Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oprah and Drug Addicts.

Once again I am a life long Republican. I cried all night on Election night and alot yesterday. I have never had a reaction to a loss like that before. Why? I cannot rejoice in the reasons this president was picked. I am not racist, not in any way, if Obama was republican this would truly be a wonderful day. I would have been happy had he been a moderate Democrat as long as he truly believed in it. I CANNOT REJOICE IN THE WAY WE JUST PICKED OUR PRESIDENT. Especially now with all of our troubles in this country. I also can just feel the politctial correctness starting. If Obama does not do a good job, we won't be able to say anything for fear of appearing racist. I already saw it today. The market dropped 5% and all I heard was, oh we can't blame this on the new president. What?? Of course that was a factor. We have already picked our president for the wrong reasons, if we muddle truth now on top of it just to hide the fact that we picked our president with no regard for the country, where are we?  

We have always made it through rough times but this is going to be rough. Not because of the color of skin but because socialism works even less when you have no money running through your Stock Market.  

And now on top of it for calling a Spade a Spade, I will be labled racist. And this is going to get worse I guarantee it. We won't be able to call him out on anything.  

I will give him a small window of proving me wrong but I see no evidence that I will be. The only good thing is, we and others will learn through this. I just hope our learning process doesn't come at too high a price.

Dr. Phil Quote, “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”

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