Monday, December 22, 2008

Rob Parker Apologizes to Marinelli Who Rejects It (video)

Rob Parker, a Detroit News columnist, apologized that his attempt at humor on Sunday in a question to the head coach of the Detroit Lions coach fell flat.

Parker insists he was just trying to lighten the mood when he questioned the Lion's Rod Marinelli whose team had just lost 42-7. 

“On a light note, do you wish your daughter would have married a better defensive coordinator?”

Defensive coordinator Joe Barry is also Marinelli’s son-in-law.

Marinelli at the time declined to reply and moved on to the next question. Monday he was not in a forgiving mood.

The following is a partial extract from Parker’s column this morning:

- - - - - 

“Sunday, with my attempt at humor, I was trying to get Marinelli to lighten up, have some fun after a rough day.

Who knows, Marinelli, a straight shooter who never goes off script, might actually have given us a funny quote.

He didn't. My attempt failed.

And because of that, my attempt at humor may have seemed slighted, cruel, and even insensitive.

For that, I apologize.”

- - - - -

Marinelli, when asked today by ESPN if he accepted the apology said he didn’t.

"I didn't read it. I was told a little bit about it," Marinelli said. "I don't accept anything,” he said.

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