Monday, February 2, 2009

Joe Namath Presents Title Trophy (Video)

It is impossible to go through a Super Bowl without being reminded of Joe Namath's famous guarantee before Baltimore's Super Bowl III update. 

It's perfectly fitting, then, that the 65-year-old Namath brought the Vince Lombardi Trophy onto the field after the Steelers' exciting victory -- especially since the game turned into a classic dual between two talented quarterbacks. After Pittsburgh celebrated on the field, Namath appeared with the trophy, which he then had to carry through a hoard of jubilant Steelers players, all of whom took turns trying to grab the Lombardi as it passed.

Video of Namath being mobbed by Steelers as he walked to the podium, along with the presentation ceremony itself, is after the jump.

It's always nice when Namath makes an appearance in front of the national network cameras given his disastrous appearance with Suzy Kolber at a Jets game in 2003 still gets talked about:

Broadway Joe apologized for that appearance, then later checked into an alcoholism treatment program, so football fans everywhere must appreciate seeing Namath confidently stride into the public eye.