Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Voter Fraud This is Horrible. ACORN what are we going to do about it.

Cuyahoga County Election Board members grilled representatives of a community group Tuesday about their links to suspicious voter registration cards.

In one case, a Cleveland resident was registered to vote three times in a single day, listing two different addresses.   

The man's registration was submitted to the Board of Elections by ACORN.   

The board discussed several other cases of multiple registrations at their meeting.  ACORN was involved in each case, although not for all entries by the same individuals.
"Problems do occur and we are concerned as you are, perhaps in some cases more concerned because our name is on that," says Teresa James, an attorney volunteering with ACORN.  

While admitting they don't have the resources to track all multiple entries, they submit all registrations to the Board and attach a warning about cards that raise suspicions.  

Leaders of the group say their role is to help low and moderate income residents participate in the democratic process and it's up to the board to weed out problematic registrations.  

"ACORN is very proud of the work we do registering low income people to vote.  Nearly 100-thousand cards, and we're talking about less than 100 people and we're working to resolve issues on that small number of people," said Kristopher Harsh an organizer with the group.
Board Member Robert Frost said the group failed to follow guidelines in its own manual to turn over suspected voter fraud to law enforcement to investigate.
Election officials subpoenaed three voters to appear before the Board next week to explain their mulitple registrations.  

The list includes a Cuyahoga County resident whose name appears on 22 registration cards submitted in six months. 

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