Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some Asthma Drugs Too Risky, FDA Told

WASHINGTON (Dec. 11) - Government health advisers Thursday called for restrictions on some long-acting asthma drugs, but spared Advair, a top-selling medication used by millions of patients.
Outside experts advising the Food and Drug Administration recommended that Foradil and Serevent no longer be used for asthma. But they said the benefits of Advair and Symbicort clearly outweigh the risks.
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Sierra Night Tide said...

I have severe asthma and two of the medicine the FDA wants to ban is on the list. I am asking that anyone that has or has known someone with a lung disorder please contact the FDA and let them know that all Americans with any disorder or disease be allowed to continue living life best they can with the current medicines available and not to ban them. Banning even one of the medicines I take can reduce my daily life by as much as 50%

Erin said...

My son also has asthma and has been on these meds his whole life. We are checking with our doctor. We understand how it is for you. Good luck and thank you for your comment.