Saturday, September 6, 2008

McCain picks up flags the Democrats threw away after DNC.

By Drew Zahn© 2008 WorldNetDaily
Photo courtesy Denver Post blog page

Following their national convention in Denver last week, Democratic organizers heaped up thousands of unused U.S. flags and threw them away, but the McCain campaign has since salvaged the Star-Spangled Banners and intends to use them at a rally in Colorado Springs.
A Denver Post blog reports that a worker at Denver's Invesco Field discovered the discarded flags following Barack Obama's nomination speech at the mile-high stadium last week.
Now, according to Fox News, a group of Boy Scouts have brought 84 garbage bags full of the trashed flags to the site of a McCain rally in Colorado Springs, where the flags will be used as part of a warm-up ceremony before the Republican nominee takes the stage.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I am a huge fan of Character, Sacrifice and Tenacity. John McCain!!

I have to admit, I loved Senator McCain's speech last night, it made me cry. I am going to try and be impartial as much as I can. I watched pretty much most of the DNC and all of the RNC. Alot of my Democratic friends refused to watch the RNC. I am a Republican. I believe in the ideals of the Republicans. The problem is that George Bush is corrupt. He did not implement any of these ideals. This is why I love McCain so much. I challenge everyone to speak about what you love about your candidate. We are all in this together. I could not find Mccain's full speech so I put in the part that made me cry. This is not saying much because I cry at everything. I almost cried at Obama's speech because I knew how much it meant to many of those people to see an African American be nominated. I am from Colorado too and almost cried when they covered up the ring of fame at Mile High too. LOL Let's respect each other. If James Carville and Mary Matalin can do it so can we!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cool and very different Water Fountain. I love this!

Commitment Phobia Gene No Way.

Now I guess I have heard everything. I have a son. I have spent my life teaching him that integrity is important. I have spent my life teaching him to treat women and men with respect.

I have been told that men are visual and that is why they cheat on women. ??? I am one of the most visual people around. When I learn or talk to others it is very visual. I am not promiscuous because I am visual. This is an excuse made by men and women for this behavior.

In my view, the problem lies with people who don't know how to make a commitment and when they know they may have made a mistake in getting involved with someone they don't have the guts to end it. If you cannot be committed then be honest. This boils down to integrity. Not a Gene.

We all make our own choices. Infidelity is a choice. And if we blame this on a gene, we will be taking away even more responsibility. If you ask me just make a sugar pill and tell the men that if they take the pill then they will be faithful. That should work just as well as telling them it is a gene.

Me and my Children's Life Lessons

I love to tell stories. I remember interesting stories or remember things that happen to me and used to tell my kids these stories. I always took teaching my kids values very seriously and as they got older I started feeling like it was getting more and more important to teach them.Because I knew my days were numbered as a teacher. They rolled there eyes and said here is life lesson #34. But they listened. Many of the values had to do with kindness, not judging people, tolerance and the like. So, I will post many of my Life Lesson Stories.

The Cookie Story

This is my favorite story about judgements.

The Cookie Story

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hurricane Gustav, the media and responsibility.

I admit I am fascinated by hurricanes. I certainly do not like that they cause damage but they are the most amazing force of nature ever. I have to say how disappointed I was in the covering of Hurricane Gustav. I watched alot of the news and almost all of the media reported that everything was fine in New Orleans. Everything is not fine. Just because the hurricane did not cause as much damage as Katrina does not mean that there is nothing worry about. I see such swings in the media that sometimes I think the media is bipolar.

Everyone knows that if the hurricane had weakened to a point where there was little damage the media would have tried to stir things up by making the authorities feel bad about evacuating. So, because they didn't have that to cause problems with they made it sound like everything is fine. There are hundreds of thousands of homes without power and many areas near where the eye hit homes and businesses were destroyed. So far, what I have seen would have made big news before Katrina. So, the only thing I can gather is that unless you top what happened before it is not news. Shock factor? What I saw of the destruction was shocking to me.

When is the media going to report news rather than make their own news?

China sent a message of sympathy to our residents of Louisiana. On the other had this illustrates the consensus by most media,

"New Orleans, by all accounts, weathered the storm and made it through Hurricane Gustav with relatively little damage, relative to the ravages of Hurricane Katrina three years earlier.". by the

"Early insurance industry estimates put the expected damage to covered properties at anywhere from $2 billion to $10 billion. That's high, but well short of Katrina's $41 billion."

This was all written before they new what the real damage was. I guarantee they will write another story completely contradicting what they wrote on this day. I will look for it and post it when I see it. And I just wonder how you can say this, "$2 Billion to $10 Billion is a far cry from Katrina"? I will let you decide how to decipher that statement.

I heard this sort of thing after Katrina also. The media rode out the storm in the French Quarter. The highest point in New Orleans. This area is usually the safest place in New Orleans and has the least amount of damage. So, the media says everything is fine here, and assumes alot before anyone has even looked around the state. So what is next, the bipolar swing? As soon as residents start streaming back in the state. Then they will acknowledge and try to overplay the destruction of Gustav on the region. I already saw some of that today. I see this play out so often but yet I am surprised every time it happens.

It is interesting to me that the me that the media starts this by saying the hurricane is no big deal, then later will report on how the officials let people back in too early. It will happen. Bipolar again. This is how they make their own news. By reporting on fictitious people then rebutting their own reports.

But, we did find one report that was more balanced. Let's just see if we can hold news reporting responsible.

Our thoughts are with you, residents of Louisiana. We know that the people that incurred damage did not "Dodge a Bullet". Good luck to you all.

Our First Post.

Okay, the whole reason for this blog is to illustrate Optimism. Even though not everything written will feel optimistic.

I also know that I am going to write things that later I will not agree with. The whole reason is because that is the nature of changing yourself. You grow constantly and that means that you change over time. Just think of things you believed 20 years ago. Do you still believe those things now? So, I now will now announce that everything I write may change but I am going to be courageous enough to write it anyway.