Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mother's Cookies Going Out of Business? This cannot be!!

I love those Circus Cookies!! What am I going to do without them??

Some 250 workers across Northern California are losing their jobs because the company that makes Mother's Cookies has filed for bankruptcy.

Workers at the Mother's Cookies distribution center in San Jose told KTVU that they got notices last weekend. They said they were told not to come to work on Monday.

Longtime workers said they've been left without a job, without any severance pay and without health benefits. Worker Michael Bynum said, "I think it's corporate greed. I think we found a company that's looking at bottom line. They're looking at what they can do with companies. It sounds like they want to restructure and they want to break the union and go to cheaper labor."

Mother's Cookies was founded in Oakland in 1914. In the early 1990s it was sold and has changed hands several times since then.

An international congolmerate closed the Oakland Bakery in 2006.

The current owner says it plans to cease all operations in the United States. It cited rising food and fuel prices in the chapter eleven bankruptcy filing.


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