Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Judge Tosses Blonde Charlotte Feeney's Suit against L'Oreal. Claiming Wrong Hair Dye Ruined her Social Life

A Connecticut judge has refused to get tangled up in a woman’s suit claiming a switched tube of hair dye turned her blonde hair brown, wreaking havoc on her social life.

Judge Richard Gilardi of Bridgeport said the root of the problem with the lawsuit was a lack of evidence showing that L'Oreal was negligent, the Connecticut Post reports.

The woman, Charlotte Feeney, had claimed she bought a tube of blonde hair color to touch up her naturally blonde hair, but brown dye was apparently put into the blonde box, the story says.

"I can never go back to my natural blonde hair," Feeney stated. "I feel fake about that. Also blondes do get more attention than brunettes. Of course, emotionally, I miss that."

She contends the change in hair color caused anxiety and depression that she treated with anti-depressants.

Source:ABA Journal

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