Wednesday, December 10, 2008

61 percent believe in Jesus' virgin birth

UNDATED -- Ahead of Christmas, a couple of polls are out about religion and virgin birth.

A poll of Americans finds 80 percent believe in god and 61 percent believe the virgin birth of Jesus occurred.

The Harris Poll took the pulse of 2,126 adults in the U.S. between Nov. 10 and Nov. 17.

Other findings of the poll:

  • 75 percent believe in miracles;
  • 73 percent believe in heaven;
  • 71 percent believe in angels;
  • 62 percent believe hell exists;
  • 59 percent believe the devil exists;
  • 47 percent believe in Darwin's theory of evolution (52 percent of Catholics versus 32 percent of Protestants);
  • 40 percent believe in creationism;
  • 44 percent believe in ghosts;
  • 36 percent believe UFOs exist;
  • 31 percent believe in witches;
  • 31 percent believe in astrology;
  • 24 percent believe in reincarnation.

Here are more of the poll's findings.

A second poll by the public theology think tank Theos finds 34 percent of Britons believe that the virgin birth really happened. Women (39 percent) are more likely to believe than men (29 percent). But only 28 percent think the angels really appeared.

The survey of 1,005 British adults finds Jesus' birth remains an important event culturally and personally.

"Virgin birth" is one of the most searched terms on Google Wednesday. Also among the top search terms is parthenogenesis, an asexual form of reproduction found in females.


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