Monday, December 22, 2008

Is Michael Jackson Dying?

Michael Jackson is not suffering from any life threatening diseases. Everyone can relax. Reports of his ailing health have been extremely exaggerated.

Reports over the weekend that Jackson has some newly revealed sickness requiring a lung transplant are totally hokum, I can assure you.

Yesterday I spoke to one of Jackson's regular insiders who reported that the kooky former King of Pop is just fine, playing with his kids, and living large in a house he can't afford in Beverly Hills.

On top of that, it was just a few days ago that this columnist spoke with Darren Julien, the man arranging the big Jackson memorabilia auction in Los Angeles next April. Our conversation occurred just before the "news" of Jackson's illness broke. Julien told me that his dealings with Jackson and Jackson's manager, the enigmatic Dr. Tohme Tohme, and they were proceeding without incident. Jackson wasn't ill, and, Julien said, "seemed really organized" about the sale.

Over the years, Jackson illnesses have been identified as vitiligo, Lupus, addiction to prescription pain killers, and laziness. He's also a publicity hound who thinks that news of illness will make him sympathetic to the public. He learned this from Elizabeth Taylor, his one-time best friend.

More importantly, Jackson remains in financial peril thanks to his recent settlement of a $7 million lawsuit with Prince Adbulla of Bahrain. Additionally, Jackson just refinanced his Neverland ranch with Colony Capital LLC and Thomas Barrack because of his never ending need for cash. Apparently, he's used the money to squander it on a new expensive home rental rather than just return to Neverland or live in his parent's home in Encino, California, where he holds the mortgage.

But dying or in need of emergency surgery? Not Michael Jackson. It was just recently that he ventured outside his house wearing a Zorro mask to get attention. An easier way might be just to make an album or perform a concert.


Link to Photo of his New Home. 

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