Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why won't Obama put his hand over his Heart during the National Anthem ?

And I wish I knew why he refuses to wear an American Flag pin. I am serious I would really like to know.

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FrZ+ said...

He does... and I've seen a number of pics of him with an American flag lapel pin... but since he's frequently pictured in shirt sleeves, he doesn't always have a lapel.

I'm not sure I understand what the big deal about the lapel pin is all about. It certainly doesn't prove that someone loves America more or less-- heck, most US flag lapel pins are made in China anyway!

For that matter, I almost never wear an American flag lapel pin. And before you decide that I'm some sort of leftist liberal type, I should mention that I served in the US Navy from 1973 to 1975, the US Peace Corps in '77-'78, and then again with the Marine Corps and Navy from 1993 until I was medically retired in 2002, including service in the Persian Gulf. I'm permanently disabled because of the time I spent volunteering for my country... and would do the same again if I could. Somehow, I don't think wearing a 99 cent lapel pin would make me a better American.