Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday's Talk Shows October 14, 2008

7:00 (CBS) The Early Show: Movie director Oliver Stone; irritable male syndrome; decreasing product sizes; credit cards. 

7:00 (NBC) Today: Josh Brolin; Maureen McCormick, author of "Here's the Story"; versatile fall fashions; David Alan Grier. 

9:00 (ABC) Live With Regis & Kelly: Co-host Anderson Cooper; actress and singer Queen Latifah; former NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace; chef Nobu Matsuhisa. 

9:00 (CBS) The Bonnie Hunt Show: Actor Simon Baker; actress JoAnna Garcia; Sea World Busch Garden Animals; "Amazing Race." 

10:00 (CBS) The Martha Stewart Show: Actress Ellen Burstyn; Indian spiced lamb. 

10:00 (COM) The Daily Show With Jon Stewart: Columnist and former SEC Chairman Amity Shlaes.

10:00 (FOX) Maury: Joy, relief and angst are on display as paternity results are delivered.

10:00 (MY) The Tyra Banks Show: Sisters who have a competitive rather than supportive relationship. 

11:00 (ABC) The View: Fox News anchor E.D. Hill co-hosts; actor Jim Cramer; chef Paula Deen talks about her new book; singer Gabi Wilson. 

Noon (MY) The Steve Wilkos Show: A grandmother confronts her daughter-in-law's new husband on charges of child molestation that she claims her granddaughter told her about. 

1 p.m. (FOX) Rachael Ray: Actress Poppy Montgomery goes to a Hollywood bridal shower; cure for dogs' bad breath; Chicago-style pizza in a frying pan. 

1:00 (MY) Jerry Springer: A woman claims her crybaby sister is stealing her man; a stripper wants to get back with her ex. 

3:00 (FOX) The Doctors: Fish pedicures; wet nursing; robotic fertility treatments; academic doping; man loses 200 pounds on raw food diet. 

3:00 (NBC) Dr. Phil: A woman sues a college after her daughter's alleged rape leads her to commit suicide; top five campus safety tips. 

4:00 (ABC) The Oprah Winfrey Show: Lisa Ling visits farms to find out how pigs, chickens and other animals are cared for; guests share their views on the issue. 

4:00 (NBC) The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Actor Dennis Quaid; singer Jesse McCartney; designer Isaac Mizrahi. 

11:00 p.m. (COM) The Daily Show With Jon Stewart: Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer.

Source:  Courier-Journal.com

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