Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blagoevich and John Harris OUT!!! OUT OF JAIL (but IN a whole lot of trouble!)

Latest on the Governor from Illinois…he is OUT, but NOT out of trouble!! (email from my colleague Marla with the latest)


From: Cichowski, Marla
Sent: Tue Dec 09 14:50:41 2008
Subject: For urgent

Gov Blagoevich and John Harris released on $4500 signature bonds
Must turnover passport, any firearms at home and a FOID card (IF they have them– dont know if they do or dont)

Gov spoke very little during the hearing

They were read their rights by the judge. Asked if they understood both replied yes

Gov was wearing workout clothes
He was in same clothes as this mroning when he was arrested at his home at 6am CT
He had on a blue/black pullover , running pants and running shoes

Harris had on a suit and tie

Probable cause hearing set for

Source Gretawire.com

 FOID card is a Firearm Owner's Identification Information Card

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