Wednesday, December 17, 2008

former Sgt. Drew Peterson engaged to a 23 year old

Drew Peterson, Suspected in Disappearance of Wife, Engaged to 23-Year Old
Peterson confirms he will file for divorce from missing wife and marry fiancé.
Correspondent Derek Armstrong

Drew Peterson confirmed he proposed to a much younger woman today, even as his wife is missing and he’s under scrutiny in the death of his third wife.
The engagement continues his pattern of courting women less than half his age and proposing while still married.
Peterson confirmed that the woman has accepted, despite the fact he’s a suspect in the death of his third wife Kathleen Savio and implicated in the disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy—to whom he is still married.
“Yes, we’ve been dating four months,” he said.  Peterson also admitted to rumors that he has dated various women in the last few months since Stacy disappeared October 28, 2007. That remains an open case and under investigation by the Illinois State Police and the Will County State’s Attorney Office.
Speaking exclusively to this reporter, Peterson described his fiancé as beautiful, but refused to disclose her identity. “The media will do its best to break us up and confront her if they know her name,” he said in an interview today.
When asked how his four children felt about his new fiancé, Peterson answered, “Both the kids and I need a woman in our lives.” When asked how the family of his fiancé felt, he replied “No comment.”
No date has been set for a marriage, according to Peterson.
Still technically married, Peterson says he will file for a divorce on the basis of “abandonment,” a move that angers Stacy’s family and many people following the case.
This reporter pursued the possibility of a new romantic fling after breaking the story of Peterson’s intention to divorce. The divorce story evolved out of an interview with Peterson for the book Drew Peterson Exposed.
In the interview, as reported in the book Drew Peterson Exposed, Peterson said, “I like the girls. I like my beer. I like to party. I like to be the clown. And I will get married again.”
A source indicated Peterson proposed to his new romantic interest, later confirmed by Peterson himself and by his publicist Glenn Selig.
When he proposed to Stacy, Peterson was still married to Kathleen Savio. Stacy was also half his age and-at 17-underage. Kathleen Savio was found dead not long afterwards.
When Peterson proposed to Savio, he was still married to Victoria Connolly. Victoria is still very much alive, although in media interviews she did complain of a “controlling Drew.”
When how he thought the media and public would take the news Peterson said, “Who cares? This is my life. I’m entitled to be happy.”
About Derek Armstrong:  Derek Armstrong, journalist and author, continues to break news on Drew Peterson, including news of his divorce, the dismissal of the gun charges, and recently an exclusive interview with a witness against Drew Peterson — Pastor Neil Schori — who is afraid of what Drew Peterson might do to his family if testifies in a future trial. Armstrong wrote the popular book Drew Peterson Exposed from Kunati Books


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