Friday, October 10, 2008

My Bugs Life Story.

I finally saw my famous 'A Bugs Life' story come to life yesterday, from the Pixar Movie, A bugs Life. 

Here is the story. If you ask my kids,  I have been saying this forever and whenever I bring up my "bugs life" story they laugh, roll their eyes and say, "Here she goes again".  

Here it is.  Hopper is trying to manipulate the ants and scare them into gathering food for the Grasshoppers even though they did not need the food.  This is what Hopper said in the movie. 

Hopper: "You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up! Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out there goes our way of life! It's not about food, it's about keeping those ants in line. That's why we're going back! Does anybody else wanna stay?"

I have always maintained that if we stand up and figure out that we as the millions outnumber government.  We can get something done if we all stick together and figure out that we have power and can do something.   I am not saying Government is bad but they are not working as a whole in our best interest.  We have a do nothing corrupt Congress and President.  We can make them do something.  As the famous saying goes, "The only thing to fear is fear itself". 

I saw a huge change yesterday at the Town Hall Meeting for McCain.  Someone took it upon themselves to say something.  This does not happen usually people just listen to what people tell them and just believe it. 

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