy officer with a brood of 10. (NR) (2:00) TCM: Fri. noon (CC)


• Zombie Honeymoon  '04. Tracy Coogan. A woman tries to adapt to the new behavior of her husband after an encounter with a zombie leaves him in a similar state. (NR) (1:30) SHO: Tue. 3:15 A.M. (CC)