Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shayna West Barely Survives 50 Mph Sky-Diving Accident And Was Pregnant

Shayna West talked about her life Tuesday on NBC's 'Today,' three years after surviving a skydiving accident while pregnant.

West, 24, a graduate of Ash Grove High School in Missouri, only learned after the accident that she was pregnant.

She was making her sixth skydiving jump on October 9, 2005. However within seconds, things went wrong. Her main parachute failed to open properly and she began spiraling out of control.

Her reserve parachute failed as well and she hit the pavement at 50 mph breaking many bones including her face, leg, and pelvis. Both she and her son survived.

Just six weeks after her son Tanner was born, she went skydiving again to face her fear. This time, it was a tandem jump.

"I faced my fear. I wasn't going to let it be something that always controlled me," said West.

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