Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Minute Gifts from The Drug Store

Remember back in the old days when the only thing open on Christmas was 7-11?  I many times thought of giving someone a Hostess Twinkie for Christmas when I couldn't find any stores open.  Well,  things have changed stores are open a little later now at least until 6:00PM on Christmas.  But,  if you are a major procrastinator or just forgot someone and need a gift on the way to Grandma's house on Christmas afternoon,  here is some last minute ideas from your local Drug Store, if they are open.  

A note if you buy themes it will seem more like you didn't do this last minute.  It shows thought. If you really get in a bind you can even theme by color. 

DVD + a box of microwave popcorn- Movie Lovers.  

Fruit-flavored lip gloss + a bag of Gummi bears .  Good for forgotten Stocking Stuffers. 

A celebrity-brand bottle of perfume or cologne + a gossip magazine

a scented candle and a bottle of warming massage oil- Shame on you if you waited this long for your wife, girlfriend or husband. 

You can buy a gift bag and fill with trial size lotions, soaps and perfume. 

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