Monday, December 22, 2008

A US man is believed to have made history by "Tweeting" the aftermath of a plane crash just moments after the accident

WITH a cry of "holy f**king s**t", a US man is believed to have made history by "Tweeting" the aftermath of a plane crash just moments after the accident.

Twitter ( user Mike Wilson was on board the Continental Airline’s 737 in Denver, in the US mid-west, when it slid off the runway during take-off yesterday. 

At least 58 people were injured after the Texas-bound plane slid off the runway – sheering its landing gear – and dropped into a 12m ravine.

A fire then broke out, damaging the entire right side.

Just moments after the plane came to a rest, Mr Wilson used his mobile phone to send a message to all of his Twitter followers: "Holy f**king s**t - I was just in a plane crash!”

Mr Wilson said that he could feel the heat from the fire while he was still on the plane.

“By the time the plane stopped we were burning pretty well and I think I could feel the heat even through the bulkhead and window,” he Tweeted.

“Whoever was on the left side exit row, God bless him, was Johnny on the spot and instantly had the door open - people crowded out in a mass.

“I made for the exit door as quickly as I could, fearing the right wing might explode from the fire. Once out, I scrambled down the wing.”

While the passengers gathered at the terminal, he vented his disgust at not being invited into the airline’s presidential lounge.

“Continental keeping us locked up at the presidents club until they can sort everything out. Won't even serve us drinks :(.

“You have your wits scared out of you, drag your butt out of a flaming ball of wreckage and you can't even get a vodka-tonic.”

Despite losing his glasses during the evacuation, Mr Wilson managed to use his phone to take a photo of the crash scene and instantly uploaded it onto the web as he fled from the plane.

It is not known what the cause of the accident was.

He later thanked other Twitter users for their concern and support.


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