Friday, October 10, 2008

Fictitious Donors Found in Obama Finance Records. Washington Post, NY Times Articles.

The latest headlines on Obama and his associations.  

I find it very interesting that most of all this talk and chatter was brought about by a normal,  run of the mill, dare I say joe six pack kind of guy at a town meeting for McCain that finally brought up socialism. 
Like it or not,  capitalism is what founded this country.  It is responsible for jobs, planes, hotels, vacations, technology, homes and it has to be here for prosperity because competitiveness is what keeps things moving.  It would be nice in an ideal world for everyone to get whatever they want, but who is going to pay for it?  Someone has to.  That is just the way it is.  Idealism is what got us here. 

How is Obama's tax the rich plan going to work when now there is no rich to tax?  By the way,  in my view it would not have worked anyway because it punishes the very people who keep jobs going,  our empolyers.   The most important thing in this year's election, in my view, is about someone you can trust.   Character matter alot when you are trusting someone to do what he says.  I don't for one believe that Obama will do what he says.  I think he will be a Democratic puppet.  I do not feel the same about McCain and never have.  We are in the most dire of circumstances that I have seen in my lifetime.  I have a son in college,  he does not know if he should bank all his college loans on getting a job now.  We have to have someone that is going to do what he says.   If you have questionable ties that is disconcerning to say the least.  

This will be interesting.   

Ny Times Article

Washington Times Article

Wall Street Journal Article

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