Monday, December 15, 2008

New Barack Obama themed store (Video)

WASHINGTON: A new store opened a block from the White House devoted to everything about Barack Obama.

Jim Warlick of Political Americana has opened a new store a block from the White House that carries tons of Barack Obama merchandise.
A 5,000 feet, wall to wall, ceiling to floor of Barack Obama 

Almost everything you can think of t-shirts, buttons, and mugs. 

Anthony Casolaro bought a baseball cap for his daughter. 

Customer Anthony Casolaro says "she wants to go the inauguration but I told her she may have to join the other three million people on the lawn." 

Customer Stephanie Gorski says "I got a t-shirt for my niece, which is just exactly what they wanted. They've been Obama fans forever. They're little kids, about four."
The timing is obvious with Barack Obama's inauguration just weeks away. The store even sells Obama hot sauce according to the CNN video below. The store plans to open a website later this month. Warlick says in the CNN clip that Obama's image will "be on more items than the Pope probably by the time this is over." 


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