Friday, February 6, 2009

My take on the Credit Crisis and Baliout.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Why oh why can't congress do their homework!!! Any company out there that throws their future and money at a problem goes out of business!  USA will have the same thing happen if we don't wise up.  We are the most powerful nation on earth and I am starting to wonder if we are only out of sheer  luck.  If we keep going on like we are we will survive only out of sheer luck. 

Please let's use our heads here. Here are some effective ways to fix our current issues without spending. 

Eliminate Mark to Market accounting. It is a ludicrous way to account for your assets. Here is a definition of Mark to Market. 

Another way to flood the market without spending a dime,  lower the capital gains tax.  Wall Street still runs the market.  The people that have money are the ones we need to start investing again. These investors would come back in if we did this one simple thing.  Doesn't cost us a dime.  Yes, less revenue but we would not take actual cash out of our system to do it and I guarantee you will see money come back in.  

Reduce the payroll tax and the price of doing business.  These are effective ways to get our economy rolling again.   I feel it is not what people do it is why are they doing it.  

Letting people in government that are not out for the best interests of the economy,  or to give them the benefit of the doubt, are well meaning but misguided, power over the economy is terrifying.  What are the credentials of our leaders making our financial futures?  Well,  based on our last election,  If Al Franken can get elected....  what can you say.   Senators should have to have some kind of background in finance and other criteria to be running our country.  But this will never happen.  Why?  Because of the huge conflict of interest.  The criminals are running the prison.  And so the change we really need isn't going to happen.  

Letting Nancy "Kickback" Pelosi come up with these pork barrel spending bills is going to take us down.  Obama, it has nothing to do with whether we accept this stupid Bailout bill.  It has very little support.  WE ARE NOT STUPID!!

Change we need???  This is a rerun of what Paulson and Bush did a few months ago.  The rhetoric is insane.  And no one is buying it. 

Robyn D. Honsey